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1. Waiter: Hi. How are you doing this afternoon?
Martin: --------
Waiter: Certainly, here you are.
Martin: Thank you. What's today's special?
Waiter: Grilled tuna and cheese on rye.

A) Fine, thank you. Can I see a menu, please?
B) I am fine and what about you?
C) Thanks, how can I get to the toilet, here?
D) Just wait a minute; I am waiting for my wife.
E) Are you doing any grill here?

2. Son: Dad. Can I borrow the car tomorrow?
Father: Why do you want to borrow the car?
Son: I'm going to the beach with Tony.
Father: ----------
Son: I promise I'll drive carefully this time.

A) Do you promise to drive it carefully?
B) You can take it under the condition that you drive it carefully.
C) Last time you borrowed it you had an accident and dented the door.
D) Why doesn’t Tony borrow his father’s car?
E) I don’t want to give the car this time because I need it.

3. Waiter: Good evening.
Customer: A table for two please.
Waiter: Certainly. Just here sir.
Customer: ----------
Waiter: I'm sorry. The window tables are all reserved.

A) The window tables have all been embellished, what’s up?
B) Wonderful and what about the menu?
C) All right, what will you suggest us for the meals?
D) Could we sit by the window?
E) But we have booked the window tables before coming.

4. Amy: Would you like to come to a movie with me?
Brian: When do you want to go?
Amy: How about next Friday evening or the following Tuesday?
Brian: --------------
Amy: Oh, maybe some other time?
Brian: Yeah, I'll give you a call.

A) It will be wonderful if you are not busy then.
B) Could you please give me your telephone number and I am going to inform you about the time when I am free.
C) Is it necessary to go a movie and can we go to a theatre on Tuesday night?
D) I will be entirely busy every weekday and weekend, so it is impossible to go to a movie forever.
E) I'm sorry, I can't. I'm having dinner with a friend on next Friday and I go to evening class on Tuesdays.

5. Customer: Good afternoon, sir. I bought this television here about three months ago, but the sound and picture quality is awful. Shop assistant: ---------------
Customer: Several times.
Shop assistant: Hmm. I'll get our engineers to have a look at it.

A) Have you tried adjusting the aerial?
B) I hope you don’t offer to ask a refund!
C) May be you forgot to adjust your antenna at the right direction.
D) I am sorry, but it is out of guarantee warranty, for that reason, you had better take it to the television hospitals.
E) It’s none of our business, sir because we can only check here whether the television works or not.

6. Travel agent: Good morning, can I help you?
Customer: ------------
Travel agent: I'm sorry to hear that. What exactly was the problem?
Customer: First of all the coach taking us to the hotel broke down and we had to wait for over two hours in the sweltering heat before a replacement arrived.

A) I cannot say to you, Good morning, I couldn’t sleep all night.
B) I'd like to make a complaint about my holiday in Portugal last week.
C) What is happening in the room above ours? There was a terrible noise.
D) Excuse me; isn’t the breakfast meal included in our price?
E) I want to leave that hotel immediately because you didn’t keep what you had promised.

7. Carol: Tom, take a look at this! This guy's won ten million dollars in the lotto!
Tom: What luck!
Carol: What would you do if you won ten million dollars?
Tom: --------------

A) Use your head! If you spent money like that, you'd soon have spent all your winnings!
B) That's right. I'm sure I'd eventually start spending some money, but I'd be very careful to make that money last for the rest of my life.
C) Well, I know what I wouldn’t do! If I won so much money, I wouldn't spend it. I'd put it in the bank!
D) Oh, I'd have fun. I'd just be careful about how much fun I'd have.
E) Well you know the saying 'different strokes for different folks'!

8. Mandy: I was very fond of the way you were talking about the last novel of John West.
Tommy: These were the summary of the opinions about the novel by the critics.
Mandy: -------------
Tommy: Be sure that they almost always are.

A) Is it real? I hardly ever agree with what they say.
B) As a matter of fact, his former novels were my favourite.
C) But sometimes the critics cannot make a common opinion, how could you make a summary?
D) If so, they are absolutely right about the plot and characterization systems.
E) In that way, I understand that you are closely acquainted with the novels of John West.

9) Billy: I wonder how you would react if you ever learned that your girlfriend hanged out with a boy out of town.
Abraham: __________
Billy: Don't fool yourself. You shouldn't trust her that much.
Abraham: It’s my life and my love Billy. I think it’s time you left my house.

A) I wouldn't be surprised. She's already a few lovers.
B) I really don't know for certain but I think I would kill her.
C) What do you mean by saying "your girlfriend?
D) I would first try to find out where I went wrong then kick her out of my life.
E) I've known her since our childhood. She would never do such a thing.

10) Melissa: Henry, it seems that you are finished with that book.
Henry: Yes, I am.
Melissa: _________
Henry: Of course I would, because my elder sister needs it.

A) So you would not mind if I took it for tonight.
B) What would you do if I took it in order to study for tonight?
C) Well, you would give consent if it belonged to me from now on.
D) Why don’t you lend this book to me for tonight?
E) Would you mind telling me the place where you bought that book?

11) Brian: Teresa, have a look at what writes here.
Teresa: Well, ___________.
Brian: Does he really? I have never heard about that fact before.

A) it states that body movement during sleep occurs just before the REM stage
B) it points out that an average person moves about thirty times during sleep each night
C) as far as I see, sleep is a biological need, but our brain never really sleeps
D) it says that REM stands for rapid eye movement
E) the scientists have learned that there is a kind of sleep with REM

12) Harry: Have you heard about what Katrina did?
Ruth: Who is that? _______________
Harry: You are really funny. It is the hurricane that terribly hit the south-eastern part of the United States.
Ruth: Oh, is it really? Forgive me for this ignorance of mine.

A) How can you get on with such weird people?
B) Is it a Russian ballet or a newcomer to your class?
C) Why should I worry about a disaster which doesn’t interest me?
D) You must engage in your lessons rather than in such strange natural phenomena.
E) I don’t care what has been happening in somewhere else.

13) Adam: Parker in the accounts department retired yesterday.
Bobby: __________.
Adam: Oh, well, he had his retirement documents yesterday, but perhaps that was because the chairman was here.
Bobby: Oh, in that case he has to leave on Friday because the chairman is going to be here till that day.

A) He can't have left permanently yesterday. I saw him at his desk only this morning
B) I know. We have had many good days here. I will miss him
C) He shouldn’t have left the company. He was a nice chap.
D) In my opinion he was supposed to wait until Friday
E) He has a lot of things to do. He will go on working here after his retirement

14) Harriet: I have long been making a detailed research on the biography of William Butler Yeats.
Teresa: Me, too. __________.
Harriet: Yes and what’s more, that caused the writer to flee the country and also go to prison from time to time.

A) What has appealed much to me in his life is that there happened many conflicts in those days
B) What is really interesting in his life is that he would criticize the then government leaders a lot
C) But I cannot understand why Yeats didn’t mention the problems of labourers having lived in those days
D) But I have an important gap in my knowledge about the real origin of this writer
E) Because I am going to give a lecture about the importance of Yeats’ works

15) Albert: ______________ Don’t you think it is a waste of money?
Kevin: I think the challenge is to remove cars and public buses from streets, or at least to reduce their number.
Albert: I see. Then the roads will be less crowded with cars, and people will commute to and from work by subway.
A) Why is so much money invested in underground transportation systems?
B) What should be done to improve transport in cities?
C) How can traffic problem be solved? Should any restrictions be imposed?
D) The more crowded cities become, the lower the standard of living becomes, doesn’t it?
E) Why are the streets being enlarged again?

16) Lark: I am planning to organise a trip to Saint Peter’s Basilica with my close friend, Henry.
Mandy: Well! How do you think you can get permission from your parents?
Lark: ___________.
Mandy: If so, at least stick to the same story and don't contradict each other!

A) I don’t know how I will manage to have them give their consent to this trip
B) I am sure that if I tell them that I will not be alone in this trip, they will certainly give their consent
C) I don’t think so, because last year I asked them to give permission for the same trip but they didn’t
D) I cannot understand why our parents are strict with giving permission for such trips
E) Of course, we are going to tell a lie to them because our parents are very strict with such an event

17) Fred: _______________________
Darren: Thanks, but I don’t feel comfortable in the company of strangers.
Fred: It is up to you, but I assure that you will have fun should you come along.
Darren: I would rather stay alone. Besides, I have to revise my school notes.

A) Would you like to dine out this evening for a change?
B) I wish you could find a job and started earning your living.
C) If you don’t feel offended, I have to participate in a family reunion.
D) Our mutual friends will be celebrating their graduation. Shall we drop in for a while?
E) One of my old school friends is giving a party. Why don’t you too come?

18) Brad: Can I give you a lift home?
Angelina: __________
Brad: I said, "Can I give you a lift home?"
Angelina: Isn't it out of your way?
Brad: No, it's on my way home.

A) Sorry but I didn't quite catch that.
B) Do you really want this?
C) I didn’t know you had a lift in your building.
D) You don’t really want to give a lift, do you?
E) Can you take me in your car?

19) Terry: Sometimes I cannot understand the way you behave, Harrison.
Harrison: Why? What have I done to make you feel like that?
Terry: ____________.
Harrison: I didn’t have any other alternatives, because she couldn’t have understood if I had done it implicitly.

A) Your attitudes towards your friends are very rude
B) You cannot understand anything the first time it is told
C) You have really weird behaviours towards the people around you
D) You shouldn’t have told your mother to go out of the room plainly
E) You are a teacher and you have to be a lesson to your students

20) Mary: __________
Sharon: Let's study together tonight, maybe we can catch up with the rest of the class.
Mary: That sounds like a good idea. I don't like to fall behind.
Sharon: All right, I will be in your home at 8 o'clock.

A) Jason has a lot of things to do so I think he won’t be able to finish the project in time
B) I think I’m a bit ahead of class. What do you suggest me to do?
C) I want to do something outdoors because I got bored of studying all day
D) Don't you think that we should go to the cinema?
E) We have so much homework in English that I can't keep up with it all.

21) Paulo: Bertha: I have great difficulty in subject-verb agreement in English when gerund or infinitive is at the beginning of the sentence.
Bertha: I see, and then you mistake the noun coming after gerund or infinitive for the real subject of the sentence.
Paulo: ____________
Bertha: Of course I have because almost every learner of English has the same problem.

A) Great! You have made sense of what my problem is without further explanation.
B) No, not exactly. I cannot decide whether to use infinitive or gerund in the subject place.
C) Well, I think you are really competent in that subject of grammar, aren’t you?
D) Sorry but I couldn’t understand what you mean with that explanation.
E) I cannot believe! How could you understand my problem immediately?




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