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Cloze Test soruları
nasıl Çözülür?

• İlk önce bu soru türünün sınavlara neden konulduğunun cevabını öğrenelim. Daha önceki sınavlarda öğrencinin kelimenin doğru halini bilip bilmediği sorulamıyordu. Yani kelimenin sıfat, zarf, fiil ve isim halini sorulamıyordu. Gramerdeki belli başlı yapılar sorulamıyordu. Örneğin, gerund/infinitive, bazı fiillerin özel durumları (help sb to do sth, help sb do sth, help to do sth, help do sth) vb.

• Bu sorularda önemli olan unsur parçanın tamamını anlamak değildir. Boşluğun verildiği cümleyi anlamak yeterlidir. Eğer bize bağlaç soruluyorsa iki ayrı cümleyi de anlamak gerekmektedir.

• Bu sorularda yer alan kelime soruları “this, that, these, those, the, another, other” gibi kalıpların arkasından gelen kelimeler sorulur. Çünkü bu kelimeler bir önceki cümleye gönderme yapar.

• Bazı kelimelerin birbirleriyle sık kullanımı bize sorulabilir.

• Sıfat cümleciklerinin daha farklı türleri bize sorulabilir.

• Boşluktan sonra yer alan preposition (ilgeçler)’e dayalı kelime soruları bize sorulabilir.

• Phrasal verbs konusunda çeşitli sorular sorulabilir.

• Many/some people think …………………. . Others bize sorulabilir. Ancak parça olarak yer aldığı için aradaki cümleler uzun olabilir.

• Not only(just,merely,solely) …….. but also / not only ……. but …….. as well / not only ………. but ……. too / not only ……. but ya da neither ……. nor / either ……. or / both …….. and yapıları sorulabilir. Ancak bu yapıların arasında kullanılan ifadeler uzun olabilir ve bu yüzden cümleleri iyi takip etmek gerekmektedir.

• Bu sorunun bir diğer özelliği çok basit bir ifadeyi bile bize sorabilir ancak karmaşık bir formda sunarak bize sorar.

• Bu soruları rahat bir şekilde cevaplayabilmek için bol bol parça çalışması yapmamız gerekmektedir. Okuduğumuz her cümleyi gramer ve kelime olarak incelemeliyiz.

• Aşağıdaki cloze teste bir göz atalım.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803- 1882 ) was a sage, not a scientist, but he was more keenly interested in the scientific advances of his day than is commonly realized . One of his early aspirations was to be "a naturalist", and he started his career (21)….. a lecturer- essayist by giving talks on natural science, (22)…… one focused on the chemical composition of water. (23)…….. Emerson went on to make his mark primarily in the areas of literature, religion, philosophy and social reform,* he remained an eager lifelong student of both traditional and contemporary natural and social science. To date, however, this side of Emerson's thought and life (24) …….only a handful of significant scholarly discussions. Emerson's life in science is the best of books (25)…….. this aspect of Emerson that have marked the bicentennial of his birth, and it is one that will endure. (2004 kpds cloze test)

Tipik bir biografi paragrafı. Bu tip parçalarda sorulan kelime ve yapılar bellidir. Birbirlerine çok benzeyen parçalar olduğu için sorulan sorularda aşağı yukarı aynıdır.

21. a) more
b) so
c) such
d) as [kariyerine konferansçı olarak başladı]
e) only

22. a) describing
b) including [içeren ifadesi arada “on natural science” olmasına rağmen “talks” ifadesini nitelemektedir]
c) considering
d) intending
e) defining

23. a) although [Seçeneklerde verilen tek iki ayrı cümleyi birbirine bağlayan yapı “-e rağmen] *buradaki virgül iki cümleyi birbirinden ayırmaktadır ve bu bağlaç sadece bağlayabilir.
b) therefore
c) so that
d) but
e) since

24. a) should attract
b) is attracting
c) will attract
d) has attracted [“to date” şu ana kadar anlamı verir ve present perfect kullanımı gerektirmektedir. Normalde gramer kitaplarında bu yapıyı göremezsiniz ancak parçalarda görebilirsiniz.]
e)had attracted

25. a) to
b) for
c) on [hakkında anlamı veren bir preposition]
d) with
e) at

 Aşağıdaki cloze testleri cevaplandırınız.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the term used __(1)__ computer simulations of reality which are very __(2)__ to real-life experience. To enter VR, you __(3)__ a special headset, or head-mounted display (HMD) which allows you to see three-dimensional, computer-generated images. You also hear sound effects and wear a special glove, __(4)__, like the HMD, is connected to the computer. This glove allots you to __(5)__ the objects that you see and to have some sense of touch.

A) to describing
B) to describe
C) describes
D) describing
E) described


A) different
B) same
C) distinct
D) like
E) similar


A) put on
B) wear out
C) call off
D) do up
E) add up


A) that
B) where
C) which
D) who
E) when


A) render
B) manipulate
C) hinder
D) emaciate
E) deprive

The Romans built hundreds of miles of aqueducts that __(6)__ the population with a generous supply of fresh water, __(7)__ more than 200 million gallons a day for the city of Rome. The city provided public baths, toilets, and more than a thousand public fountains for the poor __(8)__ today direct pipelines __(9)__ the villas of the wealthy. Sewers and organized garbage collections made imperial Rome __(10)__ healthier than other cities of antiquity.

A) enabled
B) provided
C) allowed
D) allotted
E) let


A) including
B) included
C) having been included
D) having included
E) includes


A) before
B) soon after
C) until
D) while
E) when


A) had served
B) serve
C) served
D) were serving
E) serves


A) more
B) quite
C) much
D) fairly
E) pretty

In the early 19th century Sir Henry Morton made his fortune __(11)__ tea and coffee. He used his money to build up a magnificent private art collection. __(12)__ he died, in 1842, he __(13)__ all his paintings and sculptures in a small museum which was open to the public. In his last will and testament, he left money for the maintenance of the museum. __(14)__ the terms of the will, nothing in the museum must __(15)__ be sold and entrance to the museum must be free.

A) to import
B) by importing
C) imports
D) having been imported
E) imported


A) Just before
B) When
C) After
D) Until
E) Whereas


A) puts
B) had put
C) is putting
D) put
E) has put


A) Despite
B) Thus
C) Accordingly
D) According to
E) Therefore


A) never
B) by far
C) ever
D) as ever
E) whatsoever

Aristotle was born in Macedonia in 384 B.C., the son of a physician. __(16)__ a boy he was educated in that country as his father __(17)__ to the royal Court of the Macedonian king. At 17 he went to Athens __(18)__ he spent the next 20 years. He was Plato's pupil for the first few years. He was a member of the Academy but not __(19)__ in residence. In 342 he undertook the tutorship of Alexander, then 13 years of age, son of Philip, King of Macedonia. He continued this responsibility for three years __(20)__ time Alexander became regent of the Kingdom as his father was absent on military duties. When Alexander succeeded his father (335 B.C.), Aristotle continued as his counselor and friend. Aristotle returned shortly to Athens and created a new school and center of learning called the Lyceum.

A) As
B) Like
C) Though
D) Since
E) In spite of


A) is attached
B) was attached
C) attached
D) has been attached
E) will be attached


A) when
B) which
C) whose
D) at which
E) where


A) continuous
B) continuity
C) continuously
D) continued
E) continuing


A) for which
B) when
C) where
D) at which
E) that

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was established in May 1927 as a non-profit corporation to __(21)__ the art of movie making. In the first year, the Academy had 36 members, __(22)__ Douglas Fairbanks Sr as president. The first Academy Awards, now better known as the Oscars, __(23)__ at a private dinner in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with less than 250 persons attending. Today, the Academy has over 6 000 honorary members - the Oscar Awards __(24)__ by more than a billion people on television. The first television broadcast of the Oscars took place in 1953 - on black and white TV, telecast throughout the US and Canada. Telecasting in colour begun in 1966, and __(25)__ 1969, the Oscars have been telecast throughout the world. By the mid-1990s it was telecast in over 100 countries.

A) diminish
B) swear
C) verdict
D) relinquish
E) promote


A) for
B) with
C) by
D) on
E) from


A) presented
B) presenting
C) was presented
D) were presented
E) are presented


A) were viewed
B) had been viewed
C) viewed
D) view
E) are viewed


A) since
B) for
C) after
D) before
E) within
Cupid has always played a role in the celebrations of love. Those __(26)__ hearts are pierced by his arrows fall deeply in love. In Greek mythology he was known as Eros, the young son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. To the Romans, he was Cupid, son of Venus. But where there’s love, there often is jealousy. Venus was __(27)__ of the beauty of Psyche, a mere mortal, and ordered Cupid to punish her for being so beautiful. __(28)__, Cupid fell deeply in love and took her as his wife. As a mortal Psyche, she was forbidden to look at him. Eventually, her sisters convinced her to look at the handsome Cupid. As punishment, Venus demanded that she __(29)__ three difficult tasks, the last of which caused Psyche's death. Cupid found her lifeless on the ground and removed the eternal sleep from her body. The gods, __(30)__ by their love, then granted Psyche immortality.

A) who
B) whose
C) which
D) where
E) that


A) remarkable
B) famous
C) noteworthy
D) humble
E) jealous


A) Therefore
B) Instead
C) As a result of
D) Although
E) Nevertheless


A) performs
B) performed
C) perform
D) performing
E) has performed


A) moving
B) to move
C) having moved
D) to be moved
E) moved
In the not-so-distant future, the hand tightening bolts during space structure assembly __(31)__ not be human. Tomorrow's astronauts will find themselves working __(32)__ in space with human-like robots called "Robonauts." And while the faceless machines might look a little strange, these Robonauts are really quite sensitive. Don't expect to see them making the rounds on the talk-show circuit discussing their feelings, __(33)__. Their kind of sensitivity is strictly high-tech. Now the technology bringing these Space-Age helpers to life __(34)__ also at work in some surprising places. One common element drives these innovations, __(35)__ on Earth and in space: sensors.

A) must
B) might
C) had to
D) should have
E) would


A) at all costs
B) over and above
C) on and on
D) side by side
E) from all accounts


A) though
B) although
C) thus
D) hence
E) but


A) are
B) was
C) is
D) were
E) had been


A) either
B) neither
C) not only
D) not
E) both

Experts believe that, with SAD, depression is __(36)__ triggered by the brain's response to decreased daylight exposure. No one really understands how and why this happens. Current theories __(37)__ what causes SAD focus on the role that sunlight might play in the brain's production of key hormones. Experts think that two specific chemicals in the brain, melatonin and serotonin, may __(38)__ in SAD. These two hormones __(39)__ regulate a person's sleep-wake cycles, energy, and mood. Shorter days and longer hours of darkness in fall and winter may cause increased levels of melatonin and decreased levels of serotonin, __(40)__ the biological conditions for depression.

A) somewhat
B) somehow
C) somewhere
D) nohow
E) nowhere


A) onto
B) from
C) on
D) about
E) within


A) involve
B) have involved
C) to be involved
D) be involving
E) be involved


A) assist
B) aid
C) help
D) allow
E) allocate


A) creating
B) having created
C) created
D) to create
E) creates

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