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a) jinnee
b) Devil
c)the heavens
d) Hell

ii) I was born in 1899 and died in 1947. I was the symbol of Embargo (39) "era" lawlessness. My first name was Antonio. I was Italian but I lived in U.S., mostly in Chicago. I received a razor (40) "slash" on my left cheek, from ear to lip. I first worked as a bodyguard for Johnny Torrero. After Torrero left Chicago, I became (41) "undisputed" head of an enormous regional gang. Our operations included varied underground activities - gambling and illegal sale of liquor. In 1932 I was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years. After being released from "Shaw shank", I retired to my Sunset Beach estate and died there.
a) time
b) decade
c) period in history
d) century
a) injury
b) mele
c) damage
d) cut
a) respected
b) unquestionable
c) feared
d) undeterred

i) Some things arrive on certain mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be (45) "seized" or (46) "relinquished" forever.

ii) Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the (47) "walk" before it stops snowing.

a) graded
b) selected
c) grabbed
d) segregated
a) recalled
b) stored
c) neglected
d) abandoned
a) yard
b) entrance hall
c) veranda
d) path in front of a house

iii) I like living. I have sometimes been passionately, hopelessly, (48) "acutely" unhappy, (49) "racked" with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a (50) "grand" thing.
a) almost
b) really
c) a bit
d) severely
a) annoyed
b) affected
c) tortured
d) surrounded
a) depressing
b) humble
c) tedious
d) splendid

XVI. The first wheels were most likely huge round (51) "logs", over which heavy masses were moved from one place to another. The next ones were probably circles of wood cut from trees and joined by a simple hinge. These solid wheels were very heavy, however, and after a time men invented the spoked wheel which was lighter, but the outside rim was weaker. To fortify it, the rim was given an iron covering. Later wheels were made totally of metal. When the motor car was invented a less (52) "rigid" kind of wheel was required. By this time rubber was in use, and then (53) "pneumatic" tire was invented.
a) bulky piece of timber
b) any wooden object
c) wood to burn in a fireplace
d) soft plant tissue
a) durable
b) stiff
c) flexible
d) brittle
a) filled with gas
b) inflated with compressed air
c) working with wind power
d) filled with air


VIRGO (24 August-23 Sept)
New light is (54) "cast on" an old personal or work situation, making you
apprehend you've (55) "turned the corner", and covered the way to brilliant
predictions. Your effort is reinforced.

CAPRICORN (23 Dec-20 Jan)
Don't keep amused thoughts of giving in and losing what has taken years to
attain. A solution is (56) "at hand", so keep pursuing your goal.
a) swithed off
b) created
c) turned on
d) thrown
a) been in a period of difficulty
b) begun to improve
c) got worse
d) been in the most critical period
a) far away
b) impossible
c) in the distance
d) near

SCORPIO (23 Oct-22 Nov)
Good news (57) "lifts your spirits". An expert will take the border of
problems (58) "impeding" your progress. A special one may request an
unexpected visit.

CANCER (22 June-23 July).
A amazing incident or phone call gives you a (59) "hint" of how
intense your future will be. Undertaking dull tasks puts you on the
road to freedom.

a) depresses you
b) worries you
c) makes you cheerful
d) forces you to feel happy
a) hindering
b) encouraging
c) supporting
d) destroying
a) forecast
b) confirmation
c) indication
d) anticipation

i) Nothing can bring back
The hour of glory in the flower,
Of (61) "splendor" in the grass.
We will (62) "grieve" not,
Rather find strength
In what remains behind.
William Wordsworth
ii) But love is a (63) "durable" fire
In the mind ever burning.
Never sick, never old, never dead
From itself never turning.
Sir Walter Raleign

a) exhibition
b) grandeur
c) show
d) entertainment
a) feel a deep sorrow
b) miss
c) feel nostalgic
d) look for
a) increasing
b) shining
c) destructive
d) lasting

XIX. Below are some texts

i) Keep in mind, it takes many years to put up stress, so it can take a
long time to lose it completely. Recreation, like all skills, takes time
to learn, so don't quit too easily. It's regular to find yourself
gaping frequently, and having stomach (65) "rumbles" and watering
eyes to start with. As part of your knowledge, become aware of the
things that make you nervous and the changes that then happen in your
body. Learn to take action to relieve tension before it becomes
(66) "built-in".

Simple method

A basic technique is to sit in a comfortable sofa with your feet on the floor,
slightly apart, your underside well back in the seat and your hands loosely in
your lap, one of top of the other. Close your eyes. Check right through your body,
starting with the top of your head. Feel yourself calming each part
before you move on to the next. When you feel ready, open your
eyes again. Have a good (67) "stretch".

a) roars
b) robes
c) roam
d) rocketry
a) your formation
b) your physical appearance
c) your part
d) your figure
a) relaxation
b) thrusting out part of the body to tighten muscles
c) rest
d) tightening of muscles


Your individual location

Sit or lie in a comfortable sofa and relax, using the simple method
above. Suppose yourself in your own special location. It could be a warm beach; somewhere in the forest; or your own bed. It's your own location. There is nothing you must do, nowhere you must go and nothing you must be. When you have established your place, just
(70) "luxuriate", in the tranquility and stay as long as you want before widening and coming back to the room. (Even a few minutes doing this can have an incredibly relaxing result.)

The shrine of peace

Sit or lie and rest, as in the basic technique above. Imagine a mount
sheltered with leaves. A lane leads to the top, where you can see the
shrine of peace. It is a autumn morning, bright and enjoyably warm.
Notice how you are clothed. Become aware of your body ascending
the lane, and feel the contact of your feet with the earth. Feel the
gentle wind on your cheeks. Look about you at the trees and the bushes, the
lawn, and the beautiful flowers as you go up. You are now approaching the
top of the hill. Ageless stillness (71 ) "pervades" the atmosphere of the
shrine of peace. No sound has ever been (72) "uttered" here. You are
close to its big timber doorways: see your hands on them and feel the
wood. Before opening the doors, know that when you do so, you will be
surrounded by silence and relaxation.
a) enjoy yourself
b) look splendid
c) consult yourself
d) listen
a) fills
b) fades
c) starts to leave
d) disturbs
a) spelt
b) spoken
c) pronounced
d) dictated

You enter the shrine. You feel the atmosphere of tranquillity and peace all
around you. Now you walk towards the silence, looking about you as
you go. You see a big, (73) "luminous" arena. Its luminosity not only
comes from the rays of the sun, but also seems to spring from within and
to be concentrated in an area of radiance just in front of you.
You enter this luminous silence and feel absorbed by it. (74) "Beams" of
beneficent, warm, great light are enveloping you. Let this shining
silence pervade you. Feel it flowing through - your veins an
(75) "permeating" every cell in your body. Remain in this luminous
silence for a few minutes minutes, composed and alert. During this time,
listen to the silence. Silence is a living quality, not just the plain lack
of sounds.

a) darkened
b) illuminated
c) comprehensible
d) obvious
a) rafters
b) supports
c) rays
d) boards
a) perming
b) permitting
c) perplexing
d) penetrating

XX. An infant born with a type of congenital heart disease that produces a bluish tinge in the skin, mucous membranes, and nail beds is called blue baby. Additionaly, the child undergoes (77) "fatigue" and dyspnea (difficult breathing), and in severe cases there may be (78) "spells" of coma. The bloom of the infant is due to the presence of deoxygenated blood in its arteries. Usually, deoxygenated blood from the veins enters the right side of the heart, from where it is pumped through the pulmonary blood vessel to the lungs. In the lungs the blood picks up oxygen from the air and returns to the left side of the heart, and it is then pumped through the aorta to the body's (79) "vast" network of arteries. In a blue baby, a big portion of the venous (deoxygenated) blood goes around the lungs. In some cases, a hole in the arterial or ventricular septum dividing the right and left sides of the heart allows much of the deoxygenated blood to pass directly to the left side and into the aorta. In others, the pulmonary artery is narrowed, and the aorta, which has not developed in its proper position, receives blood from the right as well as the left sides. In still other cases, the pulmonary artery arises from the left side while the aorta arises from the right side, a reversal of their normal
positions. The prediction for a blue baby depends on the severity of its heart
defect. Most defects can be successfully treated through operation.
a) pain
b) exhaustion
c) cramps
d) insomnia
a) periods of time which something lasts
b) fascinations
c) activities
d) words with magical power
a) vascular
b) large
c) varied
d) complicated

XXI. Besides his work as a medieval historian, Javier Callas specializes in 16th to 19th century astronomy and works as a historian for the central observatory at Mexico and for the International Astronomical Society. He is fascinated by the way astrology has reappeared after a dead period from the back end of the 16th century to the late 19th and sees it as a
cultural (82) "perversion" that something so (83) "discredited" should be seeing a (84) "resurgence" of popularity. It's a cultural throwback and that's why he is interested in the peculiarity of it.
a) deviation
b) devaluation
c) detraction
d) detestation
a) disembarked
b) disembodied
c) disbelieved
d) discarded
a) restoring
b) reviving
c) reviewing
d) retracing

XXII. ...In another case, reported in Parapsychology Reports (March 1996), young woman
went to a medium for a analysis. The medium told her she would be dead
before she was 32. The woman went home and killed herself, leaving
letters describing how the medium's prognosis had helped her view her
own death as (87) "inevitable". Dr. Weissmann says that only a weeks ago he was contacted by a young man who had been (88) "desperate" to get his girlfriend back
after she finished their relationship. He went to a local psychic who told
him the spirits could bring them back together, but it would cost him
$300. The spirits failed to get the girlfriend back, (89) "whereupon" the
medium suggested the man pay another $300 for a second try.'
a) unavoidable
b) escapable
c) inexcusable
d) uncertain
a) urgent
b) frantic
c) extreme
d) lonely
a) before which
b) therefore
c) and then
d) because

Dr. Weissmann says that it's difficult to know the extent of the problem of psychic
(90) "frauds". In part because many people may not go to the police after being the victim of a (91) "scam" because they feel ashamed and stupid. The authors' worry is that there are no official (92) "bodies" to deal specifically with those problems. Real claimants present
parapsychologists with a valuable opportunity to learn, about psychic
functioning. Insincere ones offer an outstanding change to investigate the
psychology of deception.
a) beggars
b) tramps
c) thieves
d) impostors
a) his honest scheme
b) scandal
c) unsuccessful plan
d) conspiracy
a) constructions
b) organizations
c) firms
d) stations

XXII. When they come to write the history of the 20th century, the summer of
'69 will surely merit a chapter of its own.

The Beatles sang 'Imagine' on a London rooftop, there was a
(95) "vibrant", new President in the White House, and the eyes of the
world were turned towards the heavens as Neil Armstrong prepared to land on
the Moon.

(96) "Away from the public stare", a different (97) "band" of pioneers
was preparing to enter the unknown.
a) dull
b) resonant
c) lovely
d) energetic
a) celebrated by everyone
b) distinguished
c) unknown to people in general
d) honorable
a) unity
b) group
c) union
d) strip

The destination was not a warm (98) "Sulavesi Sea", far from it.
Twenty meter waves and storm force winds were the lot of the early
North Sea investigators, searching for oil and gas four kilometers below.
History records that both groups of men (99) "accomplished", their
(100) "missions". For the team of the spacecraft Apollo, their
adventures were largely over.
a) the highest mountain on the moon
b) the moon itself
c) a quiet region on the moon
d) a body of water on the moon
a) achieved
b) dissatisfied
c) abandoned
d) left unfinished
a) plans
b) tasks
c) intentions
d) relationships
A uprising is a disturbance of the public peace, attended with conditions of uproar and disorder, as where an assembly destroys, or in any style grabs or invades private or public possessions, or does any injury by actual or threatened violence to the persons of individuals. By criminal law a riot is an illegal assembly of three of more persons which has begun (48) ________ the common purpose for which it had assembled by a breach of the peace and to the terror of the public. A lawful assembly may become a riot if the persons assembled proceed to execute an unlawful purpose to the terror of the people, though they had not that purpose when they had assembled. In U.S. every person convicted of riot is (49) ________ to be sentenced to hard labor. The expression "reading the riot act" comes from the English statute which calls on the appropriate officer to read a proclamation to such a gathering, commanding them to disperse.
In Canada law rioting is termed mobbing if it applies to a number of persons; a single individual may be guilty of rioting. A person may be guilty of mobbing who directs or excites a mob, even though he is not actually there. Simple presence without partaking may also
(50) ________ mobbing.
a) to execute
b) to exhort
c) to exemplify
d) to exhert
a) unprotected
b) exhibited
c) vulnerable
d) liable
a) constrict
b) constitute
c) consist
d) constrain

Reddish sunsets were dazzling phenomena which engrossed attention in South Aftica and other parts of the globe in the summer of 1993 and for several succeeding months. A bright red shine (53) ________ the entire western sky, remaining for upward of an hour, when it would slowly wilt away. This strange sight was first noticed in India, where, it is said, the sun assumed a distinct greeny-yellowish shade on nearing the horizon. In striving (54) ________ for these strange manifestations a number of solutions were offered, but the theory that met with greatest acceptance was that they emanated from volcanic dust and gaseous matter vomited in 1993 by Zetigama, in the Ponda Strait, Malaisia. Calculations demonstrated the fact that the manifestations of the red glow
(55) _______ with the course which such vapors would normally take as they were being borne away by winds.
a) suffused
b) sufficed
c) suited
d) sued
a) accord with
b) accept as
c) account for
d) accede to
a) collaborated
b) coincided
c) collided
d) co-existed

There is no specific treatment after clinical symptoms of malaria have developed, and the outcome of the disease is invariably fatal; prevention, therefore, is vital. (56) ________ local treatment of wounds is very important and should be done as promptly as possible. Pasteur treatment with daily injections of attenuated virus is then given over a 14-day period. This treatment is based on the following principles: Malaria virus may be propagated through a series of moscito bites. This preparation, given in increasing dosage, can (57) ________ resistance (antibodies) without producing the disease itself. The long incubation period permits the development of antibodies before the patient becomes ill from the bite. Antibodies developed in one animal can be (58)__________ to another animal.
a) Clean
b) Proper
c) Righteous
d) Harmless
a) result
b) affect
c) lead
d) stimulate
a) transacted
b) transferred
c) transcended
d) transfigured

This latter principle has made possible the production of immune serum as a (59) ______ treatment for human beings.
Because of occasional severe reactions to Pasteur treatment, vaccine should not be given indiscriminately. However, reactions to the Pasteur treatment should deter no one from recommending treatment in proper cases. For persons known to be scratched or bitten, vaccine treatment should be started
(60) ________ [1] when the animal is apprehended and presents clinical signs of malaria; [2] when the animal is killed and the brain is found positive for malaria by microscopic examination; [3] when the animal is killed and, though the brain is negative by microscopic examination, the animal is (61) ________ of being infected;
a) supplementary
b) necessary
c) required
d) helping
a) now and then
b) always
c) over and over again
d) immediately
a) refused
b) suspected
c) traced
d) discovered

Since not even the largest collections can hope to get hold of more than a small portion of the books available in the world, every library must occupy staff for assortment of books for (62) _______. Selection may be a full-time activity, for example, as an German and Norwegian literature bibliographer or a Russian or American selection librarian for a university library. In such cases the librarian will have acquired subject. (63) _______ and language facility through advanced graduate work. Selection is often (64) _____ with reference or other library activities requiring the same experience. Thus, a kindergarden's librarian will select books as well as help the kids use the library and find appropriate books to read. A biology librarian will select books for a biology library in a college
a) display
b) selling
c) purchase
d) trade
a) expertise
b) talent
c) expert
d) skill
a) composed
b) united
c) combined
d) joined

Librarian carries out or supervises the order process. In this case he needs to know how books are published and distributed. He may use his knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of national and foreign book dealers, of book sales and how they are conducted, and of the (65) ________ used in ordering and maintaining records for periodicals and other serials.
The work of selection is based on a knowledge of a library's existing collection and what is required to better (66) ________ the needs of the library's users. The librarian must be able to form an opinion of the importance of a book, not only its intrinsic value but its value for his library and its users.
The order or acquisition librarian, whether he does selection or not, must understand business and accounting methods in order to operate an efficient and accurate purchasing operation and (67) ______ the accounting and secretarial staff who carry out the detailed work of placing orders, receiving materials, and maintaining financial records.
a) designs
b) technologies
c) procedures
d) styles
a) meet
b) necessitate
c) raise
d) activate
a) supervene
b) supervise
c) surpass
d) suspect

There can be no cultured and just society without a social order. The positive (68) ________ of freedom therefore admits that there must be compulsion if liberty is to have practical meaning. However, this positive view of freedom demands that, if there must be law and order, they should be self-imposed. Government based on (69) ________ of the governed is therefore an expression of liberty, and is to be piercingly illustrious from government without consent, of which modern despotism is the most important illustration.
The second meaning of freedom is much more new: the negative concept of absence of self-control. Whereas the positive view of freedom expresses the freedom to do something, the negative aspect (70) _____ the freedom from having to do something. This negative meaning is only about 350 years old; the movement of liberty from the 17th century on has been directed against authority in religion, government, and economics, and it expresses the philosophy of uniqueness that found, its first contemporary expression in the Renaissance and Reformation.
a) image
b) concept
c) dream
d) vision
a) satisfaction
b) refusal
c) consent
d) disapproval
a) connotes
b) connives
c) connects
d) consents

There is no pointed (72) ________ between a road and a highway, but vehicular way of secondary importance are called roads, while those of primary importance are highways. The name highway was first applied to the type of road built in Germany by the Romans, who threw up soil from (73) ________ to form a lift up, or high, way of travel.
Passageways and trails that finally become roads have been used by us since the dawn of history. Ancient tribes used them for journey between seasonal hunting and fishing grounds. As trade developed between tribes, ways for easy travel and exchange of goods became essential. During some 4,000 years of recorded history, (74) _________ travel has been almost entirely by highway, except for a contemporary period of about 200 years when the use of highways was eclipsed by railway trek.
a) interaction
b) distinction
c) classification
d) interdependence
a) ditches
b) holes
c) ground
d) soil
a) road
b) highway
c) overland
d) underground

Rodeo is a game which features broncho riding and roping steer wrestling and other contests developed in the cattle-raising industry of the south-western part of the America in the early 1860's. It soon spread to all parts of the U.S. west of the Missouri River and (76) ________ into Guatemala and the southern part of the United States. Beginning with informal wagers at the close of the semiannual roundups, it gradually (77) _______ into public displays of riding and roping talent.
Authorities agree that the first public contest for prizes for broncho riding and steer roping was (78) _______ in an open field near the court-house in Pecos, Texas, on July 4, 1883. No admission was charged.
a) eventually
b) at last
c) thirdly
d) at the end
a) exchanged
b) developed
c) became
d) formed
78. a) made
b) done
c) held
d) shown

Rack was an tool of torture in frequent use in the Middle Ages, and down to a moderately current period. It is not known to have been used in the English colonies settled under British rule, but it is among the ancient instruments of torture preserved at Quebec as (81) ________ of French rule in that country. The rack consisted of a huge, open, timber frame, within which the person to be tortured was laid on his back on the ground, with his wrists and ankles fastened by cords to two bars at the ends of the frame. (82) ________ were then put, and if the criminal refused to answer, or if his answers were not considered pleasing, the breakers were further moved, until at last the bones of the sufferer were forced from their sockets. The rack was also used simply for purposes of punishment, apart from desire to extort a (83) ________. 81.
a) memories
b) relics
c) souvenirs
d) reflections
a) Interrogations
b) Requests
c) Threats
d) Questions
a) crime
b) sin
c) confession
d) blame

Until the 16th century, the hotels and monasteries of Europe fed the wayfarers and gave them served - the inn - gradually developed as a separate foundation. Still remembered among these restaurants of an earlier day is the one at the Tagaddi Inn in the Northward section of Manchester, England. Here in the 15th century Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims ate and
(85) ________ before starting their journey to the shrine of St. Thomas â Becket; and here, (86) ________ their return, they planned to buy a dinner for the teller of the best tale during the pilgrimage. Harry Bailey, the inn crowd, conceived this last idea, and his tactful manner during the journey established an appropriate code of genial conduct for all future restaurateurs.
In England, the meal served to travelers was called "the ordinary", a term in common use from the late 16th century and often (87) ________ also to the place where the meal was served.
a) lodged
b) visited
c) fed
d) settled
a) in
b) upon
c) through
d) by
a) known
b) called
c) applied
d) used

The coffee house became a popular (88) ________ in England from the time of its first establishment there in the mid-18th century. Some of inns were associated with special dishes just as modern restaurants often build their popularity on (89) ________ foods. But distinct to modern restaurants, these establishments served their food at a specified time and at a shared table. The customer was not able to (90) _______ in at any interval of the day, choose his place to sit, and then order from a menu.
a) restaurant
b) cafe
c) institution
d) pub
a) particular
b) tasteful
c) general
d) famous
a) run
b) stroll
c) step
d) jump

Dardanelles was the (93) ________ of one of the most important fights of World War I and it has been called "Dardanelles" since the Renaissance, remembering the lost city of Dardanos. Dardanos was said to have been built on the Asian side of the strait by the legendary (94) ________ of the Trojan dynasty, who had the same name. In classical geography the strait was known as the Hellespont; its modern Turkish designation is Çanakkale Boğazı (Strait of Çanakkale).
In World War I the Allied fleets, in an effort to conquer Istanbul, ineffectively (95) _______ to force the strait on March 18, 1915.
a) scene
b) view
c) sight
d) scenery
a) finder
b) maker
c) doer
d) founder
a) attended
b) attempted
c) attested
d) attracted

The heroic (96) _______ of the Turks under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal kept the Allied forces stuck to the beaches. By Jan. 9, 1916, defeat was (97) ________ and the last Allied crowds were (98) ______.

a) resettlement
b) residence
c) resignation
d) resistance
97. a) conceded
b) concealed
c) computed
d) compressed
98. a) evaluated
b) disappeared
c) evacuated
d) vanished


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