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The vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly popular all the time. Is the vegetarian or meat
diet better? A decade ago and earlier, the impression was that a vegetarian diet was lacking in
the nutrients found in meat products. Today though, through research and nutritional science,
it has been proven that all the nutrients found in meat may at the same time be found in the correct
vegetarian diet. Some may argue that by only consuming meat that is low in fat, meat and
vegetarian diets have identical benefits. This is true only if one eats only very low fat meat.
The lack of meat is not necessarily the main benefit of to the vegetarian. Vegetarians tend to
eat more fruits, vegetables and grains than the meat eater. They also tend not to use tobacco
and excessive alcohol. Moreover, vegetarians tend to get more exercise.

83) It is clear from the passege that meat and vegetarian diets have similar benefits .......
A) if the term vegetarian cannot be misleading
B) only if very low fat meat is eaten
C) as long as diet can take on many different variations
D) if a vegetarian consumes the same dairy products
E) because the term vegetarian is used to cover all facets and variations
84) It has been allaged that vegetarians do not only benefit from not eating meat in fact, ........
A) but other factors probably include exercise and resistance to smoking and alcohol
B) but the partial vegetarian eats anything except red meat
C) this is most likely due to the low fat and high carbohydrate content of their diet as well
D) they usually have lower blood pressure than meat eaters as well
E) they also benefit from not using tobacco and excessive alcohol while getting more
85) In the past it was claimed that the nutrients found in meat products weren't found in a
vegetarian diet.......
A) but it is proved to be wrong through research today
B) the last major benefit of the vegetarian diet is its relationship to cancer rate reduction
C) however the vegetarian diets advantages greatly outweigh its shortcomings
D) whether a meat eater or vegetarian, both diets may contribute to good health with
proper planning
E) there are advantages and drawbacks to both diets

A social anxiety disorder or social phobia is the constant fear of being criticized or evaluated
by other people. People with a social phobia are nervous, anxious, and afraid about many
social situations. Simply attending a business meeting or going to a company party can be
highly nerve wracking and intimidating. Despite the fact that people with social anxiety want very much to
be social with everybody else, their anxiety about not doing well in public is strong and hinders
their best efforts. They freeze up when they meet new people, particularly authority figures.
They are particularly afraid that other people will notice that they are anxious, so this fear
enables the anxiety to grow and turn into a vicious cycle.

86) Even though people with social anxiety want very much to be social with everybody else ..........
A) who is conscious of the fact that people might be staring at them
B) everyone is scared of something
C) everyone experiences nervousness, anxiety and even in superior feelings around
certain people
D) they cannot overcome a social phobia without the patient first grasping exactly what
triggers their fears
E) they cannot achieve it because of lack of self confidence
87) For someone with a social phobia, attending a business meeting or going to a company
party may be highly nerve wracking and intimidating ......
A) as some people possess these feelings so deeply that their fear is considered
B) Even they realize that it is illogical and that they have a phobia
C) because of being the center of attraction
D) since a social phobia is the fear of social situations and the interactions with other
E) for millions of people suffer from phobias every day of their lives.
88) People with a social phobia are nervous, anxious, and afraid about many social situations
A) and then learning how to get proper help
B) since many symptoms go hand in hand with this terrible phobia
C) because they are sure they are making a fool of themselves
D) since they are afraid of being criticized or evaluated by other people
E) for self-consciousness and anxiety rise to extremes

Alhough just a few years ago, most people regarded talk shows as ridiculous, now this
chant is recognized and adored by many people in society. The most careful explanation for
this is that the shows now have more interesting and captivating topics. The basis of most
episodes of these shows has changed greatly over the past few years; The topics have moved
away from large scale social issues, like homosexuality and cancer, to relationship and familial
issues, like adultery and mothers that are too teasing with their daughter's boyfriends. Most
people would argue that the issues being presented now are not as interesting or captivating
as the older issues.

89) In spite of the fact that many people in society find today's talk show issues interesting ......
A) the general emotional content of the episodes has changed from sadness to anger
B) there are many people who find the older issues much more interesting and charming
C) there are many influences that cause extreme anger to be displayed by the guests on
"talk shows"
D) the anxiety which you experienced is gone and replaced by anger, intense anger
E) not knowing what to expect, when you are nervous and anxious
90) Talk shows that were considered to be ridiculous beforehand ...........
A) are taken into consideration today
B) the emotions displayed by the guests in the newer shows are more visible
C) usually framed some questions in a certain way
D) but there are many psychological explanations for the increasing anger experienced by
the guests on a talk show
E) they frequently use this framing effect to try to get the response which is more favorable for
the interviewer or surveyor
91) The most significant reason which talk shows are recognized and adored by many people in
society is that......
A) nothing seems awkward in these shows
B) questions can be phrased in different ways eliciting different responses
C) there is a strong correlation between the anger of his guests and the ratings
D) talk shows have interesting and charming topics
E) the question is framed in such a way that any answer given to it would evoke or
intensify anger

The belief that one's own nation is superior or at least the strongest helped to create a feeling
of patriotism and pride among the lower classes. I believe that the spread of nationalism
throughout European society was a positive development. Nationalism helped to unite people
with a common history and culture. It instilled pride and confidence among nations and gave
people a sense of being. Contrary to the other ideologies of the time, nationalism proposed self-
sacrifice for the good of others. However, I believe that at the beginning of the 20th century the
idea of Social Darwinism corrupted it and permitted nationalism to be twisted by those who
would exploit it.

92) In the beginning of the 20th century, when the idea of Social Darwinism came into scene
A) but, overall it had a positive effect on European society.
B) nationalism declined
C) it offered something to believe in when there wasn't much to believe in
D) there seems to be quite a bit more substantial proof on earth to suSORUort the theory
of evolution
E) because of the fact actual samples of fossils have been collected and scientifically tested
93) It can be concluded from the paragraph that..........
A) the time periods show differences in bone structure showing the human evolving
B) the more a creature can adapt to it's environment the greater chance it has of living
C) there was no self-sacrifice for the good of others in other ideologies
D) Charles Darwin had conducted extensive research into the environmental adoptions of
E) this theory helps to prove the theory that humans evolved from apes
94 It is obvious from the passege that nationalism which helped to unite people with a common
history and culture .......
A) the evidence of holding up much more
B) which can then be examined and placed along a timeline.
C) which is called environmental adaptation
D) to show an increase in population called survival of the fittest
E) gave people a sense of being

In today's materialistic driven society, people are judged in every probable aspect. From their
aSORUearance, background, social status, way of thinking to their friends, families. The necessity to
be accepted and admired by others captivates the minds of many men and women of today.
This conquest for social acceptance becomes so real that the idea then becomes an
obsession. The way we look plays a big role in our lives. It determines the way others see us
and from that, it will then determine how we feel about ourselves. One main suSORUorter of
aSORUearance is our weight.

95) The way that we look plays such a big role in our lives that......
A) it determines the way others see us
B) they can look good for other people
C) they don't even admire them for their inner being
D) we ourselves abuse our health and bodies
E) there have been ways and tactics created by man
96) It has been claimed by the author that ......
A) but this aSORUlies to men as well
B) men and women are obsessed with their weights
C) your body needs to maintain itself
D) the struggle for social acceptance becomes a passion for people
E) what makes a person beautiful is the person as a whole
97) According to the paragraph the way which we look determines ......
A) exercising and eating right is a better healthier way to do
B) to see you are beautiful people
C) their mind, personality, attitude...being in his or herself
D) an empty-headed person who would harm themselves
E) how we feel about ourselves

The nineteenth century was a period of great change and accompanying social unrest in the
British Isles. Most outstanding among the changes was the industrial revolution. As everything
in life, it brought good, but it brought evil as well. The industrial revolution combined with the
expansion of the British Empire made the United Kingdom, the richest and most powerful
country in the world. Some of the islanders became unbelievably wealthy, but others,
unfortunately, became unbelievably poor. Authors from this historical period aware of the
human suffering, became social critics of what was taking place in England, of how the rich
and powerful became more oSORUressive than before and how the very poor, were evenly more
oSORUressed. Among these authors were Charles Dickens and George Eliot.

98) Even though the British Empire became the richest and most powerful country in the world
A) it describes the conflict and battle between these two groups
B) the gap between the rich and the poor increased after the industrial revolution
C) the factory workers and miners lacked basic human rights and their idea and beliefs
were discarded
D) political candidates gave false hopes and promises so as to sway the opinion of
E) a change for the good of the workers was provided
99) The most significant change of the nineteenth century was the industrial revolution ..........
A) claiming that their suSORUort of the radical movement would improve their lives
B) which would be used to rebuild estate and suSORUort political actions
C) being a radical, improvement, alter and modernization
D) which had modern opinions and ideas to alter the outcome of society
E) which brought both good and evil in life
100) It is easy to comprehend from the paragraph that improvement of industry in the British Isles
A) wanted change and reform
B) caused social unrest as well
C) which forced society to choose what side would represent them
D) caused conflict in which people would only associate with individuals
E) despite the vast obstacle there was

Witnesses report many, many different shapes and sizes of UFO's, even shape changing
ones. The famous "Two bowls joined at the rim" shape is reported frequently, but reports of objects
shaped like cigars, squares, balls, triangles, rings, and GUITARS are also common. Many of
these reports are of objects from far away, but reports of close encounters also exist. Some of
the most interesting sightings, are reported on or near the ground. Often the person claims
that the ship left a mark or something on the ground, this is called a "Trace Case".

83) In accordance with the paragraph,.....
A) these reports, however, have to be separated from others
B) a study of these reports are random and show no pattern
C) these reports have come from people living in rural areas
D) claims of witnessing a UFO have come from considerate, reliable people
E) most of the unknown flying objects are reported to have been on or near the ground
84) According to the paragraph, even although most of reported UFO's quite imaginative .......
A) there were real definitions as well
B) they claim they have been a part of the Alien Brotherhood
C) the U.S. Air Force attempted to study UFO's
D) the UFOs did not represent a threat to the United States
E) they never considered any of this to be a unique phenomenon
85) Although there were many reports about different shapes and sizes of UFO's .......
A) men learned a great amount of things from doing this project
B) there are many people out there studying these sightings, and reports
C) the most widespread was "Two bowls joined at the rim"
D) all of the UFO stuff is just abnormal weather conditions
E) are just waiting to be found out.

In the 1600's, when tobacco was founded by John Rolfe, tobacco suddenly became the major source of
income for most of the colonists. The economic prosperity of the colonies was primarily
dependent on the amount of tobacco produced. The growing of tobacco required a large
amount of land, with a large stable work force. The increased demand for a large, stable work
force combined with the availability of African slaves, led to the use of slavery in the colonies.

86) It can be concluded that the economic prosperity of the colonies was primarily dependent on the
amount of tobacco produced .......
A) and then the availability of African slaves as a work force
B) but planters of tobacco had an abundance of land and a shortage of labor
C) however the servants were running away from their masters' farms
D) which was a major factor in the consideration of slaves on plantation
E) because tobacco was a plant that exhausts nutrients from the soil
87) The growing of tobacco in the colonies ..........
A) would be easier for slaves owing to the color of their skin
B) was the ideal form of labor that would be most beneficial to productivity of any crop
C) required both a large amount of land and a large stable work
D) had a tradition of farming, and main agricultural skills.
E) needed to be educated on certain agricultural techniques
88) It can be infered from the paragraph that..........
A) modern farming methods led to the rotation of crops
B) planters had to know how to make the land most productive
C) the slaves would only require to be educated once
D) the African slaves also had other characteristics
E) slavery started when tobacco was founded by John Rolfe in the sixteenth century

Before the paper machine was invented, paper was made by hand one at a time. In 1798,
a Frenchman named Nicolas-Louis Robert invented a moving screen belt that would receive a
continuous flow of stock and give an unbroken sheet of paper to a pair of squeeze rolls. The
invention was not really used much, but two Englishmen, the Fourdrinier brothers, improved
on Robert's idea and built a better version in 1807. From these crude beginnings modern
papermaking machines were developed. In spite of the fact that modern creations and engineering have
formed and ancient craft into a technical industry, the basic procedures remain the same.

89) Even though there are modern paper making machines,......
A) mechanical pulp was first made in Germany
B) there are practical methods for manufacturing paper from wood and vegetable pulps
C) many publishing processes were developed
D) there were mechanical or groundwood pulping and chemical pulping
E) the basic system is still the same
90) During the primitive stage of production ........
A) paper was made manually one by one
B) diverse substances required wetting and penetration
C) a sheet of paper composed of cellulosic fibres
D) paper sheets were impregnated with animal glue
E) some methods were not widely used till 1840
91) According to the author, the paper machine that Fourdrinier brothers developed ........
A) depended on rags and linen and this made mass production possible
B) there were two major kinds of pulping processes used in the 18th century
C) which was not suitable for paper in which high whiteness and permanence were
D) was based on Robert's invention
E) however high whiteness, strength and permanence were required

The kind of education that is offered in the high school system is not needed by all people.
After primary school, students have learned the basic skills required to work in an untrained
profession, and do not need the more advanced education that high school offers. Sons or
daughters frequently carry on the family business, and after completing their primary education, any
further, more advanced education is unnecessary, because they can learn all they need to
know about their future profession from their father/mother.
92) According to the writer advanced education is not essential for some students ..........
A) but it doesn't mean that all students do the same
B) since they'll prefer a profession not requiring a special training
C) and these skills make students become successful individuals
D) as schools aren't the safest place in children's education
E) since violence in our schools prevents them from learning necessary skills
93) The primary school education is enough for some students ......
A) that this would tell anybody that there is no dignity in schools today
B) so long as it would benefit the students that want to learn
C) and this is said to be on account of all the school regulations
D) because every child hasn't been educated in a safe and secure environment
E) since they will carry on the family business and it doesn't require further education
94) Sons or daughters that learn whatever they need to know about their future profession
from their parents ..........
A) don't need advanced education ,.
B) but we aren't so sure that this is true anymore
C) and student failure seems to be growing swiftly these days
D) when they realize there is far too much virtue in education
E) but parents begin to worry about their children at school

In high school there are more trouble makers that only disrupt the classes as they do
not want to be there. These people disrupt the class and make it more difficult for those who
are interested in the subject and want to learn. If school were optional, these students would
not be in classes disrupting the class and ruining the chances of other students. Instead, they
could be out in the workforce making money and beginning their careers earlier, giving them
more experience in the workforce and making it easier for them to rise up to a position of
95) The author seems to be for optional school .......
A) for there have been several school shootings in the last few years
B) because some students want to complete their secondary education
C) since there is definitely a problem with school violence today
D) because it would be useful for the students who want to learn
E) for the problem seems to be getting worse every year
96) Another advantage of optional school for trouble making students is that..........
A) it is unfair to force all young people to attend school
B) they could be out in the workforce making money
C) secondary education ought to be the individual's choice
D) it can be the student's choice to enter the workforce
E) this is one indication that school violence is out of hand
97) The most significant result of unwilling students to disrupt the class is that..........
A) it is difficult to learn for the students who are really interested in learning
B) the past three years have revealed us that violence in our schools is more common today
than ever before
C) every time there is an occurrence of violence more children are afraid to go to school
D) school violence has been growing quickly for the past three years
E) school violence is an issue which everyone may recognize but not everyone is doing
something to help prevent it

Nearly all of the people who commit suicide are unhaSORUy with their lives. This statement holds
true with me, because whenever I am haSORUy I look forward to the next day and having fun in
life. People, who are selfish and greedy, generally are not haSORUy in their lives. They don't really
have a purpose in life but the desire for money. But people who give and lead a virtuous
life tend to. Be haSORUy and strive toward helping others. The wise statement, give and you shall
receive, is very true. I think in my life if I didn't give and help other people I would be very bitter
and unpleasant.
98) It can be infered from the paragraph that......
A) the writer is not helping anyone else
B) people tend to commit suicide if they are dissatisfied with their lives
C) the writer is giving himself something in return
D) we do not listen to what others say
E) we must try to keep ourselves haSORUy and focused
99) According to the authorr people who have the desire only for money .......
A) are said to be unhaSORUy in their lives
B) help out someone worse than others
C) know that helping someone less fortunate is very gratifying
D) try to achieve this place in their after life
E) which also helps them lead a devoted life with God
100) The authorr expresses that..........
A) from any perspective people have two choices in life
B) his goal in life is getting to heaven
C) God put us on this planet so that we could serve him and help out others
D) he'd be pleased to share something with others
E) he has to try and lead a virtuous life

There is something about our body that we all would like to change because we feel that our
bodies are not good enough, like our height, our weight, our eye color, etc. We want to change
ourselves because of the pressure that advertisements places on us to be one of the beautiful
people. They make us feel worthless because we do not look like a super model. If the
advertisers and the media stoSORUed focusing so much attention on physical beauty and
perfection and focused a little more on inner beauty and strengths, then maybe when we look
in the mirror, we would not just see what we look like on the outside, we would be able to see
the person we really are.

83) Advertisements influence us so much that.......
A) we feel that our bodies are clumsy when we look into the mirror
B) women will want to please their men and keep them haSORUy
C) we will love our women in return
D) there is something about our body
E) advertisers and the media have a great effect on us
84) According to the author we want to change our aSORUearance ..........
A) due to the fact that advertisements are not so beneficial
B) since advertisements make us feel worthless as we do not look like a super model
C) though it illustrate us that all women love them
D) when examined from a viewpoint of a social, cultural, historical and political context
E) but there were the same symptoms to frequent this casual spot
85) The author claims that we would be able to see our own character when we look into the
A) and this puts an added pressure on women to have the perfect body
B) but we do not look like a super model anyhow
C) if the advertisers stoSORUed focusing so much attention on physical beauty
D) and we are to say that we should become a top model
E) if we have a model's body

There's always the chance of the innocent being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A
handful of evidence from a strong lawyer could sentence someone to life in prison, and even
the death penalty. One could be spending and ending his life in captivity for just walking
down the wrong street on the wrong day. It's a small fault in the justice system that is dificult
to overcome, but that's someone's life, and not knowing the truth could be destroying.

86) Even if you are innocent you could either be sentenced to life imprisonment or death
penalty ..........
A) since more and more people are becoming murderers
B) and some people believe that there is no compensation for death penalty
C) by an efficient lawyer by means of even a little evidence
D) however, we know that physical punishment is not always the correct answer
E) in a judging system that can become completely dull
87) An innocent one may be found guilty of any crime and sentenced to death ...........
A) because of being in a wrong place at a wrong time
B) as it is a rare occasion to go throughout a day in this world
C) and solving corruption with immorality is the only remedy
D) and if capital punishment is solely based on punishing the wrongdoers
E) but the major reason behind this massive disruption is not living in pleasure
88) According to the author keeping an innocent one in captivity .......
A) is a mistake you have to make no matter how hard you struggle
B) is a small fault in the justice system which is not easy to overcome
C) may be more destructive than so many other cases
D) is now a modern performance of contemporary law system
E) is like committing a crime while blaming others for what you've done

Plants are the basis of the food pyramid for all living things, even for other plants. They have
always been very significant to people, not only for food, but also for clothing, weapons, tools,
dyes, medicines, shelter and a great many other purposes. Both human beings and animals benefit
from plants. We eat many various types of plants such as fruits and vegetables. We also use
plants for our herbs. Plants are also used to manufacture many different products such as
shampoos, rubber, paper, and camera film. In some countries, fermented sugar cane is used
instead of gasoline. Animals use plants in many different ways also. They eat many fruits and
other plants. Many animals use plants for shelter. Plants also provide animals with protection
from predators. The destruction of different plants sometimes leads to animals becoming
endangered or extinct.

89) Plants are significant for animals for feeding ........
A) and they are made from cells
B) to produce seeds which will form new plants the next year
C) when the plant is grown from cuttings, a fibrous root system will form
D) but they are also an important source of protection for animals
E) for they can still function to transport water
90) It is very clear from the paragraph that......
A) plants are used in different branches of industry as well
B) the basic structure of plants consists of roots, stem and leaves
C) different plants have different numbers=and shapes
D) woody plants are tree-like
E) the roots also help hold the plant in the ground
91) Plants are not only used as a source of food .......
A) they take in water from the soil through their roots
B) the water also passes through the vascular rays till it reaches the center of the root
C) but also as a medicine
D) they transport vitamins, minerals and water up and down inside the plant
E) but it also develops vigorous roots that anchor it to the soil.

About 10 percent of people with schizophrenia commit suicide, and many others attempt
suicide. Once people develop schizophrenia, they generally suffer from the illness for the rest of
their lives. Even lthough there is no cure, treatment can help many people with schizophrenia lead
productive lives. Schizophrenia also carries an enormous cost to society. People with
schizophrenia occupy about one-third of all beds in psychiatric hospitals in the United States.
Furthermore, people with schizophrenia account for at least 10 percent of the homeless
population in the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health has estimated that
schizophrenia costs the United States tens of billions of dollars per year in direct treatment,
social services, and lost productivity.

92) There are so many schizophrenic people that..........
A) They develop schizophrenia at some time during their lives
B) women tend to experience the illness less severely
C) much less commonly, schizophrenia develops later in life
D) it usually develops slowly over months or years
E) they occupy about one-third of all beds in psychiatric hospitals in the United States
93) According to the author schizophrenia is incurable ......
A) but people with schizophrenia can become productive when they are kept under
B) although women are just as likely as men to develop schizophrenia
C) it usually develops in late adolescence or early adulthood
D) because symptoms and functioning in people with schizophrenia tend to vary over time
E) and for many patients the symptoms gradually become less severe as they grow older
94) Schizophrenia is said to be incurable, that is, ......
A) a variety of symptoms characterize schizophrenia
B) the illness may begin abruptly
C) people with schizophrenia generally suffer from the illness for the rest of their lives
D) most people with schizophrenia do not recognize that their mental functioning is
E) the most prominent include symptoms of psychosis-such as delusions and

Thomas More was a humanist with a true love for learning. Known as a leader, he recognized
that leadership is a gift from God for the common good of humankind and the duty of that gift was
a life of service to all. A dedicated family man, he was also a brilliant intellectual, patron of the
arts, statesman, scholar, philosopher, and author whose writings have enriched our culture
and literature. Educated at Oxford, he practiced law and entered the service of King Henry VIII
as royal counselor, ambassador, and Lord Chancellor. He was a man of conscience with a
strong faith in God and an intense concern for the problems of his day. He was executed
as he rejected to compromise his deeply held principles and values. As a person of wide
and varied interests that exhibited high standards of honor, Thomas More is an inspiration to
students that seek to develop through their education the knowledge and values upon which
they will base their lives, their careers, and service to others.

95) Thomas More thought that.......
A) a person should be adorable by others
B) a leader is always observed by his rivals
C) the only power all over the world was held by god
D) people must always be faithful to god
E) someone endowed with leadership who has a duty to serve mankind
96) Thomas More was a religious man ........
A) he was totally interested in theology
B) but he was aware of the problems of his day as well
C) he never neglected helping others
D) he used to have unusual interests
E) he was the luckiest one to have benefited from education
97) Despite the fact that Thomas More was executed as he refused to compromise his deeply held
principles and values .....
A) he is an inspiration to students who seek to develop through their education the
knowledge and values upon which they will base their lives .
B) his views have been proved to be right now
C) he was the one to have been honored during his time
D) he sacrificed his successful career for the sake of his ideals
E) his accomplishments can never be denied

Many theorists agree that social contact early in a child's life is crucial for healthy
personality development. This is the most significant relationship of the child development
period as it is from this that the child drives its confidence in the world. A break from this
relationship is experienced as highly distressing and constitutes a considerable trauma.
Through frequent social and emotional exchanges with parents the infant not only defines
itself, but also acquires a particular style and orientation which some researchers believe is
carried over into later life. Thus, the relationship between an infant and its care giver and
its development is one that has generated much interest to developmental psychologists.

98) In accordance with the paragraph, an infant defines itself......
A) to examine the role and significance of attachment behaviors in development
B) there is an emotional regulation between the infant and the mother or caregiver
C) through frequent social and emotional exchanges with parents
D) through smiling and eye-to-eye contacts
E) the infant directs his attachment to human figures on an instinctual bias
99) In the paragraph, a lack of social contact is cosidered as ......
A) an attachment of restricted relationship between particular social figures
B) child psychology, and a particular phenomenon to reflect unique characteristics of the
C) a care and protection during the most vulnerable period of development
D) highly distressing constituent of a sizeable trauma
E) explaining the importance of the mother-infant interaction within the overall framework
of attachment behavior
100) It can be understood from the paragraph that........
A) the infant's behavior is directed by the primary goal of maintaining the mother's
B) the child drives his or her confidence by means of social contact
C) the infant's attachment focuses on one figure, typically the primary caregiver
D) the infant now readily seeks the closeness to the caregiver
E) the infant and the caregiver takes the form of non-verbal communication

Obesity, smoking and other obsessions are said to be the most deadly of all diseases, but
the deadliest of diseases are poverty and ignorance. They result in war, survivalist
protectionism and far too many deaths, and under their umbrella are included those deaths
caused by unhealthy obsessions. Because of these reasons, education is the most effective tool to
combat all diseases around the globe.

83) The author points out that education is .......
A) feeding the soul, and ignorance so that they can address their physical existence
B) the most effective way of defying all diseases around the globe
C) gaining a sense of not only the wretchedness of life, but the beauty of it
D) a point which can also be observed in the fine arts
E) an issue which they have dragged themselves out of it
84) In this paragraph, the authorr defines education ..........
A) as a server of peace and health in the world
B) which ought to be aSORUlied physically
C) for people to have a chance to raise themselves out of poverty
D) by becoming personally involved with such works
E) an individual can see how others have experienced ignorance
85) According to the author the deadliest of diseases are poverty and ignorance .......
A) which cause homelessness instead of strong ideals
B) serve not only the body, but the soul
C) through a soul search on these different observations of life
D) that seek pleasure and those who suffers from love
E) because they cause too many deaths

The divorce rate in the United States almost doubles all rivaling countries. For every 1.000
carriages there are twenty-one divorces. Divorce will alter an individual's life. However, it
is up to the individual to decide whether the change will be for the better or the worse.
Despite the fact that divorce is a life-shattering event, it doesn't have to spoil the individuals involved.
There are many things that people can do to lessen the chances of having to go through a divorce.
If the individual has to go through a divorce there are many steps in the healing process.

86) The author claims that divorcing people determine ...........
A) if their life will get better or worse
B) to wait until they are sure they want to get married
C) jumping into marriage without knowing what they are getting into
D) if it is a full time job with no vacations
E) to find the right one and settle down
87) According to the author although divorce is a spoiling incident..........
A) too many marriages fail to survive
B) children of divorced couples are more likely to drop out of school
C) lives of those who involved don't need to change because of divorce
D) not all children of divorced parents suffer as extensively
E) there are people that are splitting up
88) According to the author although divorce is a life destroying event.......
A) it may be avoided wisely
B) even if there is a good chance to heal
C) one must choose the right one to marry
D) more than it has been anticipated
E) there are a lot of things ,to do in the healing process


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