Kpds, üds, yds İngilizce Gramer Cloze test


Getting a job is not an easy business. First there is the difficulty __(1)__ deciding what you want to do and getting the right __(2)__ and training. Then you have to find out __(3)__ there is a vacancy, and apply for a particular post. Some people look at advertisements in a newspaper whereas __(4)__ use an employment agency. There is usually an application form __(5)__ with all the details about your previous experience. The company selects the applicants it is interested __(6)__ and invites them to attend an interview. This is often a stressful experience, not least __(7)__ most people have to find something __(8)__ to wear, and then get very anxious about what sort of questions they should ask and what kind of image they should present. You are more likely to make a good impression __(9)__ the interview if you have found out something about the organization you want to work __(10)__. Most applicants for jobs want to know about the working conditions, the prospects of promotion and the salary. Unsuccessful applicants are usually notified by post and then their search for a job starts all over again.

1)  A) –
     B) for
     C) in
     D) at
     E) on
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