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1) _____ the end result was extremely disappointing
A) Although much item and energy had gone into the production of he play
B) In case the government improves the new theatre
C) Whenever the Opera season re-opens
D) That he had been nominated for the steering committee
E) Until annual theatre awards had been distributed

2) ___ you get splendid views of the oak-covered slopes of these coastal mountain ranges that rise up from the Pacific.
A) If only the new road had been opened
B) As they headed for San Francisco
C) However unfairly the state of the roads was being attached
D) Even though a great deal of money went into constructing the road
E) As you drive along the coast road

3) Dramatic cultural changes had been going on in the United States ___.
A) ever since non-European immigrants began to pour into the country
B) until new regulations concerning immigrants were introduced
C) which started at the end of the century
D) some of which would have been regarded as harmful
E) as soon as World War II ended

4) One of the best recommendations was put forth by Dr. Johnson ___.
A) that the managing director was especially impressed
B) who is generally the quietest member of the board
C) through the financial demands might be difficult to treat
D) unless it was approved by the committee
E) before anyone else has time to make any contribution to the discussion

5) Darwin's theory of evolution was founded on the observation ___.
A) which amassing evidence for 25 years in support of it.
B) why many people of his own age were reluctant to admit it
C) whether his insight really was revolutionary
D) that all individuals of the same species are not identical
E) since the multiplicity of forms seemed unending

6) Even though the effects of the famine have been made worse by the political instability in the country, _____.
A) the weak have shown its sympathy in a most generous manner
B) it was beyond the power of any government to undertake the responsibility
C) a fair distribution of the available load will have been
D) one disaster was naturally followed by another
E) food is now being distributed wherever it is needed.

7) _____ but it is not the only one.
A) Newspaper prices have risen noticeably in recent years
B) Most diseases are caused by germs and bad hygiene
C) Technological competition is a serious problem for the book industry
D) The printing press was invented by Johan Gutenberg in Mainz,Germany in the 15th century
E) The judge rebuked the witnesses for their disrespected
behaviour during the trial.

8) ___ that they will be made redundant once the bureau has been computerized.
A) They called all the strike
B) The board of directors discussed the matter fully
C) The management adopted new marketing policies gloomy
D) The prospect for the company looks rather gloomy
E) Most of the staff are certain

9) If your manager asked you to take an extra work without more pay?
A) have you discussed the matter with him
B) would you agree to do so
C) why do you think he may have suggested this
D) what was the reaction of your colleagues
E) will you resign at once

10) I wished I hadn't given him a vocation in this firm ___.
A) although he is less efficient than I once assumed.
B) unless he makes a big effort to prove he can be useful.
C) wherever a suitable vacancy may occur.
D) that my father was a founding member.
E) when I saw him behaving in such an irresponsible manner.

11) Jim must have taken my car ___ .
A) since no one else knows where I keep the car keys.
B) that I left it in front of the office.
C) if we have arranged to meet at the dentist's.
D) since he would never do such a thing.
E) as soon as I get back from the concert.

12) Wouldn't it be advisable to search for a second opinion _____ ?
A) as events were to prove in the end.
B) if the operation had to take place.
C) that it was legally sound.
D) before we come to any definite decision.
E) why there were no obvious problems.

13) The new American administration is still hesitant about __.
A) who would have presided over the Senate .
B) why so many new taxes had been imposed .
C) whether to increase expenditure on education.
D) how the problem of famine in Asia had been overcome.
E) which program had been approved by the committee.

14) If the northern part of this country does not get some rain soon ___.
A) they were considering reducing supplies even further .
B) cotton would not have been a suitable crop for the area .
C) they have already started to irrigate the rice fields.
D) it seems that the new dam is not very efficient.
E) there'll be a poor fruit crop this year.

15) Although there were a great many applicants for the vacancy
A) not one of them had the qualifications required.
B) actually the salary is expected to improve.
C) the new recruits will be put on a three-week special training program.
D) unfortunately some of the staff had already resigned.
E) the personnel department cannot cope with the paper work.

16) ___ which has a quite central situation.
A) They seemed interested in both houses.
B) We really need a hotel.
C) I arrived late for the meeting.
D) It should have been easy to get there.
E) His mother decided to come by car.

17) ___ that the case was far more complex than he had originally thought.
A) According to the lawyer, much is involved.
B) The witnesses were called in.
C) As the police had reported.
D) Following the uproar caused by the press coverage.
E) In the light of the new evidence, the judge realized.

18) Construction workers will go on strike next Monday ........
A) that they negotiated for over five hours and were not able to reach a compromise with the management
B) so long as the only solution for a settlement is an independent enquiry into their working conditions
C) because the two sides have done their best to settle their dispute by bargaining
D) in case the workers were asked to compromise and accept a pay rise of 20%
E) unless the management agrees to accept their claim for a 50% pay increase

19) ......., some of America's most innovative architects set about rebuilding it in a bold style known as the "Chicago school"
A) After an enormous fire destroyed much of Chicago in 1871
B) While Chicago was soon to emerge as the literary capital of the United States
C) Because Chicago has traditionally been regarded as "the great laboratory of American democracy
D) As immigrants from many European countries had settled in ethnic enclaves in Chicago
E) As long as Chicago remains the gateway to the rest of the nation for food products and industrial opportunities

20) The firm will need fewer office workers ........
A) since some were looking for jobs with other firms
B) when the computer network has been installed
C) as long as the sales continued to increase
D) in order to discuss ways of combating unemployment
E) even though the current economic recession is likely to continue for another six months

21) Earlier this century, Chicago acquired a reputation for colourful politicians, newspapermen and gangsters, .......
A) simply because commerce has been the key to the city's development
B) just as today Chicago remains a city of close knit ethnic neighbourhoods
C) Although the city has become a centre for meat products
D) but its cultural life was less well known then
E) as it is located at the conjunction of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi river system and surrounded by the productive farmlands of the Midwest

22) Though the term "human rights" is of current origin, ........
A) there are certain actions that are never permissible and certain freedoms that should never be invaded
B) after 1933 the Western world realized that it was living in an age of totalitarian dictatorship far worse than old monarchic absolutism
C) natural rights can be seen in their origins as claims that everyone naturally makes
D) some politicians claim that any doctrine of human rights must be in some sense a doctrine of natural rights
E) the idea itself can be traced back thorough John Locke in the seventeenth century to the great philosophers of classical antiquity

23) As unemployment is presently a major social issue, .......
A) the strikes have really crippled the industry and, consequently, the export of manufactured goods has come to a standstill
B) the measures introduced had little effect on the improvement of the country's economic performance
C) its worst economic effects have been partly softened by the government's introduction of unemployment compensation
D) the economic prospect was far from encouraging
E) people are not working as hard as their belief in the work ethic indicates that they should be.

24) When a company wants to fill a vacancy, ..........
A) there are always staff who want to leave for various reasons
B) the candidates have all been required to write an essay on the current economic situation in Europe
C) the applicants were invited for an interview before committee
D) it is essential that future managers must be trained as thoroughly as possible
E) it usually puts an advertisement in a newspaper

25) I asked my little three-year-old nephew......
A) whether his mother has gone out
B) who he was going to invite to his birth party
C) that he liked going to the zoo
D) why he has made his little sister cry
E) what his mother is making for dinner



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