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1) I cannot fix the washing machine myself, ...................
A) unless Bill had offered to help me
B) so I will have to get someone to do it for me
C) if I knew where the problem was
D) that it has broken down
E) if you haven't managed to

2) Don't you think it is important................... ?
A) in case so many people would have marched in protest
B) if the resolution had been passed
C) how quickly they had cancelled all the flights
D) whether they were re-elected
E) that 26 people have resigned since Mr. Fairfax was appointed

3) It is astonishing .....
A) so that his childhood was not spent very profitably
B) that she had given in her resignation so suddenly
C) where such accurate and detailed information had come from
D) how much attention even the more serious newspaper will have
given him.
E) how few people have ever seen an original Van Gogh painting

4) _______ where to run for advice.
A) Should you think of co-operating with a firm in Milan
B) He had made several trips to the central Asian Republics
C) In such a precarious situation he didn't know
D) Simply make quite sure you are never far away from a telephone
E) Under such circumstances one feels the need for consultants

5) As far as the options the government has are concerned, _____.
A) the controversy did not lead to any serious setback
B) the one favoured by the subcommittee seems the most likely
C) the participants had not yet expressed their views
D) all the available resources had been allocated fairly
E) the situation deteriorated so rapidly that the members lost their nerve

6) ________ unless something highly unforeseen occurs.
A) The state of the economy has been actually quite promising
B) All the ministers will be present at the inauguration
C) A series of new measures had to be introduced into management procedures
D) Never before has the board agreed to such policies
E) Nobody was killing to account for mistake

7) ___________ that, in view of the recent atrocities, some form of international intervention was essential.
A) The delegates concluded unanimously
B) Both sides have accused each other
C) It will soon be suspected
D) Various proposals have been submitted
E) The minister has been impeached

8) ________ the discussions lasted longer than usual.
A) As nobody has been adequately warned
B) So long as the issue has been properly covered
C) In spite of the fact that many people will be required to be present punctually
D) Even though less than half of the delegates attended the afternoon session
E) While the proposals put forward by the delegates are being reviewed

9) The physician is still trying to find out ________ .
A) as if the hospital couldn't have been involved in the fraud
B) since the medicine would have been stale
C) why the patient has reacted in this way to the treatment
D) so that the talks between patients and doctors had been futile
E) while these nurses were still in training

10) It was finally agreed to let the director choose _____ .
A) how the news leaked out
B) when the cost of the new highway had become common knowledge
C) until all the results would have been entered into the computer
D) whether the effort involved can be justified
E) whichever policy he thought would best suit the situation

11) The need to find better ways of disposing of industrial waste is so pressing ______.
A) in case the ecology of the world has been undermined
B) while the government has allocated large sums for this purpose
C) however urgently the United Nations may regard it
D) that many companies have already begun to adopt serious measures
E) whereas many governments seem uninformed about the situation.

12) As soon as the German troops crossed the Polish frontier ______ .
A) the allied forces had launched their first massive attack
B) the people have been massacred and towns devastated
C) the Poles withdraw to a more strategic position
D) Britain declared war on Germany
E) disease had not been prevented

13) Even though the imaginary James Joyce used in his novels is intensely personal, ______.
A) themes related to Irish life had always been popular among Irish
B) he had played a major role in the development of the novel
C) some critics have argued that it has archetypal patterns
D) perhaps the best-known Irish writer is Bernard Shaw
E) most Irish writers have been keenly interested in drama

14) ________ only after the Iraqi government has fully complied with the resolutions of the Security Council.
A) Life in Kuwait would have return to normal
B) The Golf crisis had to be solved
C) The economic embargo imposed on Iraq can be lifted
D) The oil wells in Kuwait were set on fire
E) The pollution of the seas in this region is a matter of great concern

15) ______ that the sale of the factory was illegal.
A) The magistrate was of the opinion
B) Those responsible were prosecuted
C) The process of laundering black money has been discovered
D) The document submitted by the firm were
E) The police have arrested the owners

16) Dams can only be constructed in places ______ .
A) in which there were adequate supplies of water
B) where the geological structure is suitable
C) from which towns and villages may have to be evacuated
D) wherever the river bed has dried up
E) that there are mountains as well as rivers

17) ______ he had no other choice since the patient's condition was highly critical.
A) Before the results of the tests had come through
B) Although the surgeon was unwilling to operate for a further week
C) As long as the patient started to recover
D) Despite the fact that he proved allergic to certain medicines
E) While he remains in the intensive care unit

18) _____ the trend to withdraw savings from banks will continue.
A) Since the value to many shares on the stock exchange would have
dropped by as much as a half
B) When export restrictions on certain goods where finally lifted
C) In the Central Bank had taken firmer measures at the start
D) Unless the interest rates are raised substantially
E) As the financial situation was steadily deteriorating

19) ............ , there is sufficient provisions and water for everyone.
A) If they had used their resources properly
B) Though nature would have been spoiled
C) Unless we take care of our green fields
D) If we learned to respect the environment
E) Provided that they are used well

20) Since the bus broke down just outside New York,.............
A) there wouldn't be another bus for an hour
B) there was still snow by the side of the road
C) I was late for my appointment in Stamford
D) it was particularly cold that night
E) some people would even blame the driver

21) ............except if you are interested in geology.
A) He's thinking of going to a geologist
B) This is the book you have suggested
C) You could solve your problems
D) There is no point in reading that book
E) This book will be very useful for you

22) As there is a total sameness of every product in this junk food eatery chain,..........
A) the first restaurant to be opened in U.S. was in 1984
B) they were already doing business in 78 countries in the world
C) the company was by then opening a new restaurant at the rate of one per clay
D) every chicken fry and every hamburger tastes exactly the same as every other
E) yet another one was opened in London in 1990

23) ........, who really established and developed the surrealistic style in films.
A) The cartoon is another popular type of film, especially among kids
B) Strong film industries began to emerge in other countries
C) Contemporary issues such as violence and poverty will attract the attention of
many film directors
D) Star Wars is perhaps his best film
E) It was the film director Stanley Kubrick

24) As the daily temperature amplitude on the planet Mercury is huge , ...........
A) its rocky surface cracks, producing cliffs and canyons
B) there hasn't been sufficient atmosphere to hold the heat
C) the explorations carried out so far would have been very costly
D) the craters in its surface were formed by rocks from outer space
E) there was no evidence to suggest that this was due to volcanic activity

25) The director guaranteed to promote her…………
A) if she has proved far more efficient than all other employees have
B) that she has really deserved it
C) as she had been working for the firm for so many years
D) unless there was a good reason for doing so
E) until the firm's annual budget is approved


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