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1) The policeman is demanding _____
A) that we will help him to find the fingerprints.
B) that he lifts his hands up.
C) that they had to show their ID cards.
D) that the murderer should have been found so far.
E) that the thief confess the crime.

2) Many people take it for granted ...... .
A) whether they realized just how serious the drug problem had become
B) that the new interest policy contributed to the greater degree of stability in prices at this period
C) why no survivors whatsoever were found
D) how all receipts and papers concerning the consecution inexplicably disappeared
E) why the other passengers had absolutely no comment to make at all about the accident

3) ......, Chesterfield was one of the few textile towns that continued to grow in the twentieth century.
A) If the government lifted the sanctions
B) Since its trade was both flexible and varied
C) However unpopular the scheme had seemed to many
D) As soon as the industrial revaluation got under way
E) Just as many industrial areas were competing with each other

4) Smallpox vaccination became popular ......
A) that eventually his disease would have been completely wiped out
B) even though the success rate, according to recent statistics, is still rather doubtful
C) even if it had not been a fatal disease that brought death to all levels of society
D) however unlikely one is to come in contact with the disease.
E) only after Jenner's discovery that the less dangerous cowpox material was an effective immunizing agent

5) The helicopter has the ability to climb vertically, ......
A) although the winds were blowing at gale force
B) if it can take off in a very restricted space
C) which, in certain circumstances, is its main advantage over other types of aircraft
D) whenever the pilot felt himself obliged to make a forced landing
E) if the cost of its upkeep hadn't been a heavy burden on the budget

6) ...... if any one party decides to neglect the obligations it has undertaken in the treaty.
A) Obviously, very serious problems will arise
B) They may have rejected the offer
C) They were obviously determined to be present at the opening of the talks
D) The last speaker was quite adamant on the need to resume fighting
E) The observers may have been very upset

7) ...... who played a unique role in the revival of the ideals of classical antiquity.
A) There is still a lively debate going on among scholars
B) Dr. Smith lectured on the Renaissance
C) He then went on to explain why such Renaissance figures
D) Leonardo da Vinci also lived in the Renaissance
E) Petrarch is rightly regarded as a humanist

8) ....... , although many countries are stepping up their own production.
A) This is just one of many developments in international trade
B) England still imported a great deal of tropical fruit
C) Turkey's exports of fruit and vegetables will have dropped sharply
D) Steel remains an important item of international trade
E) By the end of the month figures concerning the dollar reserves will have been processed

9) Before the National Health Service Act came into force in 1948 in England, .......
A) the funding of hospitals was a major issue in home politics
B) these people aren't able to afford medical advice
C) there have been angry quarrels about the necessity for it
D) everyone realized that these were all, fundamentally, political issues
E) many doctors would feel that the transition had been extremely painful

10) Even the engineer was impressed at the speed and efficiency...
A) until more problems have appeared
B) that the project will be finished in time
C) whether the workers were prepared to go on strike
D) although some of the members have been warned earlier
E) with which the team worked

11) The doctor was so polite and considerate ...
A) before the surgery is carried out
B) if I should decide to go through with the operation
C) that all my misgivings vanished
D) when it is obvious that the patient has recovered greatly
E) as soon as I am discharged from hospital

12) ...., the answer of the West divided world opinion.
A) As soon as the NATO countries have formulated an effective policy
B) Unless Iraq is severely punished for its aggression
C) No matter how the board is constituted
D) As was to be expected
E) When the oil-producing countries gather in Vienna to discuss

13) Do not try to cut down or prune large trees ...
A) just as branches that appeared healthy had in fact been rotten inside
B) unless you are absolutely confident that you can do it properly
C) by making sure that your neighbours were not opposed to it at all
D) if the weather conditions had not been taken into account
E) in case the manager rejected the findings

14) If we do not get a lot of rain soon, ...
A) the price of fruit this year has been very reasonable
B) a great deal of land is under water
C) the rainy season came late this year
D) they have already put away their winter clothes away
E) the harvest this year will be a poor one

15) ...... which will further heighten the unemployment problem.
A) Several companies are considering reductions in the work force
B) No solutions were forthcoming
C) Everyone was genuinely concerned about the situation
D) The Minister had been under attack for some time
E) The police should have combed the area for the person responsible .

16) .... before the city planners took their job seriously.
A) City planning has continued to be their prime concern
B) A great many ugly apartment blocks were built
C) A good architect views his work within the context of the area at
D) In this respect new cities are at a great advantage
E) New cities never have the same atmosphere as the old

17) ... how close he had been to winning the vote
A) To be perfectly honest I was considerably relieved
B) It shouldn't have been misinterpreted
C) Even his own supporters were surprised when they learned
D) The votes had finally been counted
E) He should have withdrawn from the election campaign

18) ............... how they can wait for to make any profit at all.
A) We were puzzled
B) I don't see
C) They didn't assume
D) It has already been
E) They had been denied

19) ................... that estimating future manpower requirements is absolutely desirable.
A) From the forgoing discussion it is obvious
B) We were extremely concerned
C) The manager is wondering
D) It had been under discussion for a long time
E) The committee was asked

20) This concept would be easy to point up and defend ..................
A) However much time they can allow us
B) So long as they had provided us with adequate assistance
C) for there was a great deal of disagreement among the participants
D) if it were not for the fact that we haven't got accurate data
E) until the whole controversy has been ended

21) Isn't that the woman ................?
A) which is responsible for the design of the botanical gardens
B) that she lost his temper
C) who have just returned from a business conference
D) if she knew how to negotiate such delicate matters
E) whose son has won a scholarship to pursue his graduate studies in
the United States

22) That's the woman.....
A) who writes on wild flowers.
B) is best qualified to help you.
C) that she talked on ancient monuments.
D) I went to the theatre with her.
E) if only I could go to her lecture.

23) The committee reached an agreement .....
A) regardless of the fact that there were some political issues involved.
B) if they had been guided by the director-general.
C) in view of the intelligence which has just reached.
D) in case of new developments occurring in Africa
E) until it is time for the press conference

24) For sure that's the woman ...............
A) that her sister won the painting competition
B) who sang so beautifully at the concert last night
C) unless she sent us the heavy box
D) whether her bicycle has been repaired
E) which everyone is talking about

25) I just wanted to know,…….
A) whether you had been to see Jane
B) how far away we are moving
C) which team has won
D) as if all the buses went past the town hall
E) though everyone else had already eaten


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