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1) ______ so as not to wake the baby.
A) The children played the violin loudly
B) Our neighbours turned up the volume of the radio
C) Mother went in very quietly
D) Father drives his car very fast
E) I have locked the doors

2) As I'd never been to Finland before, _____.
A) he should have given me a hand while cleaning the attic
B) the view of the mountain has influenced me amazingly
C) the flow of the rivers were both impressive and fascinating to behold
D) my friends recommend me to see that country
E) I bought a guidebook

3) Meanings of the carved inscriptions on the facade of the building had always been a point of curiosity for the archaeologists before __________________.
A) the government appointed cryptologists eventually decoded them two months ago.
B) we have whitewashed the whole surface
C) the inhabitants of the region destroy them
D) the north winds might erode them all
E) the local elementary school children recklessly damage them

4) Famous for her caricatures of the political figures in 1975s' Turkey, ________
A) Turhan Selçuk wrote and illustrated books for children
B) the writing and illustrating of books for children by Turhan Selçuk
C) children's books were written and illustrated by Turhan Selçuk
D) Turhan Selçuk's writing and illustrating of children's books
E) admiration of the western peoples when they saw Turhan Selçuk's illustrations

5) The novel called "Spinners" tells the tale of quiet Australia factory worker Dora Chapman, _____ and sparks a wave of Pregnancy scares in her town.
A) who has been working as a technician
B) becoming pregnant
C) who has also seen the strange extraterrestrial creatures.
D) to be known for her films
E) who makes an absurd claim of an alien encounter

6) The film tells the story of a 70-year-old man whose life hasn't turned out to be ______.
A) what a well-known police detective.
B) in which his family planned.
C) what he had planned.
D) believing in reincarnation.
E) such a more knowledgeable person than all the younger ones around him.

7) If I were you, _____ .
A) I'd resign rather than wait to be sacked
B) I'd have a lot of problems getting another one.
C) you'd be more aware of what people really felt
D) we wouldn't be so behind technologically
E) you wouldn't be working here

8) Were we spent more on Research, _____ .
A) I'd resign rather than wait to be sacked
B) I'd have a lot of problems getting another one.
C) I'd try to find a job with one of the Japanese banks.
D) we could develop an innovative technology in the mass production of solar powered car engines.
E) they might improve their knowledge about equipment

9) If you spoke less and listened more and more, -------------.
A) I'd resign rather than wait to be sacked.
B) I'd have a lot of problems getting another one.
C) I'd try to find a job with one of the Chinese banks.
D) you'd be more aware of what people really felt.
E) they'd search for another job

10) If you spent more time on your own problems and a bit less on
mine, _____ .
A) she would benefit a lot from your experience
B) you would refuse her offer
C) we'd both benefit
D) they would have called off the assembly
E) we would join the joint venture

11) If we checked expenses a bit better, _____.
A) the boss cannot fire us
B) the company's annual income gradually increases
C) we'd save a lot of money.
D) the accountant finds the gaps in our department budget
E) what I can do is to resign

12) If you invested some time into learning the Internet,
A) you'd find that it could really help you in your job.
B) I'd have a lot of problems getting another one.
C) we wouldn't be so behind technologically.
D) she would pay more attention
E) I would found a sister company

13) If we opened an office in Honk-Hong, ----------------------
A) we wouldn't be so behind technologically because of financial restrictions
B) you'd be more aware of what people really felt about you
C) I'd be interested in working there.
D) both parties will cancel the contract
E) I will have to go there every weekend

14) If you didn't take the job,_____.
A) you'd regret it later.
B) we will blame you
C) your parents regretted that
D) your ex-colleagues will regret
E) we will put off the meeting to be held tomorrow

15) While you're in Istanbul,--------.
A) some of your colleagues called you
B) the children would feel more comfortable
C) the plumber might have repaired the leaky faucet
D) the central heating system had been installed
E)I might decorate the bathroom

16) The ancient sport of surfing was enjoying a revival ______.
A) and a very popular recreational activity of the Hawaiian young.
B) since its birth has been eye witnessed among the foams of the ocean waves by the native Hawaiians.
C) the sudden shark attacks started in Hawaii in 1924
D) because, as can be expected, Hawaiians are really successful surfers.
E) for the native Hawaiians have been the best.

17) He used to smoke a lot, _____, he decided to quit smoking.
A) whereas he suffered from lung cancer
B) although his sister quit smoking
C) but after he developed a lung disease
D) however his father did not know this
E) in spite of his lung cancer

18) Our customer's money will be refunded _____
A) since they cannot be successful.
B) if they're not satisfied with the product.
C) although we believed in the consumer protection.
D) as we had not have any rival company at the moment.
E) for we need your contribution.

19) ______ you should not copy the site without written permission from the webmaster.
A) We are not indicating his rights that
B) Our obligation will be that
C) You had been convinced that
D) Who says that
E) It's clearly stated that

20) When my grandfather inherited an extensive fortune from his parents,................
A) my uncle has suffered considerably from poverty
B) he set himself up as a great farmer
C) our relatives have become very jealous of us
D) his boss is decided to give him the sack
E) my uncles have been strongly opposed
21) ..........., the seamen became worried.
A) As soon as the storm has broken
B) Three people on a small boat were caught in a storm
C) Although a number of sharks attacked their ship
D) Until the coast guard reach them
E) When the food and drinks they had brought along ran low

22) ..............since the chairman’s speech was extremely lengthy.
A) The spectators all burst out laughing
B) The audience was thoroughly bored
C) The crowd was all ears listening to him
D) Most of the listeners have found the conference boring
E) No one among the audience wanted to miss any of his words

23) She and one of her co-workers asked the director……..
A) that he would make a rise in their salaries
B) whether he could give them a day-off
C) why he has refused to work with that company
D) who he has promoted manager
E) how did the company come to such a position

24) Her co-worker insists that, of the all newspapers he has read up to now,……….
A) most of them are full of unnecessary news
B) the New York Times was less prestigious in the past that it is now
C) he had found the Boston Globe the best one
D) the New York Times has the least coverage of foreign news
E) all of them include a lot of pictures of violence

25) ............. that caused this financial crisis in the country.
A) It was the misuse of authority
B) The economy experts are in conflict with each other
C) Like all of us, no politician knew
D) Since import rate exceeded export rate
E) Minister of Economy was accused of the fact


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