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1) _____, yet later she hopes to work as actress soon.
A) For the time being my sister is working in a department store
B) My mother had been in charge of the clothing department
C) My wife's sister was the director of the school
D) Last year my daughter studied at primary school
E) Since my aunt came to village

2) _____ Tom got up, looked around and left the meeting giving no excuse.
A) As the supervisor is getting mad at him
B) He has already been upset
C) After he tells me off
D) Suddenly
E) He always loses his temper as he does now

3) A clock is an instrument used for _____.
A) displaying us in which way the sun, moon and stars are
B) to arrange the agenda for twenty four hours a day
C) have a break two times a day
D) tells us the time
E) dividing the day and night into regular periods of time

4) ______, and all are dangerous to man.
A) All vipers have a poisonous bite
B) Some of the encyclopaedias are cheap these days thanks to the internet
C) A few of the laptop computers in the office are out of order
D) Most of the airline companies are on strike in the world
E) None of the animals is in the cage in the circus

5) The plane has reached its present state of perfection ______.
A) as it had been supplied by the donors
B) because it was purchased by the consumers
C) due to a great many ideas contributed through the years.
D) since it dives into deepest parts of the ocean
E) thanks to the plumbers who fixed them

6) _______, she applied for the job advertised in the newspaper.
A) Despite the fact that she was recommended
B) Because she got a pay rise at work
C) Even though she didn't have the right qualifications
D) In order not to have the responsibility
E) As she didn't have confidence in herself

7) In countries where food is rare,_____.
A) people have been wealthy
B) the administrators should have declared curfew
C) the children are joyful as they have no food problem
D) the workers save some of their income to have a good summer holiday
E) people have to spend most of their time getting enough to eat

8) _____ our thoughts, our understanding, our likes, our manner of speech, and even our dress.
A) Unless they control
B) Television can affect
C) Politicians, however
D) Fashion designers will also design their products to
E) We cannot be aware of his way of

9) ______ for it reflects the hot rays of the sun and makes them feel cooler.
A) In cold countries some people used to wear very tick clothes
B) In warm climates people often wear white
C) In the southern resorts most holidaymakers wear swimsuits
D) Last spring, people living in the mountains wore woollen clothes
E) Silk shirts are preferred by the people living in rich districts

10) _____, the co-pilot checked with the tower for verification of her coordinates.
A) After the submarine dived into the sea
B) While the train was about to depart
C) Just after the public bus entered the station
D) Before landing the plane
E) When the boat approached the harbour

11) After he took the watch apart, _____.
A) there are many screws in it
B) he was not able to put it together again
C) it was so huge that he got lost in it for a while
D) the repairman may not accept to fix it
E) it had already been broken anyway

12) His parents were once well-off ______.
A) but they lost all their money
B) and they have spent their lives in poverty
C) so they have a luxurious life now.
D) while she studies fn Switzerland
E) before she spends his savings

13) _____, he made a face when I told him the news about my raise.
A) As he is so envy
B) Because he has been very diligent
C) Since he is an industrious worker
D) Instead of being pleased
E) For the reason that he .has been conscientious

14) ______ because she wanted to get a good mark.
A) She has been admired by all her friends
B) She has taken her study seriously
C) She is considered as of the diligent apprentices
D) She was taken to the emergency service of the sanatorium
E) She took great pains with her research

15) She put her glasses on ______ .
A) so that she could see the television better
B) and watches the documentary on TV
C) as soon as the morning newspaper has been delivered
D) until the next number is displayed on the screen
E) after she has turned off the lights at home

16) _____ but he ate them anyway.
A) He dislikes drinking coffee with milk
B) He hates strawberries
C) He put one of the apples in his bag
D) He sliced a loaf of bread
E) He loves cooking Italian style macaroni

17) I'd love to come to your farewell bash, _____.
A) but I had to meet one of my friends at the airport
B) so I will be waiting for you
C) so that I would look forward to hearing from you
D) but unfortunately I have to work
E) suddenly I postponed my leaving for the capital city

18) _____, although she knew it was unsafe.
A) She walked home by herself
B) She bought two pistols
C) She sent me a few faxes during her vacation
D) She drank a couple of glasses dark tea
E) She avoided asking me the questions

19) He's welcome to come along, _____.
A) unless he wasn't impolite
B) whether he had been hungry or not
C) provided that he behaves himself
D) if he were the right person
E) he would have treated well

20) She arrived ______.
A) until her husband comes home
B) before me
C) as soon as I have left the office
D) just after you complete your schedule
E) while you are away

21) The burglar was stabbed in the back _____.
A) because he is waiting for the police
B) although he runs much faster than the others
C) since he is going to be employed as a waiter
D) as he tried to escape
E) while the police are observing them

22) I knew a lot about the subject already, _____.
A) even though it is in my searching field
B) and she prepares a very detailed brochure for the visiting teachers
C) but her talk was interesting nevertheless
D) if I had attended the conference
E) anyhow my roommate may collect a lot of data

23) ____, we really should leave as soon as possible.
A) Since we shall probably have a long wait at the bus station
B) Though it is getting very late
C) Until we know which plane they are coming on
D) If there's no need to hurry
E) Since the roads are always busy at this hour

24) ____, the Incas are considered a simplistic, poorly developed society.
A) Since they could not write
B) Though they lived centuries ago
C) However hard the Incas try
D) While they were living in poor conditions
E) If only we knew much about the Incas

25) The great progress in rocket theory 40 years ago showed____.
A) how much advanced the technology will become
B) Pentagon would have affected the space technology
C) if Russia used more complicated technologies
D) that liquid-fuel rockets were superior to the others
E) the reason why Dr. Spencer quit his job in NASA


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