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1) Advertising can also be teaching and reinforcing ..........
A) is similar to the calls that people get at home
B) he companies are merely trying to find an easier way to target children
C) explains the new relationship between schools and businesses
D) will explain both sides and come up with a solution
E) with regards to prices and who offers the best deal

2) The contemporary references we have about the Vikings stem mainly from sources in northern Europe ..........
A) who had bitter experiences with the trespassers
B) even though the town dwelling Vikings kept cattle, farmed, and fished to meet their
household needs
C) the towns probably depended on agricultural supplies from outlying areas
D) there are narratives of Viking raids in the Aegean and Atlantic
E) so we're most likely presented with the worst side of the Vikings

3) Lately I have been reading the teen journals Hey girl and Blue Jean and I've noticed one thing; ..........
A) but my outcome has not been successful
B) they should really be promoted soon
C) I've tried to follow the advice
D) they should guess again
E) they really annoy me

4) As a university education becomes more available through the use of financial aid .......
A) the country benefits the most
B) if students are denied, they do not have the means to pay for college
C) then they are deprived of accomplishing their goals and reaching their fullest potential
D) and if anything upsets that relationship, the dependent one just crumbles
E) and go on to bigger and better things

5) He has spent his whole life playing a game ...........
A) in which he is not sure of the rules or the goal
B) asking of whoever is in charge the big question
C) so difficult to know what really matters
D) and he is not sure just what was important and what wasn't
E) whatever it was that we were supposed to do

6) Once in a person's life, everyone finds that one person whom they fall in love with ..........
A) and finally returns back to you
B) but leaving home isn't the increase in money you save
C) and marriage is one of the most important relationship
D) and the other decides to use violence as a means of ensuring that domination
E) and live happily ever after

7) While we were driving the car last night our car broke down, _____.
A) so they had to tow it to a garage
B) after the accident you may call the traffic police
C) before you accelerated the car you must have seen the trees around
D) I will be digging the garden
E) the mechanic has had the tow truck for a while

8) ____, yet in her character she is more like her father.
A) She was a very diligent student while living with her friends
B) As to her, she spent her childhood with her grandparents
C) With her light hair and green eyes she seems to take after her mother
D) When you looked at her eyes you would see how ambitious she was
E) What a lovely face she has

9) _____ while I buy my ticket.
A) You might have heard where the ticket office
B) Keep an eye on my suitcase
C) You should get rid of it
D) Why didn't you take care of baggage
E) I gave you a ring in the morning to find out if you were up.

10) _____, it might be very dangerous.
A) When you are alone at home and read a newspaper in the late hours
B) Watching TV loudly in a crowded neighborhood
C) In case you find something interesting
D) If a tire blows out while one is driving
E) While you are riding your bike slowly in the street.

11) Let's share the pizza, _____.
A) half for you and half for us.
B) you eat a piece of it, the other part is enough for me
C) I eat a slice of pizza and the rest of it will be enough for the children
D) I don't like it at all
E) you don't pay for them

12) ____, she can not go without a car.
A) Because she has a professional driving license
B) While we ride our motorbikes
C) Since she has had a few serious accidents so far
D) When she travels with the business people
E) As a travelling saleswoman

13) Although I moistened it, ______.
A) the level of humidity increased its top level
B) the flap didn't stick to the envelope
C) the letters weren't delivered on time
D) the parcel has been left open
E) the package is still unopened

14) _____ it seemed to be okay.
A) The supervisors look into the documents and say
B) My boss is having a very quick look at the papers and tells me
C) The person in charge of hiring staff looked at my references and said
D) He glanced over my report and said that
E) The security guard at the gate saw me again and said

15) Next August our company's president will leave the top-heading position, and
A) we told him he was doing his best
B) he was going to be appointed as a president for the company
C) they will retire to lead a peaceful life
D) the staff of the company arranged a farewell party for him last weekend
E) we will have to elect a new one at the next stockholders' meeting

16) Although Jim never cracks a book, _____.
A) he always looks as if he were weak
B) he never gets better marks from the examinations
C) he sometimes pays the materials he buys to study
D) he is usually considered as a bookworm by no means
E) he always manages to get good grades

17) ______yet has never met him face to face.
A) She has been an admirer of the minister for years
B) She has meetings with him once in a while
C) She was introduced to him at a friend's garden party
D) She has loathed him since the very first day she saw him
E) She has been a keen supporter of him since the interview she had

18) When the new president took office, _____ .
A) the assistants have already gone
B) a few officers have been waiting for him
C) some members of the White House were eased out
D) two of the bodyguards would have been ordered to wait at the door
E) the building is going to be locked

19) When the teacher came to the class and saw two boys fighting,
A) she has just walked and taken her seat
B) he will call their family and tell the problem
C) he is so angry that the children are quite
D) she had already opened the windows
E) he cried: " Knock it off

20) _____ while his boss was ill, he expects a good bonus.
A) As Steven is responsible for the office
B) Because Steven is guilty
C) For it was Steven's mistake
D) Since Steven was left in charge of the business
E) Although it was not Steven's

21) _____, I would be able to sell them more merchandise.
A) Unless I work on this research
B) If I knew what motivated my customers
C) Should I aware the clients are escaping
D) Had I known the buyers avoidance
E) Provided that you are polite to the customers

22) ______, their guide never lost his cool.
A) Although the group was in danger from a threatened avalanche
B) According to the recent weather report it will be sunny tomorrow
C) As it had been mentioned before
D) As far as the team leader is interested in
E) As soon as the hazardous climbing has ended

23) ______, so she asked me to come to his office at once.
A) She is not in his mood
B) She has been tired of working in his office all day
C) She was in a hurry
D) She must be finishing his description by now
E) She had already left the headquarters when I came there

24) At first he seemed to find Spanish difficult, _____.
A) and had quit studying it
B) although he likes it very much
C) despite being tired of it
D) but later he made good progress
E) however, he should have completed his study

25) After Jim finished reading the report, ___
A) he will talk to his supervisor the consequences
B) he may give a briefing to his boss
C) he is asked to prepare a summary of it
D) he put it away in the desk
E) he faxes it to the head office


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