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1. _____, which will further worsen the unemployment problem.
A) Several companies are considering reductions in the work force
B) No solutions were forthcoming
C) Everyone was genuinely concerned about the situation
D) The minister had been under attack for some time
E) The police should have combed the area for the person responsible

2. _____before the town planners took their job seriously.
A) City planning has continued to be their prime concern
B) A great many ugly apartment blocks were built
C) A good architect views his work within the context of the area at large
D) In this respect new cities are at a great advantage
E) New cities never have the same ambiance as the old

3. _____how close he had been to winning the election.
A) To be perfectly honest I was noticeably relieved
B) It shouldn't have been misinterpreted
C) Even his own supporters were surprised when they learned
D) The votes had finally been counted
E) He should have withdrawn from the election campaign

4. As soon as the French troops crossed the Polish frontier,_____.
A) the allied forces had launched their first massive attack
B) the people have been massacred and towns devastated
C) the Poles withdraw to a more strategic position
D) Britain declared war against France
E) disease had not been prevented

5. Although the imagery James Joyce used in his works is intensely personal,________
A) themes related to Irish life had always been popular among Irish novelists
B) he had played a major role in the development of the novel
C) some critics have argued that it has archetypal patterns
D) perhaps the best-known Irish writer is Bernard Shaw
E) most Irish writers have been keenly interested in drama

6. ______only after the Iraqi government has fully complied with the decisions of the
Security Council.
A) Life in Kuwait would have returned to normal
B) The Gulf Crisis had to be solved
C) The economic embargo imposed on Iraq can be lifted
D) The oil wells in Kuwait were set on fire
E) The pollution of the seas in the region is a matter of great concern
7. _____that the sale of the factory was illegal.
A) The magistrate was of the opinion
B) Those responsible were prosecuted
C) The process of laundering the black money has been discovered
D) The reports submitted by the company were all forged
E) The police have arrested the owners

8. Dams can only be constructed in places _____.
A) in which there were sufficient supplies of water
B) where the ecological structure is suitable
C) from which towns and villages may have to be constructed
D) wherever the river bed has dried up
E) that there are mountains as well as

9. ____not even his wife will be allowed to visit him.
A) Before the results of the tests had come through
B) Though the surgeon was unwilling to operate for a week
C) So long as the patient started to recover
D) Despite the fact that he proved allergic to certain medicines
E) While he remains in the intensive care unit

10. _____the trend to withdraw savings from banks goes on.
A) Since the value of many shares on the stock would have dropped by as much as a half every hour
B) When export restrictions on certain goods were finally lifted
C) If the Central Bank had taken firmer instructions at the start
D) If the interest rates are raised at once
E) Inasmuch as the financial situation is steadily deteriorating

11. ______the end result was extremely unsatisfactory.
A) Although much energy and time had gone into the production of the play
B) Even if the government has approved the new scheme
C) Working only a few hours a day
D) Owing to the conscientious employees
E) What made the staff feel disappointed

12. The officer in charge of the evacuation tried to find out___
A) in case the roads had been flooded
B) how many people have escaped
C) whether the tents would reach them by the evening
D) yet hungry everyone might have been
E) that more supplies will be required

13. Are you really persuaded______?
A) that these measures will help to increase exports
B) why the land in this area has been eroded in this way
C) how far the American involvement in Somalia is to the benefit of the people
D) who first put the idea into his head
E) where rare species of birds are still to be found

14. I suggest you finish all the work by noon_____.
A) whenever there happened to be a great match on the television
B) why you want to go to the take for a swim
C) whether you demanded an increase in your wages
D) yet impossible it was
E) so that you can take the afternoon off

15. I fear a lot of workers will be made redundant,_____.
A) just as the global computer market would have declined soon
B) when so many other factories had been closed down
C) since so many of us are looking forward to our retirement
D) unless the firm finds new markets for its goods
E) whatever improvements could be made in the working conditions

16. ______they still haven't chosen the team of engineers.
A) Although work on the project should have started last week
B) When they start work on the dam next month
C) Whoever made the designs for this block of flats
D) In order to find out why the plane crashed
E) As soon as the new model becomes obtainable

17. _____, the United Nations is still far from reaching any agreement on what action to take.
A) Whatever the price that has to be paid to restore peace
B) If the famine in Africa is to get relief
C) While many innocent lives are being lost in internal conflicts
D) Whoever is responsible for all this slaughter
E) In spite of the fact that the world population had increased at an unprecedented rate

18. If you knew him as well as I do,_______.
A) he is admired by his classmates
B) you would not trust him at all
C) we were very disillusioned by his performance
D) he could have been assigned this special task
E) I would have accused him of negligence

19. Since there was no positive evidence against him,_____________.
A) the police have always suspected he is the murderer
B) the witnesses have been completely unsatisfactory
C) the verdict had already been given
D) the trial would have been postponed indefinitely
E) the judge had no other choice but to set him free

20. Even before he reached the age of 10_____.
A) his knowledge of music far exceeds that of his contemporaries
B) he has played the violin most skillfully
C) it was noticeable that he was an extremely gifted musician
D) the father still didn't realize how gifted his child was
E) few people would be aware of his extraordinary intelligence
21. _____that he still doesn't seem quite normal.
A) He had given such a colorful account of his adventures
B) He was so horrified by what he saw during the civil war
C) However amusing everyone else found the story
D) The envoy has been recalled
E) The audience had been captivated by his speech

22. _____why the minister rejected to comment on the issue.
A) Nobody else but the manager himself was allowed to speak
B) The journalist was of the opinion
C) The members of the subcommittee were warned
D) That must be the reason
E) Several suggestions had been made

23. _____until the rate of population growth is brought down to a sensible level.
A) People all round the country must be encouraged to use birth control
B) New measures were to be introduced regarding child mortality
C) There have been so many fatal accidents on the roads in recent years
D) Advances in medical research in recent years have contributed to the improvement
of the nation's health
E) The government is planning to build new state hospitals

24. Many people take it for granted_____.
A) whether they realized just how serious the drug problem had become
B) that the new interest policy contributed to the greater degree of stability in prices
at this period
C) why no survivors whatsoever were found
D) how all receipts and papers concerning the transaction inexplicably disappeared
E) why the other travelers had absolutely no comment to make at all about the accident

25. _____, Durbanfield was one of the few textile towns that sustained to grow in the
twentieth century.
A) If the government lifted the sanctions
B) Since its trade was both flexible and varied
C) However unpopular the scheme had seemed to many
D) As soon as the industrial revolution got under way
E) Just as many industrial areas were competing with each other


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