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1) Even right after you arrive in London and do not have British money, ..........
A) the hostilities between the two sides cease finally
B) you haven't heard anything beyond a few rumours
C) we were bored by the long recital of his adventures
D) there is no recognition of their claim of citizenship
E) there is no problem to get at any station

2) To many people growing old seems like the endgame in chess: .........
A) a game of verve and imagination and excitement
B) a sport for which childhood and youth and maturity are no more than a preparation
C) life winding down in a series of small moves with lesser pieces
D) that still remains, but of faith and courage, hope and wisdom
E) the outcome is not now a matter of strength, although

3) Because of underestimated strength of its opponents, ..........
A) the senator couldn't fight for abolition of the income tax
B) each state makes laws regarding rules and regulations
C) an opposing point to the death penalty is that it is inhuman
D) they will use it throughout their life
E) the team lost the match

4) By law you must have at least two persons present to conduct an auction, ..........
A) and then the highest bidder buys the item for the final bided price
B) but auction houses are organized for enthusiastic people
C) and the auction house sells your personal property
D) but the auction business has been around for a long time
E) and the price of all property is set from a fair market value

5) Getting your children to interact with others at a young age ..........
A) is made up of complex structures
B) is good for their development
C) a life filled with love for humans who are equal
D) that we must never forget the hardships
E) used in human treatments for various diseases or disorders

6) There were so many applicants who want to work with that company,........
A) so they chase three of them with difficulty
B) but her speech made a great impact on the audience.
C) and his bad temper made life impossible for all the family
D) but the building work was hampered by bad weather
E) or the animals lives would come to an end

7) My life had been totally cut off .........
A) everything in my life has completely changed
B) as I was growing up my father would physically abuse me
C) going to call one of my friends to come pick me up
D) the ways that I think, react, and live now are totally different
E) because of all the wrong decisions that I was making

8) Unless he takes his parent's confirm, he does and decides nothing ........
A) even if his son is injured due to a bike accident
B) yet your writings need to be smooth
C) so it's absolutely crucial that all the stuff is thoroughly checked
D) he has no doubt that it is
E) though he's already an adult now

9) Japan's agriculture was the quickest of the national activities to recover..........
A) because of land reform
B) who actually worked the land could own up to 7.5 acres
C) anyone living in a village near by could keep 2.5 acres
D) larger plots of land, exceeding these limits
E) were bought up by the government and sold on easy terms

10) Human lives were needlessly lost because people were too absorbed in their own fears of
A) excuse for something like that
B) being hurt or of losing power
C) thinking people did nothing
D) reacting not enough to show that he has no right of a thinking
E) the section of the book is titled

11) My grandfather always used to tell that, artificial things are never preferred ..........
A) since man is only a biological entity
B) as long as the natural one's exist
C) if they continue to argue in this way
D) on account of your previous marks are terrible
E) predicting trouble for some time

12) This is a lot considering that you do not hear about too many teacher attacks on the news reports ……… .
A) that used to be the only place where children were not targeted
B) because they will be waiting for the next poll or taste test
C) but you do hear about teens being killed
D) if children are constantly exposed to this kind of abuse
E) are considering auctioning school names to the highest bidding corporation

13) Each cavy animal is weighed and measured ..........
A) dying from a drug overdose
B) right after reading this paragraph
C) holding onto the drugs
D) about the way that they set an illustration such as diabetes and heart disease
E) before being set free by the researchers

14) In a big lake in the middle of the rain forest, a small lizard skims across the water away……...
A) yet another marvel of the tropical rain forest
B) the insects hollow out the tree's thorns when soft and green and raise their young inside
C) when there are also small leaf-cutting ants in the jungle
D) and attacks its own victim by surprise
E) which occurs in the jungle with a specialized ant and a swollen-thorn acacia

15) When I attend college I will have the opportunity to become more independent..........
A) but I will be on my own an will have to push myself harder
B) from my college experience, I hope to gain many things.
C) and they give me leadership skills, public relation skills, responsibility and dedication.
D) and to take on new responsibilities later on
E) I have always relied on my parents for support

16) When difficulty arises in marriage or in love, ..........
A) children can not hang up the phone or change the chance
B) children are entitled to have a place
C) the first reaction of many people is to run for help outside themselves
D) they can feel no one will be trying to sell them anything
E) they will begin to think that their education is not important

17) The two close friends argued on last night's discotheque..........
A) his abrupt reply hurt his feelings
B) before everything disappears
C) then they receive the savings they have acquired
D) and so one had to leave
E) as time was short, they abbreviated it

18) He has always been told he's an unassuming person, ..........
A) and it was great to see them again
B) everybody should encourage to make drastic changes in their eating habits
C) including grandma and Ted's two sons
D) thinking we're millionaires and start charging us double
E) with an easygoing manner

19) His parents have this perfect life for him pictured in their heads,..........
A) and the first thing they see him doing is going to college
B) but they expect the best of him, and so by going to college
C) but he will have accomplished one of the goals he has set for himself
D) then parents come to the age where they can't support themselves
E) and he will not only have fulfilled their goals for him

20) Many racists think that white people are leaving the Europe and being replaced by blacks, …….
A) but they do not have confidence in front of an audience
B) to send them to self-esteem classes or public speaking courses
C) while setting and accomplishing goals is an important characteristic in high achieving
D) any time we use our reasoning ability to draw conclusions
E) but really two white people come to for every black

21) I think that working, especially to a grocery store, is not a good idea for teenagers……
A) because there are usually unintelligent people torturing them
B) and security is also another feeling people deserve to have in these regions
C) whose parents must be able to communicate
D) of parents have the freedom to teach their children any subject
E) linking TV violence with real violence try

22) If we have had more experience,........
A) we would be concerned about my child's future
B) we do not go to working beyond the age of 65
C) the heart pumps blood around the body
D) we become more self-confident about speaking in front of groups of people
E) you climb up the tree and hide among the branches

23) Every college starts putting in metal detectors ..........
A) because the children responsible for our future sit in rotting desks
B) the television show is also doing it for a good reason
C) that is up to the school district and the residents of the community
D) in a way, these corporations are providing children with a good future
E) in order to cut down violence

24) He had no idea what was going to happen but he knew he wouldn't like it. .............
A) Drew back my fist and punched him hard in the face
B) It was, probably, going to be very embarrassing
C) Unemployment was a key issue during the previous election campaign
D) Observing the birds throughout the breeding season
E) The committee elected her as their representative

25. Today, the steps of a dig remain basically the same_____.
A) actually experts are not efficient
B) though specific techniques vary
C) as the employees worked hard enough
D) whether they dug it for a reasonable purpose
E) for it had been left unopened for sometime


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