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1. Scientists proved that a lot of health benefits come from soybean ......................
A) is valuable for its high protein
B) though it's accepted by many doctors
C) so that especially egg should be more often eaten
D) because garlic has more medical value
E) that contains a large amount of protein.

2. So adapted have I become to using my car ....................
A) which does 220 mph
B) I did never want to go on foot anywhere
C) my friends always ask me to drive them to school
D) that I have almost forgotten walking
E) I had difficulty walking to my work when I sold it

3. Regardless of how easy tasks the manager gives the secretary,..................
A) she finishes them almost in time
B) Betty is good at particularly difficult ones
C) he deals with them efficiently
D) he had to do them on his own
E) she makes a mess of them

4. Both sides used expert mountaineering and hiking tools to complete their individual journeys, ................
A) which took two and a half days
B) for they had been utterly exhausted
C) so they have had almost no difficulty reaching the top of the mountain
D) while others have already given up climbing
E) that was a very challenging one

5. I wished I hadn't given him a job in the company....
A) even though he is less efficient than I once assumed
B) unless he makes a big effort to prove he can be useful
C) wherever a suitable vacancy may occur
D) that my father was a founding member
E) when I saw him behaving in such an irresponsible manner

6. Harry must have taken my car_____.
A) since no one else knows where I keep the car keys
B) that I left it in front of the office
C) if we have arranged to meet at the dentist's
D) as he would never do such a thing
E) as soon as I get back from the concert

7. Wouldn't it be sensible to seek a second opinion_____?
A) as events were to prove in the end
B) if the operation has to take place
C) that it was legally sound
D) before we come to any definite decision
E) why there were no obvious problems

8. The new English administration is still hesitating about_____.
A) who would have presided over the Senate
B) why so many new taxes had been imposed
C) whether to increase expenditure on education
D) how the problem of famine in Asia had been overcome
E) which program had been approved by the commission

9. Unless the southern part of the country gets some rain soon____.
A) they were considering reducing supplies even further
B) cotton would not have been an appropriate crop for the area
C) they have already started to irrigate the rice fields
D) it seems that the new dam is not very efficient
E) there'll be a poor fruit crop this year

10. Although there were a great many applicants for the vacancy,_____.
A) not one of them had the qualifications required
B) actually the salary is expected to improve
C) the new recruits will be put on a three-week special training program
D) unfortunately some of the staff had already resigned
E) the personnel department cannot cope with the paper work

11. ______which has a fairly central situation.
A) They seemed interested in both houses
B) We really need a hotel
C) I arrived late for the meeting
D) It should not have been difficult to get there
E) His mother decided to come by car

12. _____that the case was far more complex than he had originally thought.
A) According to the lawyer, much is involved
B) The witnesses were called in
C) As the police had reported
D) Following the uproar caused by the press coverage
E) In the light of the new evidence, the judge realized

13. ______how they can wait for making any profit at all.
A) We were puzzled
B) They didn't assume
C) I don't see
D) It has already been
E) They had been denied

14. ____that estimating future manpower requirements is definitely advantageous.
A) From the forgoing discussion it is obvious
B) We were extremely concerned
C) The manager is wondering
D) It had been under discussion for a long time
E) The committee was asked

15. This concept would be easy to illustrate and defend,______.
A) yet much time they can allow us
B) so long as they had provided us with adequate assistance
C) for there was a great deal of disagreement among the participants
D) if it were not for the fact that we haven't got accurate data
E) until the whole controversy has been ended

16. Don't you think it is important_____?
A) in case so many people would have marched in protest
B) if the resolution had been passed
C) how quickly they had cancelled all the flights
D) whether they were re-elected
E) that 26 people have resigned since Mr. Hunting was appointed manager

17. Even the manager was impressed at the speed and efficiency____________
A) until more problems have appeared.
B) that the project will be finished on time
C) whether the workers were prepared to go on strike
D) although some of the members had been warned earlier
E) with which the team worked

18. ______the answer of the West divided world opinion.
A) As soon as the NATO countries have formulated an effective policy
B) Unless Iraq is severely punished for its aggression
C) No matter how the board is constituted
D) As was to be expected
E) When the oil-producing countries gather in Vienna to discuss

19. Do not try to cut down or prune large trees
A) just as branches that appeared healthy had in fact been rotten inside
B) unless you are absolutely confident that you can do it properly
C) by making sure that your neighbors were not opposed to it at all
D) if the weather conditions had not been taken into account
E) in case the manager rejected the findings

20. If we do not get a lot of rain soon,
A) the price of fruit this year has been very reasonable
B) a great deal of land is still under water
C) the rainy season came late this year
D) they have already put away their winter clothes
E) the harvest this year will be a poor one

21. _______ that they will be made redundant once the office has been computerized.
A) They called off the strike
B) The board of directors discussed the matter fully
C) The management adopted new marketing policies
D) The prospect for the company looks rather gloomy
E) Most of the staff are sure

22. If your manager asked you to take an extra work without more pay,_____?
A) have you discussed the matter with him
B) would you agree to do so
C) why do you think he may have suggested this
D) what was the reaction of your colleagues
E) will you resign at once

23. Construction workers will carry on strike next Friday____________.
A) that they negotiated for over five hours and were unable to reach an agreement with the management
B) so long as the only solution for a settlement is an independent inquiry into their working conditions
C) because the two sides have done their best to settle their dispute by bargaining
D) in case the workers were asked to compromise and accept a pay rise of 20%
E) unless the management agrees to accept their claim for a 60% pay increase

24. ______some of America's most innovative architects set about rebuilding it in a bold style known as the "Chicago school".
A) After a great fire ruined much of Chicago in 1871
B) While Chicago was soon to emerge as the literary capital of the United States
C) Because Chicago has traditionally been regarded as "the great laboratory of American democracy"
D) As immigrants from many European countries had settled in ethnic enclaves in Chicago
E) As long as Chicago remains the gateway to the rest of the nation for food products and industrial opportunities

25. The company will need fewer office workers_____.
A) since some were looking for jobs with other firms
B) when the computer network has been installed
C) so long as the sales continued to increase
D) in order to discuss ways of combating unemployment
E) although the current economic recession is likely to continue for another six months


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