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1- As soon as the Minister of Economy announced deflation in our currency, ……….
A) interest rates, quite naturally, began escalating rapidly
B) great companies had already taken the necessary precautions
C) little businesses became brisker than ever before
D) the opposition had better call for an urgent election
E) people of all sides have raised their voices against the government

2- If not we follow good commerce strategy, ……….
A) our employees will work more vigorously than ever before
B) the rival companies are going to lose their customers
C) our business will improve very rapidly
D) we will undoubtedly go bankrupt
E) the government may provide us with the necessary amount of money we need

3- Strolling across the park one evening,.....................
A) I have understood how great efforts have been paid for these gardens
B) the headmaster has warned me not to walk there again
C) I spotted a bag full of toys
D) my pupils may harm the plants in the garden
E) Jackie has found a crisp $ 500 note

4- I hadn't expected that the other side would have any chance of beating our players.
A) No one had thought we would lose the match.
B) It seemed impossible for the other side to win us, but they did.
C) The other side lost the match, which ensured our championship.
D) I thought that the other side would win the match, but they couldn't.
E) As I had expected, the other side lost the match.

5- If she had let us know how desperate her financial circumstances were, we might have
helped her.
A) Since he didn't tell us about his grave financial situation, we couldn't help him.
B) It was because he had informed us about his financial situation that we were able to help him.
C) We had had hardly any money; therefore, we couldn't help him.
D) What he should have done was to inform us about his serious financial situation.
E) He had told us that he was in a very difficult situation but we weren't able to help him.

6- When entered the room, ……… .
A) the telephone was ringing wildly
B) we have felt so exhausted that we will have a good rest
C) my little child was running towards me arms wide open
D) plates of half-eaten food were scattered in front of the TV
E) I was shocked to see my brother lying on the floor in a pool of blood

7- ................... since there is no decisive proof of any life beyond Earth.
A) Hollywood is trying to earn money by making movies
B) Human beings have thoughtlessly destroyed the environment in the past
three decades
C) People are carelessly causing destruction in the world
D) Many species are in danger of becoming extinct
E) I don't believe that alien life exists

8- ................, so he takes me with him.
A) My brother hates going out alone
B) The boss must have found a great capacity in him
C) He doesn't know how to use that new software program
D) Jack is tremendously interested in economics
E) The manager has already realized that I can handle the matter successfully

9- When my husband started taking that drug, ……….
A) which is called energy booster
B) he began experiencing loss of sleep, appetite and energy
C) his doctor has examined him several times
D) he should not have used it before asking a physician
E) there has been an increasing number of customers buying that kind of drug

10- Nina was so absorbed in the TV show...........................
A) about eight times we have phoned her, but without success
B) as there were many other fascinating ones in almost every channel
C) that she failed to hear the doorbell
D) she is carefully watching which one will be able to get the prize
E) her mother had better not disturb her

11- When the players complete this last set,
A) they will have played more than two consecutive hours
B) the referee had announced the winner
C) the winner was awarded a prize of $10,000
D) they would have finished the game ahead of the schedule
E) one of them fell at the tennis court

12- ....................., Mathew thought it highly doubtful that he would win the
A) Since he believed that he had been prepared adequately
B) At last, because his friends gave him massive support
C) With the exception of his father, who didn't want his son to participate in the match
D) Although he had trained for months
E) Even if his coach has wanted desperately to persuade him to take part in the competition

13- From the plants with medicinal purposes, ……….
A) my mother chooses especially the one that is not bitter
B) has been onion because it's beneficial for epileptic
C) garlic is probably the most widely benefited
D) grape is suspected of leading to heart-disease
E) scientists claim that it's useful to eat oranges, lemons and grapefruit as they are excellent sources of vitamin C

14- The final whistle of the match was approaching ..........................
A) however our team is incredibly unwilling to spend effort so as to become victorious
B) that our team had better double its efforts to heavily defeat the rival
C) after our trainer has made two substitutions at the same time
D) however the supporters of the both sides were happy about the result of the match
E) when the arbitrator showed red card to one of the players who used offensive language against him

15- .......................because of the unjust verdicts of the arbiter at the previous match.
A) The fans of the both sides have been heartened
B) Our teams trainer had never been so happy
C) Both teams' players got extremely furious
D) The rival team was decided to beat our team
E) The fans of the rival team claim that they play better, but are unable to score any goal

16- ..................... ; yet, millions of people believe that aliens exist.
A) We don't have any concrete knowledge about a single alien microbe
B) People all over the world are now aware of the fact that there is life beyond the Earth
C) Astronomers have been searching for extraterrestrial life for over three decades
D) Although no evidence has been found about them
E) Scientists have discovered a corpse that's claimed to be alien

17- Had it not been for the great rescues of our goalkeeper,......................
A) the opponent team would not have any chance of scoring any goal
B) the supporters may not see such magnificent goals again
C) our team would have been more heavily defeated
D) the home team had better buy new footballers
E) the arbiter would most probably show a red car to either of the players

18- In spite of the fact that Jason had been warned numerous times not to exceed the speed limit,................
A) he ignores the traffic rules, which requires him to get a new and valid driving license
B) he didn't take heed of the warning and went on driving as fast as it used to be
C) all of his father's warnings fell on deaf ears
D) he began paying attention to his driving speed more than ever before
E) he swore that he wouldn't commit such an offence again

19- .................., one can say it's very important to take the first steps in getting used to temperature change now.
A) Judging from the vehicular homicide on motorways every day
B) As people have become fully conscious of the present situation of the ozone layer
C) Considering the ongoing catastrophic results of bad weather conditions
D) Since there isn't any man truly specialized in climatology
E) The recent natural disasters brought some complicated questions to our minds

20- When I noticed that his request for a job was unsuccessful, ……
A) he wanted to inform me how unfortunate she was
B) his boss insisted that he didn't have the efficiency to handle the job
C) I wanted to give him my support
D) my boss immediately told me to find a new assistant as capable as I was
E) my eyes have quite naturally begun to well

21- Trying to switch on my car one morning, ………….
A) three masked men held their guns to my head
B) I turned the key and was dismayed to discover that the battery was dead
C) my wife usually tells me to inform her about my business commitments in time
D) two boys were waiting at the corner and turning their guns on me
E) I have been very happy to have found someone who will accompany so far as
to my house.

22- Something should be done for improving this highway, otherwise, .................
A) drivers will stop cursing the authorities
B) it will be easier to travel by car
C) many more lives will be killed
D) a family would have been killed in a traffic accident
E) new roads were opened at last

23- Of the three months of winter, …….
A) I'd like to spend my holiday in the hottest places of the world
B) my colleagues decided to visit my hometown next May
C) January is the coldest in Northern Hemisphere
D) but the Southern parts of the world become the most popular holiday places
E) in April, a traveller died due to the high moisture in the Amazonian rain forest

24- Convinced that the present economic catastrophe has occurred due to the mistreatment of authority, .....................
A) the government is determined to tackle the problem skilfully
B) new laws should be passed
C) the Prime Minister declared that he would personally deal with the problem
D) the Minister of Internal Affairs was forced to resign
E) the cabinet had gathered to discuss the problem
25- __________ is the growing danger of the residential towers overtaking the city's infrastructure.
A) Of more immediate concert
B) With more immediate concern
C) Concerning
D) Immediately concerned
E) Concerning more immediately


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