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1. Do not buy a boat which is much bigger than you and your family can handle; .................._
A) Especially if summer is coining and if your friends will envy you when you go sailing.
B) Before you buy one make sure you learn everything about handling it remember «o mechanics off shore.
C) but do not buy a fairly expensive one since you can invite a friend of yours to travel with you.
D) Unless you are feeling lonesome, consider buying a sailboat,which is quite large.
E) On the other hand do not buy one that is too small for all your "longlost" friends who will appear immediately.

2. ..................; consequently, we should learn more about history and faults in the past.
A) Time is precious
B) Once passed, soon forgotten
C) He, who laughs last, laughs the best
D) There is no way of avoiding faults
E) repeats itself

3. Most people complain..................,
A) that their jobs are boning and that they are sick and tired of their jobs' fixed routines.
B) However, police officers, journalists and detectives seldom full into this group.
C) Nevertheless, jobs with fixed routines are usually boring.
D) but nobody can he very effective if their jobs aren't routine.
E) Now that these people often see their doctors and receive appropriate

4. My much loved comics character is Charlie Brown,.................._
A) that "Peanuts" be came famous all over the world.
B) which the comic series "Peanuts" consists of.
C) who is one of the characters in C.M Schultz's "Peanuts".
D) whom supplied me all the comic series on the market. ,
E) where you can buy all sorts of comic books.

5. Ten out of twenty parents in the survey say they would choose to have children..................
A) whether only or more died.
B) unless they weren't given a change. .
C) especially when they have family conflicts.
D) if they had it to do again.
E) since they didn't have any.

6. He was probably to be fired if he asked for more pay.
A) since there were always plenty of other workers to take his job.
B) while the boss himself was also fired just last week.
C) although he was a good worker, he didn't like his job very much.
D) because his wife was expecting a third baby and they needed more
E) as the fire brigade had vacant positions that year.

7. .................................... some of it evaporates and some of it sinks into the earth.
A) The ground absorbs all the rainwater especially in dry seasons,
B) While the rainwater refreshes the flowers and plants,
C) Rain falls when the air is saturated with moisture,
D) In some regions, it never rains,
E) When rainwater collects on the surface of the ground,

8. If erosion goes on at the same rate...............
A) people will have to do something about explosives to stop it.
B) it will never be a problem for people living in this part of the
C) we'll have to do something to accelerate its speed.
D) the country will be worn completely down to sea level in about 23
million years.
E) the rate will never cease in the coming centuries due to our deep

9. ...............that would be able to make long ocean voyages without having to hug the shore.
A) The principle was to be in line with the method
B) What we want is a strong boat
C) His goal was to design and equip vessels
D) The pirates were looking for a weapon
E) The plane was a real miracle, elegant and strong

10. ..............., but it at the same time varied widely depending on the input.
A) Not only professors worked on the system
B) Not only was the system over complicated
C) Never had I seen a more complex system
D) Never were the scientists at a loss for words
E) The system was a complete success

11. Unfortunately, later measurements displayed...............
A) all that we were looking for, enabling us to finish the project successfully.
B) that the unit designated was not exactly that fraction, but they continued to use it.
C) us exactly what we had been looking for - nothing more – nothing less.
D) the engineers the way to the building they had constructed.
E) the direction toward the east of the newly built factory.

12. ............... how a person experiences or perceives the world around her.
A) The question at hand should be
B) As a child grows he has to cope with many obstacles
C) While trying to grow up and become a nature man
D) What I and my colleagues are wondering about
E) Many psychologists today are working to try to determine just

13. They have gradualty assumed a typical American flavour………….
A) and thus I now like coffee much more than I did in my youth.
B) although New Years' resolutions in the United States stem from as
many cultures as do the people themselves.
C) since Americans fought for their independence but Indians didn't.
D) as well as keeping their own customs and traditions.
E) and Japanese never accepted the American way of living.

14. .................................... is the explanation of the factors underlying the general tendency to which we have just referred.
A) Whom they work with enthusiastically
B) What is the general reader's interesting expectation
C) Why are people interested in
D) Of interest to the general reader
E) Looking for reasonable solutions

15. The tendency of average man in megalopolis. ............................
A) can distinguish between urban life and rural life.
B) is to dwell far out in an undistinguished community.
C) may live far away from civilization.
D) can explain why the individual in modern society is lonely.
E) was to give warmth and a sense of belonging.

16. If people are influenced at all by the huge commercial entertainments industry,....................................
A) they are likely to be worse at developing real personal relationships.
B) this is the minimum for their getting along in our world.
C) teachers should prepare their pupils to find a place in society.
D) they are largely engaged in repetitive and insignificant tasks in industry.
E) one's own circumstances are unhappy, tedious, insecure,and unattractive.

17. ...................................., tradition is usually a sufficient guide to action.
A) Despite the lack of very powerful leaders
B) At all levels of development of the legal system
C) The society's capacity to respond to a breach of law
D) When law and custom are most closely linked
E) Where the rate of culture change is relatively slow

18. .................., there were few others.
A) Some people lacked the ability to learn from every experience
B) Scant as these clues are to the formation of greatness
C) George was scarcely in his teens when his father died
D) No one could have guessed that he would prove capable
E) They crossed the mountains on horseback

19. It is for all time rather less insulting..................____.
A) to take slimming pills than to eat less.
B) cutting out sweet things entirely than going easy on the starch.
C) to call somebody "plump" than to call her "fat".
D) to stick to bananas than to eat as much as possible.
E) calling someone "thin" than "skinny".

20. Their parents did everything they could....................................
A) to try to save the marriage.
B) to get divorced all the same.
C) make me change my mind.
D) reunite the divorced couple.
E) determine not be play in the garden.

21. ...................................., I shall decide to change my approach and behave.
A) Because acting is a steady job
B) If the recruiting system was ineffective
C) Due to the fact that the British imperialism was good
D) When the time comes
E) In spite of all my determination

22. Millions of Americans believe in UFOs ………...
A) though nothing has been found to confirm their existence
B) after they had watched "Star Wars".
C) because they travel faster than our fastest spacecraft
D) so the idea of space travels used to gain in importance
E) for there has been significant progress in astronomy

23. After a full day's work at a souvenir shop yesterday, .................
A) Betty has desired nothing but a good rest
B) she had put in another six hours as a waitress in a café before heading home
C) her friends have asked her to go to the cinema
D) Janine had better look for another job now
E) the manager should make an increase in my

24. .................. because they had run out of ammo.
A) the allied forces have decided to send help
B) the commander is disappointed
C) the enemy forces had to surrender
D) about one hundred soldiers were deployed to the battle-field
E) the soldiers have fled from the battle-ground

25. Although we have made a significant reduction in costs,..........
A) clients had desired some more decrease in prices
B) almost everyone seems eager to do shopping here
C) we still haven't observed a noticeable increase in the number of our
D) people got used to asking for further discounts
E) we were determined to give 5%
discount for cash


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