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1. Having failed to persuade the senators,--------.
A) the representatives asked the president to resign
B) the president said he might resign.
C) a new derision was taken by the president.
D) people criticized the president severely.
E) the senate was criticized by the president.

2. By growing these unusual plants,__________.
A) people would recognize the importance of underwater plant life
B) the gardener meant to impress the enthusiastic habitat
C) the scientists tend to curtail the negative effects of pesticides
D) their natural habitats wish to reunite them as before
E) the centre expects to reintroduce some into their natural habitats

3. __________could they produce their great masterpieces?
A) Since the composers were too busy trying to impress their audience,
B) Even though they know they would be to earn a lot of money,
C) If the impressionist painters were alive today,
D) While the painters were dealing with the colourful scenery,
E) As no one guessed how much effort was necessary for a valuable painting,

4. Faced with hostility from the people they are charged with protecting,__________.
A) Soviet soldiers frequently become addicted to drugs
B) the people living in Russia never meant to be attacked
C) the protection, in fact, come from a county they never anticipated
D) the policemen were responsible for keeping an eye on these people
E) the soldiers of Germany did not intend to attack then

5. It is very significant that a dog----------.
A) be prohibited from chewing on any thing they can break
B) should prohibit chewing on indigestible things.
C) bites sizeable chunks of food
D) may pierce the intestinal wall
E) brings painful death unless surgery is promptly performed

6. Tooth and jaw development will normally continue_______
A) but at times much longer
B) that affect the development of the puppies
C) till the dog is more than a year old
D) saving your possessions from destruction
E) in addition to inherited barking tendencies
7. __________lies in a wonderful setting on the slopes of Mount Bonifato.
A) In that period, new commercial centres,
B) The castle is square in plan with massive towers,
C) This city was founded by the Romans,
D) The theatre has an impressive view which,
E) This town, known as the birthplace of Cielo.

8. The sport of racing on bikes, and sometimes tricycles________
A) should be avoided over distances from 440 yards to 10 miles for adults
B) is advised to people especially during the rush hour.
C) was invented since it was advised to fat people.
D) can be dangerous due to the cheerfulness of individuals.
E) may take place on a track or on a public road.

9. A heat pump is a single electric system_________
A) that people can remove heat from a building.
B) that both heats and cools.
C) how can anybody live in such hot climate.
D) we nowadays pump water uphill to reservoirs.
E) used in some buildings with heat pumps.

10. Scientists have always been interested in volcanoes even though
A) some consider language interesting.
B) they often may have to risk their lives.
C) there are live volcanoes in Turkey.
D) volcanoes give warnings of their activity.
E) volcanoes are of interest to many volcanologists.

11. __________ until they witnessed the results of the one in Adapazarı.
A) Nobody was conscious about how dangerous earthquakes would be
B) Earthquakes are always feared by both animals and mankind
C) What could be done to avoid earthquakes
D) The government had taken all the measures dealing with the earthquake
E) But help from neighbouring countries came too soon

12. Nowadays even cars have air conditioners in them, particularly______
A) when the publishing company regards the positive psychological effects.
B) if they are planned to be sold to the rich who regard planes much safer than cars.
C) since luxury is a term changing its meaning as we now have more affluent societies.
D) in warm climates where travelling can otherwise turn into a terrible experience.
E) in cases when they are complaining about being produced under abnormal conditions.
13. Nobody could guess that this naughty boy would one day change the outlook of the world__________
A) since he had never been a hard working and obedient child.
B) thus, they were shocked when he was sent to prison.
C) because he had always been creative both at work and at home.
D) therefore, his talents amazed his parents and kind of irritated his colleagues.
E) so he created something which made life easier for most everyone.

14. _______volcanoes give warnings of their activity.
A) Some may find it difficult to accept that
B) As can be seen in the case of Surtsey
C) History books may allege otherwise
D) Everybody in this country know that
E) One has to learn more about the world we live in

15. In spite of the festive mood,________
A) they had come not to celebrate but to protest.
B) people have arrived to celebrate but to protest.
C) we had all come to not celebrate and to protest.
D) they had celebration in mind not protests.
E) he didn’t feel as happy during the celebration.

16. Since the rain had cleared and since there was a gentle touch of winter in the air__________.
A) he couldn't afford to be laid up; he had to go to New York.
B) he announced that he was "ducking out".
C) he opened his umbrella and began to wait for her.
D) he couldn't put on rubbers to the party although it was ruining.
E) he started to hail a bus, and then changed his mind and begun to walk.

17. __________; however, David dozed fitfully through their shrill complaints.
A) When he opened his eyes it was morning
B) The kittens missed their mother and proved it by crying all night
C) He had just brought the kittens home as a birthday gift for his daughter
D) He had had a terrible fight with his wife and kept crying all through the night
E) His wife couldn't sleep on account of the dogs barking outside the house

18. The motion of the car made her sick and________
A) honed all the doctors for a consultation.
B) she realized how good it was to be home.
C) she tucked him up in blankets to keep him warm.
D) the pain across her back stabbed her again.
E) she remembered to empty the hat water bag.

19. She thought of how different everything would be in the country,__________
A) where could have all the milk and eggs you wanted.
B) where you would not feel terrified to criticize the system.
C) which could not send milk prices up each year
D) which complained about the milkman's coming late.
E) in which they would always dream of living in a village.

20. __________ that would further encourage conservation.
A) Nobody thought of taking advantage of natural gas
B) They decided to reduce the price of natural gas
C) The program may call for a tax on natural gas
D) They were happy to announce there was a huge supply of natural gas
E) There was an enormous demand for natural gas

21. Unless the weather is too cold__________.
A) there is no need to make a snowman.
B) we will not go swimming in this frozen lake.
C) you needn't go shopping for new swimming suits.
D) people should not concern about pipes' freezing.
E) I do not intend to march and protest low salaries.

22. It has been estimated in the recent report__________.
A) what the two billion unemployed people are.
B) that there are now nearly two billion unemployed people.
C) that claimed there were two billion unemployed.
D) where are the two billion unemployed citizens.
E) that are the two billion unemployed citizens.

23. .................._ ; however, it can be traced back to 1600.
A) It is a well-known fact that people had bicycles in 1448
B) The number of bicycles produced each year is not given in statistics
C) The exact date of the invention of the bicycle has never been recorded
D) The first bicycle looked somehow different from what we know today
E) However, it should be before that of tricycles

24. The fear of snakes is grossly exaggerated...................
A) being very poisonous, they usually cause the death of more than 3.200 people each year.
B) Since only 7 species of the hundreds of
C) Families of snakes are poisonous.
D) And the minute you see one, you should run away as fast as you can.
E) However, exaggeration may be a sing indicating inferiority complex.

25. .................. there is nothing to be anxious about as long as you find an open area and write S.O.S with white stones.
A) In case you do not know how to swim and fall overboard
B) If you ever get lost in a forest
C) Unless you can put out the fire, do not panic
D) Nevertheless, you can still walk to the nearest town
E) Inasmuch as you get lost in a jungle


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