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1. There are millions of billions of cells in human body;.................
a) the protoplasm of the human body is contained within
cells, which are the structural units in the body
b) there are also a large number of red blood cells
c) cell division is a relatively complicated process
d) similar cells are grouped together in a regular fashion to form tissues
e) the red blood cells alone number some twenty-five trillion

2. Even though most aquatic plants live only in water, some species may also live on land. However,.................
a) aquatic plants are generally divided into four groups
b) among the best-known of these plants is a type called "salvinia"
c) the land-dwelling form often differs in appearance from the aquatic form
d) most aquatic plants require large amounts of light and should not be grown in shaded areas
e) the term "aqua" means "water" in Latin

3. Transportation routes tend to be straight lines between any two traffic centres, unless................
a) ocean routes are deflected by land masses
b) we decide that waterways are the best conveyance of goods
c) there are such obstacles as mountains or bodies of water, or it seems worthwhile to deviate from the straight line to serve an intermediate trade centre
d) we start using animals such as horse as did the prehistoric man
e) the areas on which transportation routes are geographically flat

4. Antipyretics, agents used to reduce the body temperature if it rises above normal, as in fever, do not affect the infectious cause of a fever. So,.............
a) they reduce fever by depressing the heat-regulating centres in the mid-brain, by reducing the metabolic rate of the body, and by increasing heat loss
b) Some of them have pain-killing properties and sometimes used in minor fever reactions to give relief and comfort
c) the oldest antipyretic method is the application of cold in the form of coal baths, cold wrappings and ice packs
d) it should be advisable to take precaution to keep the body temperature at normal all through one's life
e) their use has been replaced considerably by drugs such as sulpha drugs and antibiotics

5. It now seem possible that the earth is not the only inhabited planet in the universe; there is evidence that many of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Furthermore,.................
a) research concerning the origin of life on earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the
majority of planets
b) it was believed that there were man-made canals on Mars
c) many of people claiming they have been kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings cannot present any proofs to the scientists
d) interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities
e) if there are intelligent beings living on other planets, they must be civilizations technically in advance of our own

6. Many pairs of words which were formerly hyphenated have been combined to make single words..................
a) Hypens are used to indicate that two or more words are to be read together as a single word
b) Good judgement, observation, and a dictionary are needed to guide our use of hyphens
c) To illustrate, "boatman" was once "boat-man", and "handkerchief' was "hanker-chief
d) Hyphens should always be placed between words, which combined, would produce awkward positions of letters such as "re-enter", not "reenter"
e) " Cold - producing ", " skin - care " and " post -industrial " are only a few of the examples of hyphenated words

7. Birthdays implies different things to each of us.................
a) The first people to give birthday parties were the ancient Europeans
b) To adults birthdays evoke an enormous range of sentiments, awakening for some of us excitement reminiscent of childhood
c) "Happy Birthday to You" is the most frequently sung number in the world
d) The most widely embraced of the customs associated with birthdays is the wearing of the gemstone which symbolizes the month of your birth
e) Birthday cakes with candles are indispensable at birthday parties almost all over the world

8. Your memory, which you may think to be poor, is in fact quite excellent....................
a) It is just that at present you do not have full control of it
b) A good memory is not a simple gift; it is a reward
c) You should learn the difference between long-term memory and short-term memory
d) Real remembering involves being alert to recognize information you will need again
e) Memory is a series of activities of learning, remembering, recognizing and re-learning

9. In the beginning, men merely observed the weather..................
a) They eventually learned that they could not forecast the weather very successfully without understanding how it worked
b) The weather has always exerted a powerful influence on human affairs, and for centuries men have studied the atmosphere and tried to understand its behaviour
c) Then they began to try to use their observations as a basis for predicting what the weather would do next
d) Greeks believed that the universe consisted of four elements: fire, water, earth and air
e) Some of the natural phenomena like thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes were regarded as deeds of angry gods

10. ................, in all civilizations dress is worn for different reasons such as, to enhance the appearance of the wearer and to declare his place in society.
a) Whether or not garments are needed for protection
b) Although the number of tailors are decreasing day by day
c) On the other hand, more and more people are buying ready - made clothes
d) As the prices of clothes are increasing day by day
e) No matter how beautifully designed

11. How or when the domestication of dogs took place is not well known, ..............
a) yet the breeds of dogs are varied in size, function, origin and other aspects
b) additionally their history must be traced through their ancestors, the domesticated wolves
c) but the association of these animals with man began at least 10,000 years ago
d) in contrast, centuries ago they served as foot warmers during services in unheated churches
e) still in the old world the earliest definite remains of the dogs were found at a Middle Stone Age site in Britain.

12. Ears are not usually found in invertebrates,.................
a) therefore in humans, the ear consists of three major parts
b) because some invertebrates have special structures that help them in maintaining their equilibrium
c) although many insects have specialized structures for detecting vibrations
d) as the ear is a special organ concerned primarily with hearing
e) because ears are responsible for maintaining the organism's balance

13. Unless it's actually rainy outside,.................
a) you needn't have worn your raincoat
b) you shouldn't have taken the umbrella
c) we can't hope for a sunny day out
d) we keep the windows open
e) you won't have to water the garden

14. He makes friends simply with............
a) every place he goes to
b) no matter who they are
c) however he prefers to approach them
d) whoever he meets
e) whichever hotel he stays at

15. She was frightened
a) lest he might drown
b) so that her husband could have been killed in the accident
c) since she hasn't studied enough for the test
d) in order to meet her furious boss
e) in case the party is spoilt by heavy rain

16. Let them assault;.................................
a) there was no one left in the village
b) the other side had always won
c) we'll defeat them anyway
d) they have already signed a peace treaty with the neighbouring country
e) we were waiting for this attack for some time so we were ready to fight back

17. Despite all his efforts.................................
a) fortunately he got the job
b) he will again find a way to get away with the crime
c) he should have been promoted
d) he could have easily saved the drowning boy
e) he was not successful in the last race

18. I find it shocking......
a) that the student failed all the final exams.
b) so that he has been awarded the first prize.
c) as a result people should attend the funeral.
d) in case the thief entered the sleeping room.
e) in order that John can repair the roof.

19. Although the parents are concerned with their children's development in primary schools,......
a) it is those schools that need more attention.
b) the problems of high school students are usually ignored.
c) the professors do not seem to be in touch with parents.
d) better solutions had to be sought in laboratories.
e) most parents try to understand teenagers.

20. It was once thought that mentally retarded children develop mentally......
a) experimentation by scientists shows the opposite.
b) but it is apparently not so much articulate.
c) as do normal children but stop earlier.
d) however there is no question on this point.
e) as the doctors do in most cases.

21. Are we to believe then ,-------
a) to be European champion in boxing?
b) to check the facilities in our hotel?
c) which meeting was attended by the vice - president?
d) one of the programs that I found most interesting?
e) that to be European champion is the pinnacle of success?

22. I am forced to comment on the cavalier manner.----------
a) the production was truly a masterpiece.
b) that the photograph of the president was taken.
c) which the Royal presence was provided by the king.
d) in which Easter celebrations were covered by the BBC this year.
e) Queen Elizabeth did not in act attend the celebrations.

23. No matter where you live or work,.---------
a) living in London is difficult and expensive.
b) the management and protection of your wealth which needs judgement.
c) saving will improve your financial position.
d) to get your money growing rapidly.
e) the financial environment which controls most of the transactions.

24. Retirement is a time,----------
a) for making life - long dreams come true.
b) when you had a lot of free time.
c) when you are offered a wide range of opportunities.
d) if you have property interests in this country.
e) in order that you send for more information.

25. Six conductors specializing in different areas of music ,----------
a) which are popular among youngsters.
b) attempt to answer these and other questions relating to their work.
c) which attract large audiences.
d) winning a glorious victory in their struggles.
e) contain familiar members of the symphony orchestra such as the violin and the clarinet.


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