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1. ............ how they can be expecting to make any income at all.
a) We were puzzled
b) They didn't assume
c) I don't see
d) It has already been
e) They had been denied

2. ............ that estimation of future work force supplies is certainly wanted.
a) From the forgoing discussion it is obvious
b) We were extremely concerned
c) The manager is wondering
d) It had been under discussion for a long time
e) The committee was asked

3. This notion would be easy to exemplify and defend, ............ .
a) however much time they can allow us
b) so long as they had provided us with sufficient assistance
c) for there was a great deal of disagreement among the participants
d) if it were not for the fact that we haven't got precise data
e) until the whole controversy has been ended

4. Isn't that the woman ............ ?
a) which is responsible for the design of the Chinese gardens
b) that he lost his temper at the board meeting
c) who have just returned from a business conference in Katmandu
d) if he knew how to negotiate such delicate matters
e) whose daughter has won a scholarship to pursue her graduate studies in England

5. Don't you think it is noteworthy ............ ?
a) in case so many people would have marched in protest
b) if the resolution had been passed
c) how quickly they had cancelled all the flights
d) whether they were re-elected
e) that 15 people have resigned since Mr. Brown was appointed manager

6. Most of the people take it for granted _____ .
a) they realized just how serious the drug problem had become
b) that the new interest policy contributed to the greater degree of stability in prices at this period
c) why no survivors whatsoever were found
d) how all receipts and papers concerning the transaction mysteriously disappeared
e) why the other passengers had absolutely no comment to make at all about the accident

7. _____, Brooksborough was one of the few textile towns that continued to grow in the twentieth century.
a) If the government lifted the sanctions
b) Since its trade was both flexible and varied
c) However unpopular the scheme had seemed to many
d) As soon as the industrial revolution got under way
e) Just as many industrial areas were competing with each other

8. Smallpox vaccination became popular _____ .
a) that eventually this disease would gave been completely wiped out
b) even though the success rate, according to recent realistic, is still rather doubtful
c) even if it had not been a fatal disease that brought death to all levels of society
d) however unlikely one is to come in contact with the disease
e) only after Halle’s discovery that the less dangerous cowpox material was an effective immunizing agent

9. The hilly has the ability to take off vertically, _____ .
a) even though the winds were blowing at gale force
b) if it can take off in a very restricted space
c) which, in certain circumstances, is its main advantages over other types of aircraft
d) whenever the pilot felt himself obliged to make a forced landing
e) if the cost of its uptake hadn't been a heavy burden on the budget

10. _____ in case any one party ignores the obligations it has undertaken in the agreement.
a) Obviously, very serious problems will arise
b) They may have rejected the offer
c) They were obviously determined to be present at the opening of the talks
d) The last speaker was quite adamant on the need to resume fighting
e) The observers may have been very upset

11. _____ who played an important role in the revival of the ideals of classical antiquity.
a) There is still a lively debate going on among scholars
b) Dr. Davies lectured on the Renaissance
c) He then went on to explain why such Renaissance figures
d) Calpero also lived in the Renaissance
e) Bach is rightly regarded as a humanist
12. _____, even though most of the European Countries are stepping up their own production.
a) This is just one of many developments in international trade
b) England still imported a great deal of tropical fruit
c) Canada's exports of fruit and vegetables will have dropped sharply
d) Coal remains an important item of international trade
e) By the end of the month figures concerning the dollar reserves will have been processed

13. Before the National Health Service Act came into force in 1938 in U.S., _____ .
a) the funding of hospitals was a major issue in human politics
b) these people aren't able to afford medical advice
c) there have been angry debates about the necessity for it
d) everyone realized that these were all, fundamentally, political issues
e) many doctors would feel that the transition had been extremely painful

14. The politician didn’t accept
a) that he had said the taxes should be raised
b) about saying the taxes should be raised
c) he hadn't said the taxes should be raised
d) if he said the taxes should be raised
e) having not said the taxes should be raised

15. Engineering is optimizing. This is,................
a) the raw materials with which engineers work seldom are found in useful forms
b) unlike a pure scientist, the engineer is not free to choose the field that interests him
c) engineers can easily find high-paid jobs anywhere in Hie world
d) most engineering problems are answered ultimately in dollars and cents
e) the engineering solution is the most desirable end result taking into account many factors

16. Since defence, economics and social welfare make up a large proportion of politics,.................
a) people everywhere are being exposed to other countries' customs and ideas owing to the development in mass-communication
b) social stresses may occur because of the population explosion or problems arising from mass migration problems
c) politicians should be chosen among economists or sociologists
d) whether politicians like it or not, scientists are becoming involved in government and therefore in politics itself
e) the education of all politicians in developing countries unfits them to understand science

17. It is preferable to place a sterile or clean cloth against the spot where a bleeding occurs, pressing it tightly with your hand. Though,.................
a) large arteries lie close to the surface of the body along the bones of the arms and legs
b) a tourniquet is a device used for stopping bleeding by shutting off the flow of blood
c) it is more important to stop bleeding than to use a clean cloth, if necessary, apply pressure to the wound with your bare hand
d) many people either do not know how to give first aid or they immediately panic
e) when we say that we give first aid, we mean that we provide immediate and temporary care for the victim of an accident or sudden illness

18. When astronomers observe the sky,.................
a) it can be noticed that the universe is expanding like a balloon
b) they see it not as it is now, like the man in the street does, but also as it was in the past
c) they broadcast powerful radio waves which vary in length
d) the difference between astronomy and astrology becomes obvious
e) within a year, thirty-five astonishing objects called quasars had been found

19. Farmers in this machine age can produce more food with less labor. This means.................
a) they need to hire extra workers all the time
b) the number of larger farms and more prosperous farmers will rise
c) a typical mechanized farm should be 150 acres
d) there is no great improvement on the farms in developing countries
e) it takes a long time and a lot of money to build a farm house

20. The telephone brought Bell fame and fortune before he was thirty. He never ceased inventing, nevertheless, .................
a) he didn't have a telephone in his laboratory so that he wouldn't be disturbed while working
b) as an aid to surgery, he developed a telephonic probe which located bullets and other metal in the body
c) some country audiences almost panicked when they heard a voice coming from an iron box called telephone
d) in July 1877, when Bell Telephone Company was formed, over 100 telephones were in operation
e) in his later discoveries he was never able to equal his first success, the telephone

21. The contributions made by the Middle Ages to pure science were not very essential..................
a) However, there was considerable progress in the application of science to the industrial arts, and, in general, to the affairs of everyday life
b) To illustrate, glassmaking, which had been developed in antiquity, flourished during this period
c) Perhaps the outstanding industrial development in this period was the invention of printing press
d) William Caxton brought the printing press to England in 1476; other pioneers set up presses in Holland, France and Italy
e) There is a clear distinction between pure science and technology; the latter applies the laws set by pure scientist to everyday life

22. No account of the solar system would be complete without mention of comets,.................
a) if you are fortunate enough to see a comet, notice just where it is in relation to the stars
b) because a comet's tail regularly grows in size and brightness as the comet gets closer to the sun
c) quite a large number of comets are discovered every century, but most of them are enormously faint objects
d) for they are just as much members of the sun's family as are the major and minor planets
e) some people have superstitions about comets, for instance they believe comets cause natural disasters

23. Not like the sulpha drugs, which are hard crystals,................
a) penicillin was accidentally discovered by Fleming
b) some people are allergic to penicillin
c) there is always a hope of discovering more powerful drugs someday
d) penicillin has saved thousands of lives since it was first invented
e) the penicillin is made up of plant material that the body eventually absorbs

24. ................ On account of the weakened bone structure, the legs bow under the body's weight.
a) Rabbies is an acute, infectious disease of the brain with fatal results
b) Anthrax is one of the most dreaded infectious diseases of animals and is transmissible to man
c) Tuberculosis is one of the most important infectious diseases of the world, and one that has made its impact felt down through the ages
d) Rickets is a disease in which an improper metabolism results in poor calcification of bones in the growing animal
e) Although rheumatism is thought to be an illness of old age, young people can also suffer from it

25. Darwin's theory of evolution was based on the observation____.
a) while amassing evidence for 25 years in support of it
b) why many people of his own age were reluctant to confess it
c) whether his insight really was revolutionary
d) that all individuals of the same species are not identical
e) as the multiplicity of forms seemed unending


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