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1. The new Spanish administration is still hesitating about ______ .
a. who would have presided over the Senate
b. why so many new taxes had been imposed
c. whether to increase expenditure on education
d. how the problem of famine in Asia had been overcome
e. which program had been approved by the committee

2. Unless the southern part of the country gets some rain soon ______ .
a. they were considering reducing supplies even further
b. cotton would not have been a suitable crop for the area
c. they have already started to irrigate the rice fields
d. it seems that the new dam is not very efficient
e. there'll be a poor fruit crop this year

3. Even though there were so many applicants for the vacant position, ______ .
a. not one of them had the qualifications required
b. actually the salary is expected to improve
c. the new recruits will be put on a three-week special training program
d. unfortunately some of the staff had already resigned
e. the personnel department cannot cope with the paper work

4. ______ which was on a very important situation.
a. They seemed interested in both houses
b. We really need a hotel
c. I arrived late for the meeting
d. It should have been easy to get there
e. His mother decided to come by car

5. ______ that the case was much more problematical than he had originally thought.
a. According to the lawyer, much is involved
b. The witnesses were called in
c. As the police had reported
d. Following the uproar caused by the press coverage
e. In the light of the new evidence, the judge realized

6. Be sure to make a note of his phone number ……………..
a. if ever they decide to write to us
b. so that we can let him know when we are arriving
c. which had probably been changed anyhow
d. that will explain where he can get the car serviced
e. as soon as we know where we will be staying

7. It is well known ................
a. as mothers ought to be more patient with their children
b. so you would save a great deal of money
c. that the heating of most foods causes losses in the vitamin content
d. if several friends will help me paint my house
e. because Mel is so stubborn that it is useless to try to convince him

8. ..............., they vary in their arrangement and in their manner of presenting the supplies.
a. Whether the lives of all such authors are included in biographical reference books
b. If the book you want is listed in the catalogue
c. Since the table of contents appears at the front of the book
d. Although all good dictionaries contain essentially the same kind of information
e. As dictionary compilers do not themselves decide the meaning and spelling of words

9. Since the price of terrain is rising rapidly ................
a. you have been lucky to find something at that price
b. he would have drawn all his money from the bank
c. the method of advertising would have been changed
d. there was no need to express your views so strongly
e. this land is not suitable for growing trees of any kind

10. ..............., particularly if there has been an accident.
a. By 8 o'clock the car will be ready to collect
b. Fortunately, most traffic signs are now international
c. You should have got in touch with your insurance company
d. It is wise to study a plan of the communications system
e. Punishments for drunken driving can be severe

11. ............... because they help to prepare the scholar for the final examination.
a. A dictionary is a reliable guide to pronunciation
b. Examinations given during the term are useful
c. The competent composition teacher realized
d. Surely you understood the importance of being able to speak and write effectively
e. None of them was adequately prepared

12. He didn't settle into the new job .............
a. which problems could have been avoided
b. if they had offered a higher salary
c. whether he was experienced or not
d. unless he had to work occasionally on a Sunday
e. as quickly as he had expected to
13. Faxing is a means of telecommunications, .............
a. which worked on a system similar to the telephone system
b. that has developed very quickly over the past few years
c. hence, charges will vary according to the time of the day
d. unless companies were using it in place of telex machines
e. whether or not you state the name of the receiver

14. ............, manufacturers could bring down the prices of their products.
a. Despite careful market research
b. Since companies misjudge the market
c. Knowing how much the public was prepared to pay
d. Instead of spending so much money on advertising
e. Not only must you supply a good product

15. ............ when I retire next year.
a. I expect Robert will take over as chairman
b. The meeting has been put off
c. Many alterations would have taken place
d. I hadn't decided what to say at the party
e. I would be able to send you the price list

16. If I had known you were coming .............
a. I can ask John to join us
b. there is a very delicious meal waiting for you
c. I would have arranged to stay at home this evening
d. you won't need to take a taxi to the station
e. I should have given you my telephone number

17. ............ although the quality of the goods is rather poor.
a. They had left obliged to vote on it
b. The effectiveness of the campaign had been prevented
c. In my view, it was already too late
d. Buyers could not have been found
e. His business is expanding quite fast

18. ............ even though he is a lot younger than the rest of us.
a. The girls did better than the boys in the race
b. The flowers we sent him are still looking fresh
c. Whoever said that was mistaken
d. None of us actually saw it happen
e. You should have invited his sister to join us

19. ............ until you have found another work.
a. There are so many unemployed
b. There are a lot of advertisements in the papers
c. Don't tell anyone you are leaving
d. I thought you were perfectly happy working here
e. nobody else could have advised

20. ............ whose coat was stolen last month?
a. Why were they surprised
b. Do you have their address
c. How unusual is it
d. Isn't that the new librarian
e. Is there any news yet

21. ............ we really ought to leave as soon as possible.
a. Since we shall probably have a long wait at the bus station
b. since the streets are always busy at this hour
c. Though it is getting very late
d. Until we know which plane they are coming on
e. If there's no need to hurry

22. ............ they had already finished their launch.
a. When we finally arrived
b. If only we had waited for them
c. Unless she managed to get there on time
d. While you were watching the television
e. Whenever we are invited to their house

23. Everyone who met him at that time agreed .............
a. how he is like his mother
b. if his political views ever will get public
c. that he was likely to become the most influential physicist of his age
d. how successfully he has been as a pianist
e. though he was not as healthy as he would have liked to be

24. Even though the effect of the famine have been made worse by the political instability in the country_____.
a. the West would have shown its sympathy in a most generous manner
b. it was beyond the power of any government to undertake the responsibility
c. a fair distribution of the available food will have been achieved
d. so one disaster was naturally followed by another
e. food is now being distributed wherever it is needed

25. ________, but it is not the only one.
a. Newspaper prices have risen dramatically in current years
b. Most ailments are caused by germs and bad hygiene
c. Technological competition is a serious problem for the book industry
d. The printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany, in the fifteenth century
e. The judge rebuked the witnesses for their disrespectful behavior during the trial


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