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1. As she was born into a poor, wrecked family,................
a) she used to enjoy the hectic life of the city with her happy parents
b) it is quite natural that she was maltreated by her parents jloving her so much
c) let's provide accommodation for her in the attic
d) she had to work in the bars of Manila though she was just a teenager
e) Melisa attended the church mostly with her mother when her father was busy preparing the Sunday lunch for them

2. Atatürk gave priority to reforms in education and arts................
a) as he wanted to whittle down the budget of the military
b) no matter how much he despised them
c) so that Turkey would do away with the influence of the Arab and Persian cultures
d) so as to please himself with new pieces of artistic styles
e) in order that it wouldn't provoke a social upheaval.

3. Whipped as they might be,...............
a) the new couples can't pay all their debts caused by their inopportune wedding
b) we don't like to spare a particular day for harvesting the grapes
c) they weren't responsible.for the embezzlement of the funds
d) only if they are innocent of any crime
e) the horse wouldn't gallop any longer, leaving the rider infuriated

4. Nowadays top educators can't even agree on what "the gifted" means,................
a) so they don't give any gifts to children
b) let alone on how to teach such students adequately
c) even though several scientists have never studied on a scientific description
d) as well as gifts given to top students
e) it is so simple that of course it means those who are given gifts

5. ...............although staffers always make sure their guests don't wander around unescorted.
a) Some top secret files were stolen or leaked from the central bank
b) On account of a few earlier thefts at the department store
c) The robbers made a hard entry into the chamber of the museum where priceless antiquities were kept
d) A woman in her forties came along with the warden
e) We disregarded the warnings and went to the lavatory together

6. ..............., the old man claimed to have been to Paris and Roma many times.
a) When you force him to admit to his earlier love affairs
b) When asked where his relatives were residing
c) Why he committed such a lot of murders is unknown
d) Because good melons are grown only in the East Asia
e) Asked whether he had ever been overseas

7. The first time Emily attempted to talk back to her husband,................
a) the line was so engaged that she might have broken his heart
b) he hit her on the ears so harshly that her ears rang for days
c) she has regretted it ever since
d) becoming abusive and kicking him badly
e) will be denied during the next trial

8. ..............., Turkey has been a food basket for the middle east region.
a) Specially Arab tourists come here to buy handmade straw baskets as souvenirs
b) Any fruit or vegetables spoilt in the middle east is just exported via it
c) Because of the natural advantages of our climate, allowing for at least two crops a year
d) Because exotic plants do not thrive well in Turkey
e) One thing that attracts tourists so much is fast food

9. ............, I think pupils should have some previous knowledge of computers.
a) If it were an essential requirement for the participants
b) Whatever other requirements the organizing committee of the course may demand
c) In case the director had approved the new computer project
d) Until the examination results were officially announced
e) Since the problem related to the computer virus was to be discussed

10. Could that be the woman ............?
a) as her essays were published in several magazines
b) that she had carried out experiments in physics
c) who represented our school at the International Violin Competition
d) so that we might have discussed her proposals
e) whether her father wanted to stop her from becoming a pop singer
11. The balance of nature may not be possibly be maintained .............
a) why people don't realize just how dangerous the situation is
b) before forest lands were managed efficiently
c) so long as there had been groups of people making quick profits through practices harmful to the environment
d) unless every individual and every organization realizes how important it is to protect our environment
e) since the majority of the world population was worrying about the future

12. Having tasted the enjoyments of modern city life .............
a) some of them would have been reluctant to return
b) they found life in their village hard and unattractive
c) they had worked hard to improve their living standards
d) the children will be educated and trained for a special job
e) people don't realize how lonely they are

13. Even though there are many young athletes who dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, .............
a) in competitions he is always under a great strain
b) getting to the top in any field had always required great dedication
c) there are very few who actually manage to do so
d) most of them had been disqualified from taking part in the race
e) they always managed to score high marks in the competitions

14. As long as the architects' plans are carried out in full .............
a) the whole project could have been completed in just under four years
b) other suggestions have been turned down
c) the only problem has apparently been solved in a satisfactory manner
d) the distance between the airport and the city centre has attracted no criticism
e) the new airport will indeed provide everything a visitor could possibly desire

15. Even the chief worker was impressed at the speed and efficiency ............... .
a) until more problems have appeared.
b) that the project will be finished on time
c) whether the workers were prepared to go on strike
d) although some of the members had been warned earlier
e) with which the team worked

16. ............., the response of the East divided world viewpoint.
a) As soon as the NATO countries have formulated an effective policy
b) Unless Iraq is severely punished for its aggression
c) No matter how the board is constituted
d) As was to be expected
e) When the oil-producing countries gather in Vienna to discuss

17. Do not attempt to cut down or prune large trees in the forest.............. .
a) just as branches that appeared healthy had in fact been rotten inside
b) unless you are absolutely confident that you can do it properly
c) by making sure that your neighbors were not opposed to it at all
d) if the weather conditions had not been taken into account
e) in case the manager rejected the findings

18. Unless we get enough rain soon, .............. .
a) the price of fruit this year has been very reasonable
b) a great deal of land is still under water
c) the rainy season came late this year
d) they have already put away their winter clothes
e) the harvest this year will be a poor one

19. ............ that will further aggravate the unemployment problem.
a) Several companies are considering reductions in the work force
b) No solutions were forthcoming
c) Everyone was genuinely concerned about the situation
d) The minister had been under attack for some time
e) The police should have combed the area for the person responsible

20. ........... before the town planners took their task seriously.
a) City planning has continued to be their prime concern
b) A great many ugly apartment blocks were built
c) A good architect views his work within the context of the area at large
d) In this respect new cities are at a great advantage
e) New cities never have the same atmosphere as the old

21. ........... how close Jim had been to winning the election.
a) To be perfectly honest I was considerably relieved
b) It shouldn't have been misinterpreted
c) Even his own supporters were surprised when they learned
d) The votes had finally been counted
e) He should have withdrawn from the election campaign

22. I wished I hadn't given her a job in the company______ .
a) although she is less efficient than I once assumed
b) unless she makes a big effort to prove she can be useful
c) wherever a suitable vacancy may occur
d) that my father was a founding member
e) when I saw her behaving in such an irresponsible manner

23. Andy must have taken my car ______ .
a) since no one else knows where I keep the car keys
b) that I left it in front of the office
c) if we have arranged to meet at the dentist's
d) since he would never do such a thing
e) as soon as I get back from the concert

24. Wouldn't it be wise to seek a second alternative______ ?
a) as events were to prove in the end
b) if the operation had to take place
c) that it was legally sound
d) before we come to any definite decision
e) why there were no obvious problems

25. One of the best suggestions was put forward by Dr. Brown,______.
a) that the managing director was especially impressed
b) who is generally the quietest member of the board
c) although the financial demands might be difficult to meet
d) unless it was approved by the committee
e) before anyone else has time to make any contribution to the discussion


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