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1. The eyewitnesses were reported................
a) to have seen the same men the previous day at the same place.
b) having heard someone reloading their gun
c) that the police are going to rescue them from the drug traffickers
d) even though they have begged not to be named
e) whether the area was checked for fingerprints

2. .................all our friends were jealous of us.
a) As I go for a walk with my dog every evening
b) Due to the sharp rise in the stpck market
c) For we are going to change our car
d) Because our business is looking up
e) My eldest sister came down with flu, so

3. Not being mostly obsessed with fashion,................
a) our horse wears any saddle or harness that we put on it
b) Mike hates buying new clothes so often, usually walking around in casual clothes
c) so she puts on the latest styles
d) although she works as a fashion designer
e) they returned the shirt they'd bought thmking it didn't look like a genuine L.C.Waikiki.

4. Since someone had informed the police..............., they hid behind some rocks for ambush.
a) that two agents will be infiltrated into the country
b) why the terrorists wanted to assume the control of the hills
c) of where the cars of the smugglers would possibly be an hour later
d) how much heroin the drug dealers had
e) whether any crime could be committed that evening

5. A large crowd of animal lovers gathered in front of the building and protested against the mayor,................
a) whom they thought had ordered the stray dogs in the city to be shot
b) as he wanted to carry the zoo animals to their new premises
c) for he advocates providing lush pastures for the farmers to pasture their animals
d) having dismissed a cat owner leaving his family in a financial difficulty
e) for the drowning of some dolphins around Niğde

6. The judge turned a blind eye to the player................
a) standing outside the penalty area when the penalty kick was being taken
b) who swore at a spectator half an hour later the match
c) using his mobile phone too often behind the goal post
d) who played the ball with his palm
e) who returned to the field after getting a red card

7. What is perplexing about the sunken liner................
a) was why it is drifting so slowly after sinking
b) was so convincing that nobody was surprised that it had gone down
c) is whether she will make her maiden voyage this week
d) would have been investigated by the dead captain
e) is that she shouldn't have sunk with just slightly damaged sails

8. It is the experience...............-.
a) that the Istanbul police see straight away who are possibly runaways from Anatolian provinces
b) where Jack was abducted from
c) how the lawyer knows how to select a tie to match a sweater
d) having vanished among the large bushes at midnight
e) why people have to eat food, drink water and sleep

9. Enter the room silently with light steps................
a) so that they illuminate the dark room
b) unless your father got angry with your gait
c) so that the baby won't wake up
d) if the hotel porter hadn't left it already
e) but as loudly as possible

10. Jim clearly remembers lying still on the ground ……….
a) when he hears the sand of a plane
b) as if he were absent-minded if he doesn't lie
c) while the bullets were whizzing over his head
d) even though he hates going to sleep early
e) if you hit him hard on the head

11. Her hands wiping her face twice a second, ................
a) Peter shed plenty of tears over grandma's death
b) Becky toiled badly digging the ground to unearth the ring she had buried
c) they waited so long for the poor woman to take her last breath
d) we dried the forehead of the sweating doctor who was operating on our son
e) as soon as he comes back, his wife will be happy

12. ..............., adding that the company will possibly go bankrupt at this rate.
a) The sales director told reporters last month that the company's future looked bleak
b) The sales assistant said the demand for sportswear was increasing rapidly
c) The marketing manager says that the sales have fallen sharply recently
d) The company has become insolvent at last
e) We saw the celebrity at the biggest shopping centre of Izmir last Thursday

13. Due to my cunning girlfriend, who bargains hard,................
a) she managed to get our car back from the thieves
b) we are hardly overcharged in our shopping activities
c) we sold our car half its estimated value
d) she is going to buy a reasonable flat in uie city centre
e) our budgie has taken up talking politics

14. Fortunately you were able to brake at the most opportune moment;………..
a) we might have been killed with a lorry over us
b) otherwise, our car might fly off the road
c) or else the plane would outshoot the runway
d) although I had had the brakes tested before the journey
e) unless we overtook the vehicle just before us

15. Uncle Tom promises to prune our grapevines ................
a) after we have uprooted all of them and piled in the middle of the vineyard
b) realising that growing cotton would be better here
c) by shearing only the big leaves so that the grapes were ripened by the sun
d) if I lend him my tractor for two whole days
e) in order that we would burn the branches

16. ..............., yet no one is skilled enough to get it.
a) There are three giraffes trying to reach the fresh leaves on the end of a branch
b) Both girls aspire to be a celebrity in Hollywood one day
c) Neither I not my brother wants a career here
d) All the people here want the vacant position in our firm
e) A sack of watermelons was knocked down by my careless motion

17. After 1888, with the Sultan's order the practice of wearing Çarşaf began,………
a) and miniskirts, then in vogue as well, were banned
b) forcing women to wear it when in public
c) as soon as a textile industry thrived near the palace
d) with men keeping it below their chests
e) which caused women to be called dark angels

18. French law stipulated................
a) how public holidays are spent in central areas
b) a condition which would ensure complete security for turtles
c) horse riders should be ostracised by the farmers
d) what we now know as mad cow disease
e) that a boy not marry before 14 and a girl before 12

19. ..............., it seems that the tissues that hold the body together will be completely replaceable within a few decades.
a) Unless the new medical research proves fruitful
b) If cardiac diseases were treated more successfully
c) With the recent breakthroughs in organ transplantation
d) Whenever a vein is taken out and dissected
e) so that people would live longer than their ancestors

20. Becoming a senior editor at 30,................
a) Grunwald took advantage of his magazine's beneficence to move around the country
b) Mr West fired all the workers with the major newspapers
c) is a big achievement at such a young age, so we must celebrate it
d) was useless unless you had your own magazine
e) I will always take care of my job of publishing journals

21. Once a dreadful force,...............
a) the empty cart could hardly be pulled by the" decrepit mule
b) Mike's team will be defeated by one team after another
c) the engine of the car had turned rusty for lack of maintenance
d) the Russian military is now overstaffed, underpaid and plagued by a rising number of suicides
e) she has always been the most reluctant runner of all races

22. Disappointed with each other, the more time George and I spend alone these days, ...............
a) the more chance we had of reconciling
b) we had better stay aloof forever
c) the better we seem to get along
d) knowing that it would be better
e) as long as we don't meet by accident

23. If Susan had kept her mouth shut, the police couldn't have charged her...............
a) so that she was set free despite all the allegations
b) because they wouldn't have had any evidence against her then
c) which will be bad for her if she says everything
d) claiming that she was hiding something in her mouth
e) as it is hard to overcharge a tight-lipped person

24. ...............that can be thought as antidemocratic.
a) The law allows the security forces to take tough actions against groups
b) Arms dealers were banned from entering China
c) The newly formed coalition government also consisted of the Labour Party
d) The party in office stole many ballot papers in the general elections
e) The deadline for the applicatiohs was last Friday

25. Dramatic cultural changes have been taking place in the United States_____.
a) ever since non-European immigrants began to pour into the country
b) until new regulations concerning immigrants were introduced
c) which started at the turn of the century
d) some of which would have been regarded as destructive
e) as soon as World War II finished


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