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1. The pet owner claims ................
a) seeing UFOs at daybreak every afternoon
b) a dog can return from a place hundreds of miles far from its hut
c) our not being proper for the operation
d) what she has done for years
e) why have they left without letting you know?

2. The bus being congested,................
a) they got on the bus
b) they want to sell it for a low price.
c) I used to call on her on Fridays
d) they decided to take a taxi instead
e) ring me up on the mobile phone

3. Although she had studied until that morning,...............
a) she passed the exam very easily
b) facilitated her work at the restaurant
c) she did not believe that she could pass her exam
d) she had a good night's sleep having nothing to do
e) she had a horrible nightmare

4. While Kevin is friendly with everyone, ……………
a) he has made friends with many boys here
b) because he likes people
c) I was swimming in a pool near the hotel
d) we have never seen him speaking to anyone
e) his sister is too arrogant to speak to anyone

5. Some people think that hyperinflation could be curbed by equal taxation. In contrast ,............
a) vendors are exempt from taxation.
b) it should be free whether or not to pay any tax.
c) economic sanctions should be imposed on the country.
d) it would cause richer people to pay less.
e) the embargo can be lifted.

6. Not like ............... George is too wasteful.
a) having a holiday in an expensive country
b) his uncle, who does not squander even a single lira on trivial things
c) his cousin, who bought another car despite having a good one already
d) milk, cheese and honey
e) since the boy's gait was so slow to catch the ball

7. The staff were working very hard................
a) enough to please their supervisor
b) so attentively that they did the work in a few minutes
c) such things were unnecessary
d) so that they could finish the construction at the planned time
e) because the boss's wife is likely to have another heart attack

8. Unless he buys a house for her,................
a) she wouldn't have consented to see the boss for him
b) we could have hired one for her
c) where had they lived with their poor mother?
d) it was urgent to find a place to stay at
e) she won't accept his marriage proposal

9. ............... only if he had completed his military service by that day.
a) We are trying to take a clear photograph of the scene
b) I regard him as the man to carry out the special duty
c) They would have chosen him for the job
d) Let's recruit him as our new
e) The officers might not arrest him for smuggling

10. Whichever-city you have settled in,................
a) they won't be sure you are pleased here
b) as you wouldn't be aware of their trick
c) it is for this reason that I am looking for you, isn't it?
d) in order that we can see you whenever we want to
e) you will never be free from fear because of the KGB agems

11. They won't extend you any more credit................
a) if you pay your debts on time
b) despite your extravant nature
c) unless you pay your earlier debts
d) after you had used up all the previously given one
e) now that the construction of the new hospital is over

12. The minister of education did the official opening...............
a) instantly after the school is completed next week
b) as soon as the school building had been completed
c) for the sake of my grandmother's flowers
d) to make me happy since I will buy a bike for him
e) once the huge building has been erected

13. ...............whether you give assistance or not.
a) We would have finished the university successfully
b) We will attempt to reach the summit of the mountain
c) Margaret's rejection of the special offer was foolish
d) I didn't like the whisky at all
e) Who's making that unbearable noise

14. The poor woman would have got divorced,................
a) long before with her husband if she knows she was being cheated
b) to marry a richer man if her ex-husband had loved her
c) since she came to Manchester
d) had she been aware of her husband's love affairs
e) unless her husband bought the car she wanted tomorrow

15. Were the government to impose new taxes,................
a) people would protest outrageously
b) if there was a financial crisis?
c) nor was it possible for the country to develop further
d) the prime minister is said to pay a visit to the France
e) while it is so hard

16. Even though he has been sleeping for hours, he looks as if ...............
a) he weren't suffering from ipsomnia
b) we are fed up with him
c) he hasn't been sleeping for a week
d) I haven't driven him home for ages
e) he hadn't slept for a unit

17. Because of the fact that he didn't know how to use a computer, .....................
a) the computer was loaded on a lorry to be repaired
b) he was able to type well
c) he wasn't recruited for.the position
d) he typed the report by using an old computer
e) a computer engineer will come to see him today

18. In spite of the fact that many civilians had bssri slaughtered,...............
a) the morale of the soldiers were good enough
b) the Human Rights Organisation aren't condemning the genocide
c) the city was evacuated for lack of graves
d) because of a deadly war waged by the ruthless leaders
e) we haven't left the village with the hope that our troops might come for help

19. ..............., they resolved to settle in the city.
a) Because they still work on a farm 100 km far from the nearest city
b) They didn't feel like living there
c) Regardless of the fact that no one wanted them there
d) As they are keen on rural life
e) Owing to the fact that urban life didn't appeal to them

20. Istanbul,..............., is one of the most crowded cities in the world.
a) that is situated in the Northwest of Turkey
b) situated in the Northwest of Turkey
c) who is one of the biggest cities in the world.
d) where there is a megalopolis on the south coast
e) situating in the Northwest of Turkey

21. Despite the tricks he played on her,................
a) to stop her from working in a cinema
b) I couldn't count really!
c) he couldn't persuade her to sell the land
d) I regret to tell you this
e) we are going to cope with the trouble

22. The girls were concerned about................
a) whether she would return to the village
b) for her to return to the village
c) I am getting to know him
d) why were we persuading him to help us
e) if she would return to the village

23. The prime minister,..............., is thought to make a cabinet shift this week.
a) why he thinks of such a change in the cabinet
b) Margaret's friend knows very well
c) supported by the majority of the people
d) that the president doesn't like
e) because of some technical mishaps

24. .........., tell him I'll be back in five minutes.
a) I shouldn't meet you tomorrow
b) Should Mrs Yates ring me up
c) Because of your meddling in my affairs
d) His was a love of eternity
e) Were Mrs Yates to have asked me

25. _____you get splendid sight of the oak-covered slopes of these coastal mountain ranges that rise up from the Pacific.
a) If only the new road had been opened
b) As they headed for San Francisco
c) However unfairly the state of the roads was being attacked
d) Even though a great deal of money went into constructing the road
e) As you drive along the coast road


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