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1. _____that he has exaggerated the problems of the health-care system, using confusing arguments and deceptive statistics to support his case for reform.
A) He was being interviewed by a group of journalists
B) Many specialists and policy makes believe
C) This is an extremely radical suggestion
D) Under the present circumstances most people are encouraged
E) The report ignored the leading question

2. As businesses and banks have started to perform well and make profits,_____
A) only a crack in the stock market was to be feared
B) inflation and unemployment have been held in check
C) the economy ought to be able to withstand a recession
D) the Euro currency could stand up to so much criticism
E) fiscal transfers across European nation states were of minimal importance

3. As these new printers weigh less than 900 grams,_____.
A) they really deserve to be called portable
B) their performance is invariably admirable
C) most people have been misled by their price
D) they were readily available at all the best retailers
E) the research team has already moved on to a new project

4. If the central European countries can not keep their labor costs at this level,___
A) exports are already starting to drop
B) they haven't been able to compete with Western Europe
C) unrest in these countries would have been unavoidable
D) the finished products will have to go up in price
E) a firm control of distribution and sales has not proved adequate

5. The modification in the legal system is, at last, being regarded with approval___.
A) whenever there is a series of unsolved crimes
B) until another wave of crime spread across the country
C) because recently there has been a definite decline in the crime rate
D) while the police force itself felt dubious about it
E) as if there could have been some other feasible alternative

6. A new generation of business managers is coming to the forefront,_____.
A) whether the State continues to meddle in corporate affairs
B) whose methods are more vital, more international and more aggressive
C) who aimed to impress international investors
D) which was realistic about the importance of economic growth
E) so that they work to gratify not politicians but their own shareholders

7. _____, there will be a noteworthy decrease in the profits of most businesses.
A) If people start to spend less and save more
B) However efficiently the inflation was curved
C) Had these reasonable measures been introduced earlier
D) Before the financial situation could be fully understood
E) Though the leading economists had started to grow more helpful

8. Most of the Egypt's ruins are unfortunately being destroyed by the very people_____.
A) whose living habits had been depicted in the monuments
B) that actually aren't trained conservationists
C) who will ask for international funding
D) that is the result of faulty renovation
E) who were hired to fix them

9) Among the many differences that could be used as a basis for chauvinism, people quickly discovered that.......
A) it is imperative that their parents exercise their authority over their children
B) that there was no order in these cities today
C) so we just walked along them for a short distance
D) physical appearance was the easiest to identify
E) without experiencing the violence on television

10) Most workers went for days without food, and in turn ..........
A) they had not been in the same room
B) this caused their work pace to slow
C) what they were selling was large plastic bottles of holy water
D) I didn't care much for it
E) they felt like they visited there when people were still living there

11) Some people go to college because that is what is expected of them,..........
A) but a college education is good for each individual, and, it is good for the
B) and so I plan to study hard, make good grades, and be a top executive in a big firm.
C) we are the future businessmen and women, and through our knowledge, the country
will grow.
D) because the education we get today will help us prosper in the future.
E) and the more we expand our horizons, the more the economy will increase.

12) Women are usually not paid as much as men,..........
A) this is a prime example of the inconvenience it causes
B) and women unfortunately hold a small percentage of management positions
C) because businesses use children as willing subjects of research
D) they are doing what they can to help
E) because both sides have good arguments

13) People are able to gather huge amounts of information ..........
A) furthermore, our morals are put to the test
B) what role we play in society as our relationships with others
C) by working as a united society than as an individual
D) schools have a major impact in developing our group relations by
E) how it was taught to them in their childhood

14) It was like he had flashbacks of scenes through the last five years of his life and he saw how was reacting to situations,..........
A) and made a promise to himself to look for a long-term answer
B) but he sees that even though the same patterns are still occurring
C) and he saw how everything he did was only fixing things in the short term
D) which was the end of his junior year and he had just run away from his house
E) for he couldn't think of anyone to pick him up

15) His parents have wanted me to get into computer engineering ..........
A) but I'm afraid that material is no longer available
B) because they say that is where the growth sector is, right now, for employment.
C) although they say that truth is stranger than fiction
D) because I can't see the benefit of doing things this way
E) even if a journalist is used to having to meet deadlines

16) Our team had the potential and aptitude to have a great season............
A) but inner conflicts and interpersonal problems got in the way
B) finally, I realized that it was time to take the initiative
C) and show my team mates that we were not only a team
D) but a family would always be there for each other
E) as the season progressed, the team saw success and at the Championship

17) Gregory, who has high academic goals, cannot pay his tuition fee ......
A) when he first visited us on the farm
B) from the most sophisticated to the simplest ones
C) now since his father is unemployed
D) therefore he needed more and more food
E) so they decided to work a new model

18) If doctor helps the patient to die then hi or her practicing license could be taken away .............
A) no health insurance should be paid for him or her
B) with teenagers while benefiting mainly the middle class
C) that states the death penalty as a deterrent of murder
D) in his or her attempts to resolve issues
E) and he or she may be taken to court as a result

19) Many Americans in the past felt as I do today concerning the issue of slavery, ..........
A) and then received the usual response
B) and then the biggest step they made was to move away from there
C) but also the others did not
D) but in order to do what we would have to
E) a younger generation growing up seeing people executed

20) Blacks must prove that they are a subsidy ..........
A) which is the wrong one to be sending
B) the message that gets through is that it's cool to drink
C) although it does give an idea as to what the show contains
D) which whites cannot do without
E) when the television first became popular

21) Besides, all these nightmares, Brian was also ..........
A) losing his innocence he had as a schoolboy
B) a large portion of this money is taken by these individuals
C) the use of making machinery to kill, bomb, burn
D) children see this they will become curious
E) it does not tell as to the extent to which it is

22) People often confuse happiness with love .........
A) poets tell about people's situation and feeling in their poem
B) they hate you or want to harm you
C) I really do not compare myself to anyone
D) if someone is your enemy they stop talking as soon as they see you
E) because they think that if they are happy, then they are in love

23) Since we are all God's children, we should give each other support ......
A) so that we can all survive
B) hence we are worried about who will have the most tanks or guns
C) spending so much money on military expansion
D) we could easily provide every man, woman, and child in the world with enough food to
get fat
E) which is a disease that kills many people every year

24) People have developed prejudices toward others and then prejudiced against those.......
A) knowing what pain feels like for everyone
B) whom they regarded as different or inferior
C) have experienced it at one time in their lives
D) with two dimensions of pain; the physical and the emotional pain
E) who affect my social life the most are probably my family

25) Little by little, as more incidents occur and as more is leaked out, .............
A) the world will know that we are not alone
B) and one factor that greatly contributes to UFO scepticism
C) which is created by the thousands of UFO hoaxes made each year
D) using the same high-tech computers as was used before
E) which should tie noted that this report by no means scratch the surface of the UFO mystery


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