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1. ...........we need to find routines to cope with it.
a) If relaxation was essential for a healthy mind and body
b) After we had learned the living condition
c) Since we cannot remove stress from our lives
d) Whether he has confidence in our plans or not
e) As the disease wasn't cured

2. If only you had consulted the dentist when the trouble began…….
a) the pain naturally stops as soon as you arrive for your appointment
b) this tooth could not have been saved
c) you can get his number from the telephone directory
d) you would not be needing all this expensive treatment now
e) I can recommend mine with great confidence

3. .................who crossed the Pasific alone in a small sailing boat.
a) That must be the man
b) The news is that
c) I can't believe that anyone
d) I didn't realise how few people
e) Presumably he was lying

4. Since the poor understand poverty,................
a) the offer might have been turned down indefinitely
b) the travellers were overwhelmed by the welcome they received
c) the patients could never have raised so much money on their own
d) the resources available have been far from adequate
e) they often give more generously than the rich

5. .....................even though he is a lot younger than the rest of us.
a) The boys did better than the girls in the race
b) The flowers we sent him are still looking fresh
c) Whoever said that was mistaken
d) None of us actually saw it happen
e) You should have invited his sister to join us

6. ........ until you have found another work.
a) There are so many unemployed
b) There are a lot of advertisements in the newspapers
c) Don't tell anyone you are leaving
d) I thought you were perfectly happy working here
e) Nobody else could have advised

7. ...............whose coat was stolen last month?
a) Why were they surprised
b) Do you have their address
c) Hqw unusual is it
d) Isn't that the new librarian
e) Is there any news yet

8. ...........they really ought to leave as soon as possible.
a) Since they shall probably have a long wait at the bus station
b) since the roads are always busy at this hour
c) Though it is getting very late
d) Until they know which plane they are coming on
e) If there's no need to hurry

9. .............they had already finished their launch.
a) When we finally arrived
b) If only we had waited for thern
c) Unless she managed to get there on time
d) While you were watching the television
e) Whenever we are invited to their house

10. Everyone who met her at that time agreed .....................
a) how she is like her father
b) If her political views ever will get public suppqrt
c) that she was likely to become the most influential physicist of her age
d) how successful she has been as a pianist
e) though she was not as healthy as he would have liked to be

11. ................., I think students ought to have some previous knowledge of computers.
a) If it were an essential requirement for the participants
b) Whatever other requirements the organizing committee of the course may demand
c) In case the director had approved the new computer project
d) Until the examination results were announced
e) Since the problem related to the computer virus was to be discussed

12. Could that be the girl
a) as her essays were published in some magazines ,
b) that she had carried out experiments in physics
c) that represented our school at the international Violin Competition
d) so that we might have discussed her proposals
e) whether her father wanted to stop her from becoming a pop singer

13. The balance of nature cannot probably be maintained................
a) why people don't realize just how dangerous the situation is
b) before forest lands were managed efficiently
c) so long as there had been groups of people making quick profits through practic| harmful to the environment
d) unless every individual and every organization realizes how important it is to protect our environment
e) since the majority of the world population was worrying about the future

14. Having tested the pleasures of modern city life,.................
a) some of them would have been unwilling to return
b) they found life in their village tough and unattractive
c) they had worked hard to improve their living standards
d) the children will be educated and trained for a special job
e) people don't realize how lonely they are

15. Even though there are many young athletes that dream of winning an Olympic gold medal,.................
a) in competitions he is always under a great strain
b) getting to the top in any field had always required dedication
c) there are very few who actually manage to do so
d) most of them had been disqualified from taking part in the race
e) they always managed to score high marks in the competitions

16. As long as the architects' plans are carried out in full,.
a) the whole project could have been finished in just under three years
b) other suggestions have been rejected.
c) the only problem has obviously been solved in a satisfactory manner
d) the distance between the airport and the city center has attracted no criticism
e) the new airport will in the end provide everything a visitor could possibly desire

17. He still hasn’t had a chance to thank the nurse................
a) until the child was well enough to go home
b) why she visited us every day for a week
c) who looked after her mother so well in hospital
d) whose carelessness would make recovery slow
e) whether any more treatment was necessary

18. Our neighbour has promised to take care of the cat................
a) until we left for Antalya last week
b) while we are away on holiday this June.
c) whose kittens still weren't able to look after themselves
d) even if she preferred dogs to cats
e) however much cat food we leave with her
19. In most of the advertisements for jobs you must have noticed .
a) all the best jobs have been given to young people
b) how, many people had been out of work since the beginning of the century
c) if you are also highly qualified you are sure to be offered good employment
d) the salary is rarely stated even during the interview
e) that one of the requirements is a good knowledge of a foreign language.

20. ...............how long it would take us to walk to the downtown
a) Contrary to what we all expected
b) No one has ever attempted'
c) Our parents are exceedingly upset
d) He simply wanted to know
e) The decision was final

21. ...............as students go in them at half price.
a) The museum is always crowded on Thursdays
b) The paintings will be on exhibition for two weeks
c) All the tickets had been sold at least a week before the concert took place
d) The spectators are expected to applaud generously
e) The gates used to be closed at sunset

22. As soon as we got back home ................
a) I realise I have forgotten to buy the bread
b) I had expected my father to arrive
c) I had to begin getting the evening meal ready
d) the phone was already ringing
e) my sister will get the tea ready for us

23. ..................., you need a clever adviser to invest them in safer assets to bring you peaco| mind.
a) Unless you are doing an unprofitable business with your savings
b) Because it is almost impossible to bring up decent children today
c) While you may spend all your money on simple things
d) If you are retiring and your life savings are invested in risky stocks
e) As a more consistent strategy was required to increase your profits

24. …., so higher pay for them should reduce it remarkably.
a) Earlier construction workers had more stressful work for lack of enough tools
b) There is a greater demand for computers now than ever
c) Public officials are driven to corruption either by necessity or by greed
d) Miners are preparing to go on strike due to their low wages
e) More lecturers retired last year than any previous year, though the trend has slowed down

25. Whether it will be a long term government remains to be seen,.....................
a) now that they have gone so well so far in rural administration
b) so the resolution is already clear to both sides of the government
c) is something we can say nothing about as none of us is interested in politics
d) unless they signed an agreement with IMF in the near future
e) even though the coalition partners seem to have compatible ideas for the future


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