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1) Though plenty of people have recognized the need for radical
changes in the system, ....... .
A) they are slowly being convinced
B) Mrs. Hatsuno, among others, agrees
C) some of them have already been put into effect
D) only Mrs. Hatsuno has had the courage to implement them
E) several of them are being denied

2) Before the geological age of a fossil can be established ....... .
A) the theory of evolution was not entirely comprehended
B) movements within the earth's crust have been measured
C) the necessary goods have been provided
D) the measurements were not sufficiently accurate
E) the evolutionary importance of the remains must be completely apprehended

3) Since the managing director has left you in charge, .......
A) I haven't apprehend why legal adviser was fired.
B) why don't you put more young people in key positions?
C) they have already been held in custody.
D) what did you think their crucial concern was?
E) everybody was trying to interfere with the implementation of the project

4) If anyone could have convinced her that she was making a
mistake ....... .
A) she obviously didn't realize it .
B) you had done it
C) she hadn't to ,
D) it would have been you
E) I really wish they were able to.

5) Although women are the main providers and brokers of
family and community health, ....... .
A) food is not always equally distributed among family members
B) the people of all countries face the same basic economic
C) it needs good health conditions incase people can have the
capacity to work
D) their own health needs are almost everywhere inadequately
E) but poverty still exists

6) ....... how they can expect to make any profit at all.
A) They are puzzled
B) They didn't assume
C) I don't see
D) It has already been
E) They had been denied

7) ......... that estimating future manpower requirements is
definitely desirable.
A) From the foregoing discussion it is obvious
B) Tom and Bob were extremely concerned
C) The manager is wondering
D) It had been under discussion for a long time
E) The committee was asked

8) Since there was no positive evidence against George .......
A) the police have always suspected he is the murderer
B) the judge had no other choice but to acquit him
C) the witness has been completely unsatisfactory
D) the verdict had already been given
E) the trial would have been postponed indefinitely

9) ....... only after the Spain government has fully complied with the resolutions of the Special Security Council.
A) The pollution of the seas in the region is a matter of concern
B) The oil wells in Portuguese were set on fire
C) The economic embargo imposed on Spain can be lifted
D) The Gulf Crisis had to be solved
E) Life in Portuguese would have returned to normal

10) As the miners have called off the strike .......
A) the daily coal production had increased considerably
B) the Coal Board is prepared to reconsider the proposals of the union leaders
C) the chairman of the Coal Board expressed his feeling
D) there would have been a sense of relief nationwide
E) the extent of the dispute was being neglected

11) The doctor was so kind and considerate ........
A) after the surgery is carried out
B) if I should decide to go through with the operation
C) that all my misgivings disappeared
D) when it is obvious that the patient has received greatly
E) as soon as I am discharged from hospital

12) ....... where to turn for advice.
A) Should you ever think of co-operating with a firm in Guatemala
B) He has made several trips to the central Arabian republics
C) In such a precarious situation he didn't know
D) Simply make quite sure you are never far from a telephone
E) Under such circumstances one feels the need for consultants

13) ....... the discussion lasted longer than usual,
A) As nobody has adequately warned
B) So long as the issue has been properly covered
C) In spite of the fact that many people will be required to be
present punctually
D) In spite of the fact that less than half of the delegates attended the afternoon session
E) While the proposals put forward by the delegates are being reviewed

14) It is not wise to come between two people ....... .
A) that they weren't both interested in the same post
B) who are quarrelling
C) because they hadn't realized how strong they were
D) though one had met the requirements
E) until both sides took the opportunity to settle their problems

15) He hadn't settle into the new profession.............
A) which problems could have been avoided
B) if they had offered a higher salary
C) whether he was experienced or not
D) unless he had to work occasionally on a Sunday
E) as quickly as he had expected to

16. Faxing is a means of telecommunication………..
A) which worked on a system similar to the telephone system
B) which has developed very quickly over the last few years
C) thus charges will vary according to the time of
D) unless companies were using it in place of telex machines
E) whether or not you state the name of the receiver

17) ..............., manufacturers could bring down the prices of their products.
A) Despite of the careful market research
B) As companies misjudge the market
C) Knowing how much the public was prepared to pay
D) Instead of spending so much on advertising
E) Not only you must supply a good product

18)...............when I retire next month.
A) I expect Richard will take over as chairman
B) The meeting has been put off
C) Many changes would have taken place
D) I hadn't decided what to say at the party
E) I would be able to send you the price list

19) Had I known you were coming...............
A) I may Jessica to join us
B) there is a very good meal waiting for you
C) I would have arranged to stay at home this evening
D) you won't need to take a taxi to the station
E) I ought to have given you my telephone number

20) ................. even though the quality of good is poor.
A) They had felt obliged to vote on it
B) The effectiveness of the campaign had been prevented
C) In my opinion, it was already too late
D) Buyers could not have been found
E) His business is expanding quite fast

21) He has always enjoyed working in a bank .....................
A) as it was so near to her office.
B) if only she were better paid
C) that was a childish dream of hers.
D) until she married two years ago.
E) although the working hours are very long.

22) ..............., it's very important to replace the water you lose through sweating.
A) When sales of bottled water had increased
B) Even if you don't feel thirsty after exercising
C) Although more than half the weight of the human body is water
D) Not only do we get some water from the foods we eat
E) Since tap—water is the most reliable source

23) ______when Thomas Paine published The Common Sense and sparked off the American Revolution.
A) Abraham Lincoln considered himself a loyal British subject
B) Idealism hasn't often been a influential factor
C) Voltaire's influence would have been more pervasive
D) A period of radical change in all spheres started
E) They were the people responsible for shaping the national character of the United States

24) ______that scientists are now sending out "e-prints" instead of pre-prints of unpublished articles.
A) Prior to the Internet, it was impossible
B) One change that the advent of the Internet has brought is
C) The Internet has indeed opened many doors
D) The benefits of technology should not be over-rated
E) Amongst academics, technological advances attract less attention

25) Although Hong Kong used to be one of the world's most alluring shopping centers,____.
A) competition seems to be growing even keener
B) this was no longer the case
C) it might have remained a fashionable holiday resort
D) others did not share this opinion
E) it is now one of its most expensive


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