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1) Undoubtedly! the life- style we have today differs from radically from that ...........
A) so long as many things are drastically changed
B) which our parents knew
C) if the government's wage policy leads to an improvement in working conditions
D) one which had been vividly described before by various authors
E) since there has been a considerable awakening of the Turkish peasant

2) After the new law comes into effect next year, ...........
A) smoking will be prohibited in the hallways and other shared areas
B) the case may have been reconsidered
C) the relationship with Spain had to be reviewed
D) we should have prepared the way for a smooth political transition
E) there would have been a sense of relief nationwide

3) Governments and industries all over the world are intensifying their efforts .......... .
A) therefore the environment is in danger
B) in spite of the fact that the worst increase in rates of death occurred among those aged between forty-five and sixty-four
C) to clean up the pollution at source
D) that most environmental problems are too complex for simple solutions
E) however stabilization was still a long way off

4) Though every place on the earth gets an average of 11 hours of sunlight per day over the course of a year, .......... .
A) that accounts directly for the contrast between the richness of the flora and fauna in the tropics
B) on the average, air tends to rise directly over the equator
C) not all places get the same amount of solar energy or heat
D) carbon dioxide may be another one of the limiting factors in production
E) water is the most vital and the most unique of all compounds

5) .......... , there are few energy policies or plans.
A) In a world where energy is of supreme importance
B) We are running out of some of the energy sources
C) The fact that there is remarkable difference in the use of energy from one country to another
D) The gap between the developed and developing nations has continued to widen
E) More recent trends reflect a dramatic climb in the use of electrical energy

6) Thanks to the prompt and generous example that is set by a lot of countries, .......... .
A) the plight of the earthquake victims is rapidly improving
B) medical supplies have still to reach the target areas
C) famine in Africa has reached unprecedented levels
D) world wildlife still requires statutory arrangements
E) most of the refugees are denied entry

7) None of the other candidates were almost so well qualified,...... .
A) whether an MS was essential
B) so it was decided to offer the post to Mr. Barry
C) if he hadn't completed his studies in the USA
D) however successful he had been in his previous appointment
E) even after you have examined the plans very carefully

8) Isn't that ..........?
A) The parcel has been lost for some time
B) the woman that is next to the President at the airport
C) where the rest of the group had lost their way
D) the place has been evacuated
E) whatever reasons have been given

9) Once someone has lost someone's trust .......... .
A) a great deal of effort was required
B) you have sensed it before
C) it took many years to create
D) it is nearly impossible to get it back again
E) it all happened by accident

10) As soon as the chairman had left the room ...........
A) the unpleasantness of the occasion has almost been forgotten
B) the intermission is obviously well timed
C) almost no one else was permitted entrance
D) the majority have followed him
E) the unease of the board members became apparent

11) If he weren't so obstinate .......... .
A) that is the conclusion everyone seems to have reached
B) nobody can get on with him
C) plenty of people would willingly work on his team
D) it was quite impossible to make him change his mind
E) work on the bridge has progressed better than we expected

12).......... that, over the last fiscal year, the firm's profits have nearly doubled.
A) It's worth nothing
B) Whatever else the manager may-argue
C) The facts couldn't have been discounted
D) Surprising though it might have seemed
E) In this context there was no doubt

13) .......... the overall trend will be up.
A) Just as the manufacturers had predicted
B) Although there may be minor fluctuations in food prices
C) Whatever the economic reviews had predicted,
D) To ward off the recession
E) Should the industrialized countries have continued to withhold support

14) A question that often arises when furniture is to be bought is ........
A) how the color of the carpet would have been matched
B) to what extent a reduction in the price could have been made
C) that new designs will be coming in
D) to consult an interior designer who had had great experience
E) whether one is getting value for money or not

15) ......... which will further aggravate the unemployment problem.
A) Several companies are considering reductions in the
workforce No solutions are forthcoming
B) The minister had been under attack for some time
C) No solutions were expected
D) No solutions are forthcoming
E) Investment programs should be put into force

16) Over 38,000 cars are reported missing in Spain each year and
A) a stolen car is also far more likely to be involved in an
B) make your own car a less inviting target
C) many of these aren't recovered
D) car thieves were often young and sometimes drunk
E) car crime can be put drastically if motorists follow a few
simple rules

17) Despite the fact that new oil and gas fields have recently been and continue to be discovered in some parts of the world, ......... .
A) this explains why oil and gas are not found in geologically old rocks
B) reserves will nevertheless be depleted in the next few decades
C) we would have been faced with a dilemma
D) unfortunately, such a change might bring about undesirable consequences for the world
E) the numbers suggest that we are not going to run out of
crude oil immediately

18) It is surprising ....... .
A) so that his childhood was not spent very profitably
B) that she had given in her resignation so suddenly
C) where such accurate and detailed information had come
from .
D) how much attention even the more serious paper will
have given him
E) how few people have ever seen an original G. Klimt painting

19) This concept would be easy to illustrate and defend, .......
A) however much time they can allow us
B) as long as they had provided us with adequate assistance
C) for there was a great deal of disagreement among the
D) if it were not for the fact that we haven't got accurate data
E) until the whole controversy had been ended.

20) We can't repair the photograph machine ourselves, ........
A) unless Bill had offered to help us
B) so we will have to get someone to do it for us
C) if we knew where the problem was
D) that it has broken down
E) if you haven't managed to

21) This is the woman ....... .
A) who writes on wild flowers
B) is best qualified to help you
C) that he talked on ancient monuments
D) I went to the theatre with him
E) if only I could go to his lecture

22) The committee reached a consensus, ....... .
A) regardless of the fact that there were some political matters involved
B) if they had been guided by the director-general
C) in view of the success which has just reached
D) in case of new developments occurring in Asia
E) until it is time for the press conference

23) Isn't that the man .......?
A) which is responsible for the design of the botanical gardens
B) that he lost his temper at the board meeting
C) who have just returned from a business conference in Sudan
D) if he knew how to negotiate such delicate issues
E) whose son has won a scholarship

24) Don't you think it is significant .....?
A) in case so many people would have marched in protest
B) if the resolution had been passed
C) how quickly they had cancelled all the flights
D) whether they were re-elected
E) that 32 people have resigned since Mrs. Copper was appointed manager

25) One copy was sent to Ms. Halliday, ....... .
A) before the shareholders are aware of the results
B) that he has explained the problem completely
C) who acknowledged it in an extremely polite letter
D) which in many respects fail to achieve our objectives
E) in spite of the fact that the surgeon had consulted the others before the operation


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