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1. Even the architect was impressed at the speed and efficiency......
A) until more problems have appeared
B) that the project will be finished in time
C) whether the workers were prepared to go on strike
D) although some of the members have been warned earlier
E) with which the team worked

2. Mike's family live so far out of the town .....
A) even though they enjoyed all the advantages of city life
B) who have lost contact with so many good friends
C) as one can get there only by taking a taxi
D) because the land they had bought was extremely cheap
E) that they can rarely get to a concert or a theatre

3. Queen Mary III delighted to participate in the court dances .......
A) since nobody has dared to criticize her
B) if her health would have permitted her to
C) even when she was an old lady
D) whenever there may have been an audience to applaud her
E) that she liked to be the centre of attention

4. Smallpox vaccination became popular ......
A) that eventually this disease would have been completely wiped out
B) even though the success rate, according to recent statistics, is still rather doubtful
C) even if it had not been a fatal disease that brought death to all levels of society
D) however unlikely me is to come in contact with the disease
E) only after Johnson's discovery that the less dangerous cowpox material was an effective immunizing agent

5. Our first impression of the new manager was distinctly favourable ......
A) though we were sorry to see the old one go
B) unless his manner was more formal than we were used to
C) however reluctant we are to go along with the new policy
D) until the efficiency of his new methods can be established
E) that he was determined to restore the firm to its former glory

6. Before Rogers shed light on dreams and the extraordinary role of the subconscious ......
A) the relationship between stress and dreams would surely have been recognized
B) there are many who have grasped their significance
C) many traditional ways of interpreting dreams are being analyzed
D) educated people often regarded dreams as meaningless and pointless
E) many great writers still draw on the principles of human psychology

7. Construction workers will go on strike next Thursday......
A) that they negotiated for over five hours and were unable to each an agreement with the management
B) so long as the only solution for a settlement is an independent enquiry into their working conditions
C) because the two sides have done their best to settle their dispute by bargaining
D) in case the workers were asked to compromise and accept a pay rise of 20 %
E) unless the management agrees to accept their claim for a 50 % pay increase

8. When a company wants to fill a vacancy ......
A) there are always staff who want to leave for various reasons
B) the candidates have all been required to write an essay on the current economic situation in Europe
C) the applicants were invited for an interview before a committee
D) it is essential that future managers must be trained as thoroughly as possible
E) it usually puts an advertisement in a newspaper

9. ....... what I've just told you; nobody should learn it.
A) Don't tell anyone
B) Everyone knows that
C) They were talking about it on the bus
D) Arthur gave the news to me
E) Mind you remember the names

10. …... as Mr. Dudikof will be out of town on the 24th.
A) The guest delegates had already invited
B) I've only just learned
C) The argument that influenced us most
D) We are postponing the meeting
E) The factory was founded 12 years ago

11. If the period of his scholarship is not extended, ...
A) he didn't know what courses he would be taking.
B) he was admitted to the university.
C) they would have accepted his thesis.
D) the semester ends on June 20th.
E) he won't complete his research.

12. Since she is not interested in classical music,...
A) she is very fond of baroque music, too
B) she had not taken his wife to the concert
C) Mozart was one of her favourite composers
D) they did not play any jazz that evening
E) she decided not to go to the concert

13. ..... by the time this one is over.
A) She will probably have sold all his other paintings
B) The doctor examined ten patients
C) The strikers would have liked an increase in their wages
D) The nurses were allowed to admit all visitors
E) The lawyer refused the divorce case

14. Dr. Andredav took her students to see the patient...
A) if he had had an open heart operation
B) that he was coughing badly
C) who had made such a good recovery
D) unless he were given the right medicine
E) whoever he is treating

15. Mr. Hanks was surprised to learn ...
A) which is the area the basin covers
B) if the reports of the geologists were optimistic
C) though there had been erosion of the rocks
D) how rich Afghanistan is in mineral deposits
E) until he did some field work

16. He had always wanted to be an sociologist...
A) whenever he reads a book on ancient tribes
B) as soon as he began the university
C) but finally he was persuaded to take up archaeology
D) in case his research was not found original
E) not even when he learned all about tribal life

17. ..... the girl didn't manage to operate the machine.
A) No matter how much it costs
B) If he had explained better
C) Although the mechanic explained things clearly
D) Even if they oil it
E) However much noise it makes

18. The unemployment problem is so severe ....
A) since drunkenness has increased
B) that many people want to emigrate to Australia
C) because the poor have become poorer
D) whether salaries may go up or not
E) for the workers went on strike

19. .......... is still a great mystery.
A) The terrorist killed during the fight
B) Where did they go for their honeymoon
C) The cases about the murdered women
D) The stolen money and the jewellery
E) What caused the incredible fire

20. The men pushed their way into the market, .......... .
A) slamming the door behind them
B) not even thought about the other people
C) disturbed all the crowd there
D) towards whom they were running
E) into which they entered

21. Owing to the exceptionally cold weather,...........
A) put on your red coat
B) the weather cleared up before we left for Adana
C) there has been very poor harvest this year
D) nobody was interested in the weather forecast
E) he wouldn't heat the institute

22. As the road was under construction, ...........
A) all the drivers prefers the other one
B) the authorities closed it to the traffic
C) it was a pleasant drive
D) the cars were permitted to use it
E) the police prevented none of the drivers from using it

23. Man and apes are the same in that .......... .
A) apes can use tools
B) both have large brains compared to the body size
C) speaking complex languages differentiates men from apes
D) man has possessed the secret of making fire
E) man can control his natural environment to a far greater degree than any other creature.

24. Even though computers are taking over some of the tasks accomplished by our brains,
they ...........
A) have also been used in- medicine and space
B) can be solved very complicated problems
C) can gather a wide range of information for many purposes
D) haven't been able to replace men
E) are even used at schools by students

25. .......... how you do the job, not if you finish it quickly or not.
A) How vital is
B) What is important is
C) It is important that
D) The thing which is important
E ) The essential thing


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