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1. Before National Health Service Protection Act came into force in 1935 in the U.S,.......
A) The funding of hospitals was a major issue in home politics
B) these people aren't able to afford medical advice
C) there have been angry debates about the necessity for it
D) everyone realized that these were all, fundamentally, political issues
E) many doctors would feel that the transition have been extremely painful

2. ..... that estimating future manpower requirements is unquestionably desirable.
A) From the foregoing discussion it is obvious
B) We were extremely concerned
C) The manager is wondering
D) It had been under discussion for a long time
E) The committee was asked

3. ..... how much this Norwegian director's films manage to communicate.
A) You didn't show any reaction
B) It really is surprising
C) The audience was suddenly startled
D) The dramatic cough is an instance
E) There are no certain advantages with black and white movies

4. Although the effect of the famine have been made worse by the politicians, ......
A) the West would have shown its sympathy in a most generous manner
B) it was beyond the power of any government to undertake the responsibility
C) a fair distribution of the available food will have been achieved
D) so one disaster was naturally followed by another
E) food is now being distributed wherever it is needed

5. ..... that least changes the behaviour of companies, investors, shoppers and workers.
A) The inflation rate has been reduced
B) The best inflation rate is one
C) The article concerning inflation maintains
D) The price index has raised so much controversy
E) The outcome of the recent economic reforms has received much praise from the

6. One of the best suggestions was put forward by Prof. Rolingston,......
A) that the managing director was especially impressed
B) who is generally the quietest member of the board
C) though the financial demands might be difficult to meet
D) unless it was approved by the committee
E) before anyone else has time to make any contribution to the discussion

7. The new medicines promise to protect asthma patients for up to 12 hours,......
A) even though medical authorities had been concerned about the side effects
B) as long as the results of this research project are confirmed within the month
C) so that they can sleep better at night
D) since the findings have not yet been thoroughly studied
E) which could have proved to be a most remarkable medical breakthrough

8. So many cultural diversities have been taking place in the United States ......
A) ever since non-European immigrants began to pour into the country
B) until new regulations concerning immigrants were introduced
C) which started at the turn of the century
D) some of which would have been regarded as harmful
E) as soon as World War II ended

9. Engel's theory of evolution was based on the observation ......
A) while amazing evidence for 25 years in support of it
B) why many people of his own age were reluctant to admit it
C) whether his insight really was revolutionary
D) that all individuals of the same species are not identical
E) since the multiplicity of forms seemed unending

10. Motorcycles have many expenses,......
A) so long as one doesn't use them excessively.
B) unless one could get a sufficient loan from the bank.
C) in case a number of people cannot afford them.
D) so it's worth thinking carefully before buying one.
E) however essential they were thought to be in business life.

11. Many people, disappointed with the new scale of salaries,......
A) because they were too low to live on
B) although the Government made a considerable increment this time
C) have marched in protest
D) had applied for a transfer
E) which was half of the inflation rate

12. Once the new system put into practice, ......
A) everyone had predicted the drawbacks from the start
B) the organizers won't face innumerable problems
C) few of us were prepared for such devastating results
D) those who oppose it are advised to stay silent
E) people realized that their anxieties about it had been groundless.

13. Don't you think it is important.....?
A) in case so many people would have marched in protest
B) if the resolution had been passed
C) how quickly they had cancelled all the flights
D) whether they were re-elected
E) that 26 people have resigned since Mr. Fairfax was appointed manager

14. The society take it for granted that......
A) whether they realized just how serious the drug problem had become
B) the new interest policy contributed to the greater degree of stability in prices at this period
C) why no survivors whatsoever were found
D) how all receipts and papers concerning the transaction mysteriously disappeared
E) why the other passengers had absolutely no comment to make at all about the accident

15...... Angel's Town was one of the few textile towns that continued to grow in the twentieth century.
A) If the government lifted the sanctions
B) Since its trade was both flexible and varied
C) However unpopular the scheme had seemed to many
D) As soon as the industrial revolution got under way
E) Just as many industrial areas were competing with each other

16. As the strong storm had been forecast for the area,.....,
A) record harvests are expected this year
B) they would presumably cancel the excursion to the ruins in the valley
C) I can't imagine why they neglected to take all necessary precautions to avoid flooding
D) farm labours would have to work overtime and at weekends
E) the resulting floods caused widespread hardship

17...... she refuses to accept any of their suggestions.
A) Even though the committee members had approved the plan in full
B) While the speaker considers politics to be the art of persuasion
C) Since she is so prejudiced in this matter
D) Because the discussions at the conference would have included a wide range of issues
E) If they told her that she had to make up her mind as soon as possible
18. Without doubt, the life-style we have today differs radically from that....
A) which our parents knew.
B) one which had been vividly described before by various authors.
C) because the Industrial Revolution would have brought about a major social transformation.
D) as long as a majority of the people still work on the land.
E) if the government's wage policy leads to an improvement in working conditions.

19. ........are recorded by special devices.
A) The heart specialist checking the heart pulses which
B) Electromagnetic waves emitted by stars
C) By measuring the length of the lights coming from the sun that
D) Infuriated by the interruptions made by the machine working concurrently they
E) Exposed to the danger of floods in the area which

20. ..... she'll never be as successful as her father is.
A) However hard she tries
B) She should have realized years ago
C) It must have been hard for her to admit
D) Walter should never have said
E) It didn't seem likely

21. Harrier has the ability to climb vertically,......
A) even though the winds were blowing at gale force
B) if it can take off in a very restricted space
C) which, in certain circumstances, is its main advantage over other types of aircraft
D) whenever the pilot felt himself obliged make a forced landing
E) if the cost of its upkeep hadn't been a heavy burden on the budget

22. Undoubtedly the life-style we have today differs completely from that .......
A) which our parents knew
B) one which had been vividly described before by various authors
C) because the Industrial Revolution would have brought about a major social transformation
D) as long as a majority of the people still work on the land
E) if the government's wage policy leads to an improvement in working conditions

23. As the workers have called off the strike .......
A) the daily coal production had increased considerably.
B) the Coal Board is prepared to reconsider the proposals of the union leaders.
C) the chairman of the Coal Board expressed his satisfaction.
D) there would have been a sense of relief nationwide.
E) the extent of the dispute was being ignored.

24. The columnist impressed by the letter from a reader ......
A) printed his letter on the editorial page
B) and then thanked him for it on behalf of all his personnel
C) and appreciated it very much
D) because it was exactly to the point
E) although the reader had severely criticized him

25. The student's role is one of receiving information,______.
A) if he concentrates on the subject
B) the teacher's role is one of sending it
C) he didn't communicate the essential information
D) which is the cornerstone of learning
E) when he is in a teaching session


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