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1) As the workers have called off the strike ......
A) the daily coal production had increased considerably
B) the Coal Board is prepared to reconsider the proposals of the union leaders
C) the chairman of the Coal Board expressed his satisfaction
D) there would have been a sense of relief nationwide
E) the extent of the dispute was being ignored

2) All pills should be kept in a safe place ......
A) in case there were any side effects
B) if they can be found in an emergency
C) so that they were kept cool
D) where small children cannot reach them
E) which mustn't exceed the recommended dose

3) Do not attempt to cut down or shorten large trees ......
A) just as branches that appeared healthy had in fact been rotten inside
B) unless you are absolutely confident that you can do it properly
C) by making sure that your neighbours were not opposed to it at all
D) if the weather conditions had not been taken into account
E) in case the manager rejected the findings

4) Earlier this century, San Francisco acquired a reputation for colourful politicians, newspapermen and gangsters ......
A) simply because commerce has been the key to the city's development
B) just as today Chicago remains a city of close knit ethnic neighbourhoods
C) even though the city has become a centre for meat products
D) but its cultural life was less well known then
E) as it is located at the conjunction of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system and surrounded by the productive farmlands of the Midwest

5) The suggestion put forward by the colonel......
A) who wanted it to be realized
B) whose inferiors never disobeyed his orders
C) which every authority agreed on
D) was someone who was loved by his soldiers
E) will be carried out verbatim

6) They live so far out of the city ......
A) even though they enjoyed all the advantages of city life.
B) who have lost contact with so many good friends.
C) as one can get there only by taking a taxi.
D) because the land they had bought was extremely cheap.
E) that they can rarely get to a concert or a theatre.

7) Isn't that the man .....?
A) which is responsible for the design of the botanical gardens
B) that he lost his temper
C) who have just returned from a business conference
D) if he knew how to negotiate such delicate matters
E) whose daughter has won a scholarship to pursue her graduate studies in the United Kingdom

8) ..... why their wages had not been improved as expected.
A) One of the important changes made in the pay scheme concerns
B) Even the secretaries have been disappointed
C) The clerk was ordered by the judge himself
D) The major problem facing the new director right away involves
E) The employees were anxious to find out

9) This idea would be easy to illustrate and defend ......
A) however much time they can allow us
B) so long as they had provided us with adequate assistance
C) for there was a great deal of disagreement among the participants
D) if it were not for the fact that we haven't got accurate data
E) until the whole controversy has been ended

10) A question that often comes to mind when furniture is to be bought is ......
A) whether or not one is getting value for money
B) that new designs will soon he coming in
C) how the color of the carpet would have been matched
D) to consult an interior designer who had had great experience
E) to what extent a reduction in the price could have been made

11) The board reached a consensus ......
A) regardless of the fact that there were some political issues involved
B) if they had been guided by the director general
C) in view of the intelligence which has just reached
D) in case of new developments occurring in Africa
E) until it is time for the press conference

12) Though the term "human rights" is of recent origin,......
A) There are certain actions that are never permissible and certain freedoms that should never be invaded
B) after 1933 the Western would realize that it was living in an age of totalitarian dictatorship far worse than old monarchic absolutism
C) natural rights can be seen in their origins as claims that everyone naturally makes
D) some politicians claim that any doctrine of human rights must be in some sense a doctrine of natural rights
E) the idea itself can be traced back through John Locke in the seventeenth century to the great philosophers of classical antiquity

13) From what has been said so far we can simply conclude .......
A) what is the subject about
B) that is awaiting the nation
C) whose fault was the foreign deficit
D) that new measures are on the pipeline
E) in spite of the complicated topic of the conference

14) ......... by the time they got her to the hospital.
A) The cause of the accident will be fully understood
B) He has been critically ill
C) The condition of the patient had deteriorated considerably
D) They still don't realize how serious his situation is
E) The doctor on duty should give him a blood transfusion

15) Naturally he was shocked to learn ......
A) whichever businesses managed to increase their profits towards the end of the year
B) how anyone can survive even two days in the North Sea
C) that she had set her heart on going back to Johannesburg
D) where I have hidden the key to the garage
E) until the whole debt has been paid back to the very last penny

16) If only they had realized that our food and water were running out ........
A) the crisis might still be avoided
B) those in charge could put the matter right
C) nobody could appreciate the gravity of the situation
D) there were reinforcements ready to be sent out
E) they would most certainly have done something about it

17) As unemployment is currently a major social problem, .......
A) the strikes have really crippled the industry and consequently, the export of manufactured goods has come to a standstill
B) the measures introduced had little effect on the improvement of the country's economic performance
C) its worst economic effects have been partly softened by the government's introduction of unemployment compensation
D) the economic prospect was far from encouraging
E) people are not working as hard as their belief in the work ethic indicates that they should be

18) Despite what the politicians promised before the elections,......
A) which the Government made wasn't kept
B) none of them had been kept
C) the voters are yet to see at least one of these words come true
D) after the elections each was carried out
E) we avoided to get contaminated

19) Japan is the best example in the world of ......
A) where the income is higher than many European countries
B) how the task was accomplished
C) whom the other peoples admire
D) what technology can achieve
E) that the unity of a nation can have incredible results

20) Unemployment in the U.S. continued to rise during the first half of the century,......
A) even if the workers could have received additional fringe benefits
B) as the rate of inflation will go up accordingly
C) while most companies would have been badly hit by the recession
D) but thereafter stabilized at about six per cent
E) despite the fact that the volume of exports cannot be increased

21) I would call for a number of people in this company to take early retirement......
A) until the affair is forgotten
B) since I have the authority to do so
C) that such a scandal had really happened
D) were I in full charge
E) even if I had been fully informed of matters well in advance.

22) Henry insisted on taking us all out for dinner ......
A) whenever he comes to L.A. for a weekend
B) since he's really very hard up at the moment
C) even though he really couldn't afford to
D) that there was so little to eat in the house
E) before the contract would have been signed

23) Before Freud shed light on dreams and the extraordinary role of the subconscious
A) the relationship between stress and dreams would surely have been recognized
B) there are many who have grasped their significance
C) many conventional ways of interpreting dreams are being analyzed
D) educated people often regarded dreams as meaningless and pointless
E) many great writers still draw on the principle of human psychology

24) Our first impression of the new manager was distinctly favorable_____.
A) though we were sorry to see old one go
B) unless his manner was more formal than we were used to
C) however reluctant we are to go along with what we're used to
D) until the efficiency of his new methods can be established
E) that he was determined to restore the firm to its former glory

25) _____, it was not long before they could resume broadcasting.
A) If only their permit had been renewed
B) Once the fault in the system had been found
C) As long as the electrical supply remains stable
D) As the maintenance team were on leave
E) However unwelcome the delay might be


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