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1) ...... before the town planners worked seriously.
A) City planning has continued to be their prime concern
B) A great many ugly apartment blocks were built
C) A good architect views his work within the context of the area at large
D) In this respect new cities are at a great advantage
E) New cities never have the same atmosphere as the old

2) ....., even though many other countries are increasing their own production.
A) This is just one of many developments in international trade
B) England still imported a great deal of tropical fruit
C) Turkey's exports of fruit and vegetables will have dropped sharply
D) Steel remains an important item of Greece's international trade
E) By the end on the month figures concerning the dollar reserves will have been processed

3) If one day energy can be produced efficiently by clean techniques, ......
A) oil prices were expected to rise again
B) the production of coal had to be reduced
C) then these methods should obviously be preferred
D) most governments would have invested in them
E) a lot of firms might have been expected to contribute generously

4) ...... how close he had been to winning the election.
A) To be perfectly honest I was considerably relieved
B) It shouldn't have been misinterpreted
C) Even John's own supporters were surprised when they learned
D) The votes had finally been counted
E) He should have withdrawn from the election campaign

5) If your employer asked you to take an extra work without more pay,......_?
A) have you discussed the matter with him
B) would you agree to do so
C) why do you think he may have suggested this
D) what was the reaction of your colleagues
E) will you resign at once

6) The rate of individual spending began to rise incredibly in the 1970's .......
A) just as the manufacturing industry can be expected to expand
B) until many banks would have to renew their contracts
C) as the average salary did not go up
D) despite the fact that there will be a tangible improvement in the balance of
E) when the use of credit cards became widespread

7) The rate unemployment continued to rise during the second half of the decade,......
A) even if the workers could have received additional fringe benefits.
B) as the rate of inflation will go up accordingly.
C) while most companies would have been badly hit by the recession.
D) but thereafter stabilized at about six per cent.
E) despite the fact that the volume of exports cannot be increased.

8) The nutritive food newly born babies should be fed with is ......
A) that provides the baby with all necessary vitamins and minerals
B) such that spares the mother time and comfort
C) that which enables the baby's body to grow up healthily
D) what was advised by doctors
E) which mothers care much for

9) Historians and archaeologists have learned_____.
A) that causes the earthquake in the northwest part of the region
B) if they are to follow the basic scientific approaches
C) searching for the proof showing that Incas lived in the region
D) to rely upon the amazing accuracy of historical memory in the Bible
E) although they are not from the same scientific field of study

10) ...... unless we receive more funding
A) He was praised for his scholarly achievement
B) We failed to reach any satisfactory conclusion
C) The company has taken serious measures to improve the working conditions.
D) No remarkable progress had been made
E) It will be impossible to carry out any further research

11) After the new law comes into effect next year,......
A) there will be a radical change in the structure of local administration
B) we should have prepared the way for a smooth political transition
C) the policy on industrial relations had to be abandoned
D) all the hospitals in the country had been made accountable to the Ministry of Health
E) the case may have been reconsidered

12) ...... how Jennie can expect to make any profit at all.
A) We were puzzled
B) I don't see
C) They didn't assume
D) It has already been
E) They had been denied

13) ...... you get wonderful views of the forest of these coasted mountain ranges that rise up from the Pacific.
A) If only the new road had been opened
B) As they headed for San Francisco
C) However unfairly the state of the roads was being attacked
D) Even though a great deal of money want into constructing the road
E) As you drive along the coast road

14) Many of the workers discontented with the new midnight shift .......
A) and so they went on a strike
B) so that they would get the morning shift
C) such bad conditions that they quit job for one hour as a warning to the employers
D) gathered in the garden and refused to go on working
E) although they were given a high rise

15) A problem that often arises when furniture is to be bought is .......
A) whether or not one is getting value for money.
B) that new designs will soon be coming in.
C) how the colour of the carpet would have been matched.
D) to consult an interior designer who had had great experience.
E) to what extent a reduction in the price could have been made.

16) ........., who intended to resign from her party, every other member voted for the regulation.
A) Deputy Minister
B) The London member of parliament refused to say "Yes"
C) Besides their member from Istanbul
D) The Prime Minister blamed the Minister of Culture
E) Apart from the London M. P.

17) ...... as if surgery may be unnecessary.
A) They had already explained to us
B) In the light of the latest report, it looks
C) The doctor might have decided
D) According to the final tests one can conclude
E) The patient was encouraged

18) ...... if any one party decides to refuse the obligations it has undertaken in the treaty.
A) Obviously, very serious problems will arise
B) They may have rejected the offer
C) They were obviously determined to be present at the opening of the talks
D) The last speaker was quite adamant on the need to resume fighting
E) The observers may have been very upset

19) ...... that she genuinely regretted the role she had played in it.
A) I may be quite wrong
B) It wouldn't surprise me at all
C) The manner in which she begged us to check the incident showed
D) Surely it's worth investigating the matter later
E) It has been quite obvious

20) That's the woman ......
A) who writes on wild animals.
B) is best qualified to help you.
C) that she talked on ancient monuments.
D) I went to the theatre with her.
E) if only I could go to her lecture.

21) The corporation will need fewer office workers ......
A) since some were looking for jobs with other firms
B) when the computer network has been installed
C) as long as the sales continued to increase
D) in order to discuss ways of combating unemployment
E) even though the current economic recession is likely to continue for another six months

22) As soon as Daniel was interviewed,.......
A) the recruitment manager suggested the personnel manager that he should get the job
B) he has been found qualified enough for the post
C) he had been rejected
D) he relied on his parents
E) the applicant demanded another rise in his salary

23) Although global environmental directions over the past few decades have generally not been favourable,......
A) the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would have been reduced.
B) some positive developments are nevertheless beginning to emerge.
C) they have inadvertently assumed responsibility for it.
D) future generations would not have peen deprived of the opportunity to support
E) deforestation proved to be the lesser of the two evils.

24) _____that least affects the behaviour of companies, investors, shoppers and workers.
A) The inflation rate has been reduced
B) The best inflation rate is the one
C) The article about inflation maintains
D) The price index has raised so much controversy
E) The outcome of the recent economic reforms has received much praise from the public

25) The new longer-acting medicines promise to protect asthma patients for up to 12 hours,__
A) even though medical authorities had been concerned about the side effects
B) as long as the results of this research project are confirmed within the month
C) so that they can sleep better at night
D) since the findings have not yet been thoroughly studied
E) which could have proved to be a most remarkable medical breakthrough


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