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1) Judging from recent events,.......
A) the Government had appeared to be gaining popularity among the people
B) the river being in danger of breaking its banks
C) the young man disappeared into the crowd
D) experts say that the new crisis in economy has started to slow down
E) he was expected to give evidence in court

2) Having a car means a great many expenses,......
A) so long as one doesn't use them excessively
B) unless one could get a sufficient loan from the bank
C) in case a number of people cannot afford them
D) so it's worth thinking carefully before buying one
E) however essential they were thought to be in business life

3) ....... which allows you to overdraw on your account up to an agreed amount.
A) The company had made a bargain
B) He got a loan from the bank
C) The firm you work for would have come to an agreement with the bank on the shares
D) An overdraft is simply an agreement with your bank
E) Some of your clients had complained about the low interest rates

4) The reason why grain dominates the world food economy......
A) is that it accounts for half of the human calorie intake
B) which in turn has led to a greater interest in nutrition
C) which might have resulted in the emergence of a trade deficit
D) that resulted in a moderate decline in exchange rates
E) until the steep rise in the purchasing power of oil put an end to it

5) ...... the response of the East divided world opinion.
A) As soon as the NATO countries have formulated an effective policy
B) Unless Iraq is severely punished for its aggression
C) No matter how the board is constituted
D) As it was expected long before
E) When the oil producing countries gather in Vienna to discuss

6) ...... it was not long before they could resume broadcasting.
A) If only their permit had been renewed
B) when the malfunction in the system had been found
C) So long as the electrical supply remains stable
D) since the maintenance team were on leave
E) However unwelcome the delay might

7) ....... even if they offer to pay his return airplane ticket.
A) He is determined not go to the forthcoming meeting
B) They were thrilled by the news of his arrival
C) The new manager was actually reluctant to take time off to go
D) He had been awarded several prizes by various international organizations
E) The head of the department obviously missed a unique opportunity to visit China

8) ....... why their wages had not been raised as it was promised long before.
A) One of the important changes made in the pay scheme concerns
B) Even the secretaries have been disappointed
C) The clerk was ordered by the judge himself
D) The major problem facing the new director right away involves
E) The employees were anxious to find out

9) Not wanting to break her heart,..........
A) she was given some pocket money
B) they had supported her until her graduation
C) his boyfriend would have sent her some roses
D) the bad news was given to her, each word tactfully chosen
E) I gave up telling her about my feelings to her

10) It unwise to interrupt two people ......
A) that they were both interested in the same post
B) who are quarrelling
C) because they hadn't realized how strong they were
D) although one had met the requirements
E) until both sides took the opportunity to settle their problem.

11) ...... that nothing concrete had emerged from the negotiations concerning the
continental shelf.
A) As members of the committee we were extremely disappointed to learn
B) The public opinion polls revealed a lack of interest '
C) Both delegations have been withdrawn
D) So far neither side has been involved
E) Clearly, the legal position makes it imperative

12) ......., I should have notified not only the police but also the health authorities.
A) Late as it is
B) However reluctant I may be
C) Whoever sends in the complaint
D) As it turned out
E) Until this finally becomes law

13) If we don't get a little rain soon,......
A) the price of fruit this year has been very reasonable
B) a great deal of land is under water
C) the rainy season came late this year
D) they have already put away their winter clothes away
E) the harvest this year will be a poor one

14) ...... but of course it is not the only problem.
A) Newspaper prices have risen dramatically in recent years
B) Most diseases are caused by germs and bad hygiene
C) Technological competition is a serious problem for the book industry
D) The printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany, in the fifteenth century
E) The judge rebuked the witnesses for their disrespectful behavior during the trial

15) No matter what the circumstances are, I do think .......
A) children over the age of twelve had been encouraged to attend
B) how many more people could have attended the first night
C) that the life boats were called out in higher numbers
D) this secretary could have been a little more helpful
E) the newspaper accounts would have been objective

16) After the new law comes is put into practice in the next month,.......
A) there will be radical changes in the structure of local administration.
B) we should have prepared the way for a smooth political transition.
C) the policy on industrial relations had to be abandoned.
D) all the hospitals in the country had been made accountable to the Ministry of Health.
E) the case may have been reconsidered.

17) ........ the police lost their confidence in their new friend.
A) Until arriving
B) As he has been accused of bribery
C) As soon as he has taken office
D) Seeing that he had been banished from his former office
E) Only after they heard about his wrongdoings

18) Once the final draft of the agreement is approved, ........
A) the United Nations agreed not to intervene any further
B) the members of the two delegations would have worked out their differences
C) it will then be typed and submitted for voting.
D) the newt stage was to estimate the costs
E) a number of concessions were to be made by both sides.

19) Unless severe measures are put into force to control noise,...........
A) the migration to rural areas seems likely to continue unabated
B) the complaints were not attended to at all
C) every teenager seemed to be enamored of extremely loud music
D) this would have been regarded as a serious breach of regulations
E) a rural existence would naturally have been preferable

20) ...... which will further worsen the unemployment problem.
A) Several corporations are considering reduction in the work force
B) No solutions were forthcoming
C) Everyone was genuinely concerned about the situation
D) The Minister had been under attack for some time
E) The police should have combed the area for the person responsible

21) _ that they will become unnecessary once the company has been computerized.
A) They called off the strike
B) The board of directors discussed the matter fully
C) The management adopted new marketing policies
D) The prospect for the company looks rather gloomy
E) Most of the staff are certain

22) Most speakers like to arrange their argument......
A) whereas there was no reason for these objections
B) unless the listener really needs some background information
C) so that the most important point comes last
D) why they decided to attend the conference at all
E) as one cannot always have something fresh and new to import

23) If one day energy can be produced efficiently by clean techniques,.......
A) oil prices were expected to rise again.
B) the production of coal had to be reduced.
C) then these techniques should obviously be preferred.
D) most governments would have invested in them.
E) a lot of firms might have been expected to contribute generously.

24) Joe's doctor had advised him to change to an outdoor job,...
A) despite the fact that he was ill
B) which really did much better for his health
C) although he was not ill-reputed
D) many patients of whom are elderly people
E) whereas he could relax

25) It's a good idea to walk all the way, …….
A) however far it must have seemed
B) even though you were so tired
C) whenever they went to the museum
D) if you want to learn your way around the town
E) since their house was on the outskirts of the town


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