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1) ........ , he refuses to accept any of their suggestions.
A) Although the committee members had approved the plan in full
B) While the speaker considers politics to be the art of persuasion
C) Since he is so prejudiced in this matter
D) Because the discussions at the conference would have included a wide range of issues
E) If they told him that he had to make up his mind as soon as possible

2) Cars need a great many expenses, ______.
A) so long as one doesn't use them excessively
B) unless one could get a sufficient loan from the bank.
C) in case a number of people cannot afford them
D) so it's worth thinking carefully before buying one
E) however essential they were thought to be in business life

3) Undeniably, the life style we have today differs radically from that ___.
A) which our parents knew.
B) one which had been vividly described before by various authors.
C) because the Industrial Revolution would have brought about a major social transformation.
D) as long as a majority of the people still work on the land.
E) if the government's wage policy leads to an improvement in working conditions.

4) Unemployment continued to rise during the first half of the decade_____.
A) even if the workers could have received additional fringe benefits.
B) as the rate of inflation will go up accordingly.
C) while most companies would have been badly hit by the recession.
D) but after that stabilized at about six per cent.
E) despite the fact that the volume of exports cannot be increased.

5) A question that often arises when furniture is to be purchased is _____.
A) whether or not one is getting .value for money.
B) that new designs will soon be coming in.
C) how the colour of the carpet would have been matched.
D) to consult an interior designer who had had great experience.
E) to what extent a reduction in the price could have been made.

6) It is not wise to come between two people ______.
A) that they were both interested in the same post.
B) who are fighting.
C) because they hadn't realized how strong they were.
D) although one had met the requirements.
E) until both sides took the opportunity to settle their problem.

7) They live so far out of the town ______.
A) although they enjoyed all the advantages of city life.
B) who have lost contact with so many good friends.
C) as one can get there only by taking a taxi.
D) because the land they had bought was extremely cheap.
E) that they can rarely get to a concert or a theatre.

8) Once the last draft of the contract is approved, ______.
A) the United Nations agreed not to intervene any further.
B) the members of the two delegations would have worked out their differences.
C) it will then be typed and submitted for ratification.
D) the next stage was to estimate the costs.
E) numerous concessions were to be made by both sides.

9) As the miners have called off the strike ______.
A) the daily coal production had increased noticeably.
B) the Coal Board is prepared to reconsider the proposals of the union leaders.
C) the chairman of the Coal Board expressed his satisfaction.
D) there would have been a sense of relief nation-wide.
E) the extent of the dispute was being ignored.

10) _______, which lets you overdraw on your account up to an agreed amount.
A) The company had made a bargain
B) He got a loan from the bank
C) The firm you work for would have come to an agreement with the bank on the shares.
D) An overdraft is simply an agreement with your bank
E) Some of your clients had complained about the low interest rates

11) ______ why their salaries had not been raised as expected.
A) One of the important changes made in the pay scheme concerns
B) Even the secretaries have been disappointed
C) The clerk was ordered by the judge himself
D) The major problem facing the new director right away involves
E) The employees were anxious to find out

12) After the new law comes into effect next month, _____.
A) there will be a fundamental change in the structure of local administration
B) we should have prepared the way for a smooth political transition
C) the policy on industrial relations had to be abandoned.
D) all the hospitals in the country had been made accountable to the Ministry of Health
E) the case may have been reconsidered

13) If energy can be produced efficiently by clean methods ______.
A) oil prices were expected to rise again.
B) the production of coal had to be reduced.
C) then these methods should obviously be preferred.
D) most governments would have invested in them.
E) many firms might have been expected to contribute generously.

14) ____ you get magnificent views of the oak -covered slopes of these
coastal mountain ranges that rise up from the Pacific.
A) If only the new road had been opened
B) As they headed for San Francisco
C) However unfairly the state of the roads was being attached
D) Even though a great deal of money went into constructing the road
E) As you drive along the coast road

15) Dramatic cultural changes have been taking place in the United States
A) ever since non-European immigrants began to pour into the country
B) until new regulations concerning immigrants were introduced
C) which started at the end of the century
D) some of which would have been regarded as harmful
E) as soon as World War II ended

16) One of the best suggestions was put forth by Dr. Johnson ____.
A) that the managing director was especially impressed
B) who is generally the quietest member of the board
C) through the financial demands might be difficult to treat
D) unless it was approved by the committee
E) before anyone else has Time to make any contribution to the discussion

17) Darwin's theory of evolution was based on the observation ____.
A) which amassing evidence for 25 years in support of it
B) why many people of his own age were reluctant to admit it
C) whether his insight really was revolutionary
D) that all individuals of the same species are not identical
E) since the multiplicity of forms seemed unending

18) Although the effects of the famine have been made worse by the political instability in the country, _____.
A) the weak have shown its sympathy in a most generous manner
B) it was beyond the power of any government to undertake the responsibility
C) a fair distribution of the available load will have been achieved
D) to one disaster was naturally followed by another
E) food is new being distributed wherever it is needed.

19) ____ but it is not the only one.
A) Newspaper prices have risen dramatically in recent years
B) Most diseases are caused by germs and bad hygiene
C) Technological competition is a serious problem for the book industry
D) The printing press was invented by Johan Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany in the 15th century
E) The judge rebuked the witnesses for their disrespected behaviour during the trial.

20) ___ that they will be made redundant once the office has been computerized.
A) They called all the strike
B) The board of directors discussed the matter fully
C) The management adopted new marketing policies gloomy
D) The prospect for the company looks rather gloomy
E) Most of the staff are certain

21) If your boss asked you to take an extra work without more pay, ____?
A) have you discussed the matter with him
B) would you agree to do so
C) why do you think he may have suggest the this
D) what was the reaction of your colleagues
E) will you resign at once

22) Many seats have been vacant at the afternoon performances, ___.
A) although the tickets are costly,
B) because attendance is not free,
C) although the attendance is free
D) but the salon is very big
E) although the play wasn't enjoyable

23) Rain has not been predicted, ____.
A) because the sky is cloudy
B) because it is very cold
C) although the sky is expected to be cloudy
D) although the sky is very bright
E) because it is winter

24) ....... if he doesn't receive a fair trial.
A) In view of the evidence presented to the court the doctor could be accused of negligence
B) The director of the company was not accused of bribery
C) The suspicions of the police were not confirmed
D) According to the law, no man can be found guilty
E) As far as I can see, he was not to blame

25) ....... which allows someone to overdraw on your account up to an certain amount.
A) The company had made a bargain
B) He got a loan from the bank
C) The firm you work for would have come to an agreement with the bank on the shares
D) An overdraft is basically an agreement with a bank
E) Some of your clients had complained about the low interest rates


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