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TEST - 1

1. Owing to the prompt and generous example set by several countries___________.
A) the plight of the earthquake victims is rapidly improving
B) medical supplies have still to reach the target areas
C) famine in Africa has reached unprecedented levels
D) world wildlife still requires statutory arrangements
E) most of the refugees are denied entry

2. None of the other applicants were nearly so well qualified,___.
A) whether an MBA was essential
B) so it was decided to offer the post to Mr. Barry
C) if he hadn't completed his studies in the USA
D) however successful he had been in his previous appointment
E) even after you have examined the plans very carefully

3. Isn't it_____?
A) the parcel has been lost for sometime
B) the man who was with the Mayor at the opening ceremony
C) where the rest of the group had lost their way
D) the place has been evacuated
E) whatever reasons have been given

4. Once you have lost someone's trust__________.
A) plenty of effort was required
B) you have sensed it before
C) it took many years to create
D) it is almost impossible to get it back again
E) it all happened by accident

5. As soon as the manager had left the room
A) the unpleasantness of the occasion has almost been forgotten
B) the intermission was obviously well-timed
C) no one else will be permitted entrance
D) the majority have followed suit too
E) the unease of the board members became apparent

6. If he weren't so stubborn,____.
A) that is the conclusion everyone seems to have reached
B) nobody is able to get on with him
C) plenty of people would willingly work on his team
D) it was quite impossible to make him change his mind
E) work on the bridge has progressed better than we expected

7. ____, that, over the last fiscal year, the company’s profits have almost doubled.
A) It's worth noting
B) Whatever else the manager may argue
C) The facts couldn't have been discounted
D) Surprising though it might have seemed
E) In this context there was no doubt

8. ____the overall trend will be up.
A) Just as the manufacturers had predicted
B) Although there may be minor fluctuations in food prices
C) Whatever the economic reviews had predicted
D) To ward of the recession
E) Should the industrialized countries have continued to withhold support

9. From the proof the police have, it is not definite________.
A) who is responsible for falsifying the official documents
B) whose were the fingerprints on the safe
C) whether he had murdered her
D) if the accountant were to be blamed
E) why was the manager attacked

10. I am afraid we shall have to curtail the debate_____.
A) in order that we reached a conclusion
B) so long as others agree to
C) as we have already run over time
D) provided that we are given more time
E) as soon as the decision had been taken

11. Except for Shelly, who is an excellent student,_____.
A) the others are only moderately good
B) might have gotten a higher mark
C) the best students had answered that questions
D) he let her out of his sight
E) the other ones were not correct

12. As the stock market became increasingly unstable,____
A) finally he was persuaded to take up business administration
B) the minister announced a devaluation of the currency
C) the value of the currency has risen considerably
D) the Board meeting had been put off
E) the government's economic policy will have been changed

13. The information business companies ought to work with is_____.
A) that gives the sales reports of their competitor's current models
B) what had been profitable for them
C) that which reflects the real needs of the market
D) so that they can overcome financial problems
E) whereas state owned factories can act in a different manner

14. It was astonishing_____.
A) if he could come down and visit us so unexpectedly
B) to learn that there was no news
C) how useful they were
D) why was New York so crowded
E) to see how is the food prepared

15. When he had gone________.
A) I had not finished my homework yet
B) I hope I could win the bet
C) he left his wallet behind, which made me happy
D) I wished I had been more friendly
E) the wife couldn't have helped crying

16. If any one of us could have condemned him for what he had done,
A) you could do it
B) I really wish I saw him
C) he didn't have to do it
D) he undoubtedly hadn't done it
E) it would have been Shelly

17. The price contains_____.
A) the use of the weight room and swimming pool
B) if you want to use the weight room and swimming pool
C) that you can use the weight room and swimming pool
D) using the weight room and swimming pool
E) entering the sports club

18. As some food products lose popularity quite rapidly ,_____.
A) the best age group to aim at would undoubtedly have been teenagers
B) many such companies actually went bankrupt
C) the industry has constantly to be ready with fresh ideas
D) in the end it was the need for collective bargaining that was understood
E) the job didn't offer him anything in the way of a challenge

19. Although the construction of a bridge across the river would doubtless prove popular,___
A) the technology to be transferred is quite suitable
B) city councils would have been committed to encourage it
C) similar designs are on view everywhere
D) it will not be easy to raise enough money to do it
E) it is a German-Japanese consortium that gets most of the orders

20. If they don’t promise to use some of the money to improve career prospects for young scientists,_____.
A) the issue under discussion has been dropped
B) there were a number of things we had to take into account
C) no one else thought of opposing the scheme
D) the money left over from donations could be included
E) we feel we cannot give our support to the campaign

21. _____that the first women's college was founded in England as early as 1859.
A) To be fair, what I recommended was
B) I wouldn't have been at all impressed
C) It was due to the ceaseless efforts of Mrs. Reid
D) Victoria had been queen for twelve years
E) He showed little interest

22. _____we review our recruitment procedures.
A) As long as the problem received adequate recognition,
B) Such a problem cannot be ignored,
C) Even though it was becoming increasingly obvious,
D) What I would suggest is that
E) In case they were disappointed with the new manager s performance,

23. _____, a commission will be set up to determine just how to turn the museum into a private, non-profit corporation.
A) As long as there were no rival claims
B) As soon as the board has approved the project
C) However much disappointment it would have caused them
D) If such a crisis could have been avoided
E) Whoever managed to deceive you

24. _____, their environmental results are very disturbing.
A) Whatever high-yielding variety of wheat is recommended
B) Because traditional Indian food is of high nutritive value
C) Although artificial fertilizers ensure high crop-yields
D) Since new agricultural policies have been introduced by the government
E) However costly the construction of new irrigation systems may have been

25. _____, Japanese companies moved the more intensive stage of their production process to cheap labor sites in East Asia.
A) As production costs in Japan had become excessive
B) Unless the working day is kept at 8 hours
C) Once the trade unions in Japan have won a few more victories
D) 50 long as a education in costs remains the primary goal
E) If interest rates in Japan had remained high


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